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Unclean Wine

The majority of people are unaware that wine, although made from grapes, may have been made using animal-derived products. During the wine-making process, the liquid is filtered through substances called “fining agents.” This process is used to remove protein, yeast, cloudiness, “off” flavors and colorings, and other organic particles.

Popular animal-derived fining agents used in the production of wine include blood and bone marrow, casein (milk protein), chitin (fiber from crustacean shells), egg albumen (derived from egg whites), fish oil, gelatin (protein from boiling animal parts), and isinglass (gelatin from fish bladder membranes).”  Source Link 

If blood is used, it is normally bull’s (ox) blood. Bone marrow is also normally from bulls. Isinglass is “gelatin from fish bladder membranes” (often the air bladders of sturgeon) and the “fiber from crustacean shells” (chitin — from crabs, lobsters, and shrimp) are both generally from unclean sea creatures.

There are likely no unclean animal products used in the wine-making process of a kosher Passover wine; however, some Christians are not inclined to use a kosher Passover wine for the Christian Passover service. A “Christ-rejecting” Rabbi may have been required to “bless” the wine at some point during the manufacturing process in order for the wine to receive the “Passover kosher” certification. 

Clean Wines

Sutter Home (Brand Name) Cabernet Sauvignon

A “Vegan Friendly” wine is a sound Biblical choice for the New Testament Christian. There are many “Vegan Friendly” wines listed on the website shown above. Sutter Home wines are produced in California, but are a common brand found in many states of the U.S.A. – even in stores such as Walgreens and Walmart. Most likely, any local liquor store can easily order this wine in various sized bottles, if it is not already on their shelves. It is an inexpensive respectable wine. The Cabernet Sauvignon is Sutter Home’s only suitable “Vegan Friendly” Passover wine. Not all of the Sutter Home wines are “Vegan Friendly.”

Some local Walgreens stores even carry the Sutter Home Cabernet Sauvignon in small individual serving size bottles in 4-pack cases for about $5. Each small wine bottle (187 ml or 6+ ounces) would be a convenient size for those who have a home Passover Service.

I have also been sent a link to an Indiana  winery which produces good wine without the use of pork finishing gelatin. They use only plant based filtering and “fining” products.  No animal products touch the product.  Here is a list of stores which carry these wines.  Here is the; Price list and order cart for 12 bottle cases. Also see the special requirements for orders from Alabama and California at this link.  The label “Blitz’s Best” has been recommended to me as ideal for Passover.


Beer can be clarified with the same unclean agents as wine and some commercial beers are unclean.  A list of commercially available clean beers.


Unclean products used widely in other foods

Gelatin (protein from boiling animal parts)” is normally pork gelatin unless it is clearly labeled as Agar [sea plant based], as it is the most common form of gelatin.

The “fish oil” in many Omega-3 food supplements is often from unclean fish.

Because peanut oil will naturally separate from the peanut solids, major brand names will pour off the valuable oil and replace it with extremely unhealthy hydrogenated fats, they then add large amounts of salt and sugar.  Use only natural peanut butter from which the natural oil separates and therefore requires stirring.   

Most “honey” sold in the United States is not honey at all but honey flavored high fructose corn syrup.  One buys honey thinking they are getting something healthy when high fructose corn syrup is extremely unhealthy.  True honey must be labelled as raw, organic or medical grade honey. 

White Flour

In the ancient stone grinding process the whole kernel of grain is ground to a uniform size of particle, but in the modern milling practice the bran and germ are milled much larger than the other components and are removed by sifting to produce white flour.

The vitamins and trace elements have been destroyed by the heat of milling. A few chemically produced artificial vitamins are then added back, but not all; and the trace elements are no longer present. 

Milled flour is not healthy and one should use only stone ground flour, which is the complete whole grain just as God created it, ground fine for flour.


All sugar products from cane are filtered through charred cattle bones.  Turbinado and sugars from sugar beets are not filtered through charred bones.

Hydrogenates Fats

Hydrogenates fats [Mono, Di and Triglicerides] are made by super heating vegetable oils and occasionally fats.  They are extremely bad for your health.  Most margarine is made from hydrogenated oils and fats and most baked goods and processed foods contain  them.

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  1. Not to mention the radiation in the Pacific from Fukushima. This is all a matter of perspective. Those born into the current conditions may not have the experience to compare how things were at creation to what they are presently. One must become educated about the true causes of the physical and spiritual sicknesses that have overspread the world. Rivers are so polluted it is a wonder that any of the fish survive returns to spawn. Not to mention the Dams they must navigate through to get up stream. All of the sewage produced is dumped into the rivers or directly into the Oceans. Even though we are told that is it treated and one could drink the effluent that is dumped. Have not seen anyone saying that drink a glass of it yet. With all the pharmaceutical toxins in the water supply it is a wonder we all don’t have genetic damage. Jesus come quickly !!!

    The fact is that most of the world’s sewage is not treated and industrial and agricultural poison run off is not treated. James

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