UCG’s Fake Denial of Doctrinal Changes

After the recent situation in Reno I wanted to explain UCG’s fake denials of Doctrinal changes.

For the past decade the UCG CoE has been denying that they intend to make any doctrinal changes and the majority of elders and brethren believe this;  yet I have been reporting on ongoing changes.  This dichotomy needs to be explained. 

The issue is in the definitions:  Simply put the UCG Council considers the list of fundamental beliefs to be THEIR doctrine; while I hold that every Word of God is doctrine, not some man devised list of beliefs. 

When the CoE claims that changes are not being made they point to the fact that no change in their list of beliefs can be made without two thirds of the ministry agreeing.  In making this claim they are making it clear that for them; doctrine is their humanly devised list of beliefs. 

The word “doctrines” means teachings and I hold that every Word of God is the doctrine and teachings of God the Father and Jesus Christ. It is the Word of God, EVERY Word of God; which is the doctrine and teachings of God the Father and Jesus Christ, NOT any man devised list of beliefs.

In reality the beliefs of men can differ from God’s Word and even then the understanding of the meanings of items on that list can be redefined and reinterpreted without any vote by the elders. in addition the humanly devised list of beliefs of UCG does not cover every Word of God.

The fact is that the UCG list of beliefs is a fraudulent ploy to distract and deceive the brethren into thinking that everything is all right and nothing is changing as these men lead further and further away from godliness. 

UCG’s humanly devised list of beliefs is NOT the Word of God and it falls far short of being equal to the Word of God. Therefore loyalty to that list in no way means that we are being faithful to God; quite the contrary it means that we are exalting a list of humanly devised beliefs above the Word of God: Which is the sin of idolatry! 

The fact is that the whole attitude of the UCG brethren towards the subject of Law and Grace has been changed into a certain laxity and lukewarmness for obedience to God’s Word through very careful manipulation; and these leaders still claim that no changes are being made, simply because no change to their list of beliefs has been made.

Let me be very clear; the list of beliefs is a tiny fraction of the complete Word of God, and only the entire Word of God is Biblical Doctrine. 

The list of beliefs is a fraudulent distraction from the rest of God’s Word, which is being used to provide plausible deniability as they depart from the Word of God and drift towards becoming an organization which pays lip service to the Sabbath and has a general Evangelical attitude towards the practical application of the Word of God.

On the other hand COGWA and LCG make an idol out of the name Armstrong just like UCG idolizes its list of beliefs. 

These organizations exalt their own ways and false traditions above loving, learning and living by every Word of God. 

The recent February 2020 CoE meeting where UCG endorsed the seventh day as God’s Holy Sabbath day and then authorized people to pollute the weekly and annual Sabbaths by purchasing food and drink, is a graphic demonstration of how they can be faithful to the list of beliefs and still apostatize from the Word of God. 

In approving of this and rejecting God’s Biblical Calendar they are joining COGWA and LCG in being faithful to the false traditions of men [which is idolatry] and they are acting in defiance of the Word of God.

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When Herbert Armstrong began to apostatize in 1969 the first three changes that he made were declare himself above the Word of God by claiming that he could do ANYTHING he wanted and God has to back him up and then  to endorse Sabbath pollution and to stop keeping the Feast of Unleavened Bread for seven days with daily services as God has commanded.

All of today’s main COG Groups are guilty of departing from the Word of God and are full of these two great sins; indeed they are also guilty of idolatry for following man devised beliefs in place of living by every Word of God. 

Because of this, unless they quickly repent they will be rejected by Jesus Christ and cast into the now imminent correction of great tribulation.

When are we going to leave off and deeply repent of living by the false traditions of men and start to live by every Word of God?  Sadly, for most of the brethren it will take being cast out (Rev 3:15:22) by Jesus Christ into the severe correction of Great Tribulation.



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  1. You say “every Word of God is doctrine.” Does that mean you support removal of eyes and hands, which Jesus “the Word… made flesh” stated in Matthew 5:29-30?

    The Bible is the Word of God, it is Jesus Christ in print. Although discerning the meaning and understanding is God’s gift which is developed through study; everything in it is the words and teachings, the doctrine of God the Father and Jesus Christ.

    Jesus used many colorful examples to illustrate his teachings, for example the story of the Good Samaritan never literally took place.

    This statement of Jesus in Mat 5:29-30 is given as an instructional example; informing us that we should allow nothing to come between us and God. If we were willing to pluck out an eye, certainly we would be willing to give up restaurants on Sabbath. Mat 5:29-30 is about having a passionate zeal to live by the Word of God and is not about literally maiming oneself.

    Just think: If we think it is sin to work in restaurants on the Sabbath, then it is sin for us to pay others to serve us on the Sabbath, because by doing so we are participating in the sins of others.

    We are also hypocrites for calling this sin and saying that sinners should repent, and then joining them and taking pleasure in their sin. There is no nice word for doing this; those who buy in restaurants or purchase catered meals on the weekly or annual Sabbaths are hypocrites.

    Please do download and read the book.

  2. Exodus 16:4 and 5. “Behold I will rain bread from heaven for you. And the people shall go out and gather a certain quota every day that I may test them whether they will walk in my law or not.
    And it shall be on the sixth day that they shall prepare what they gather and it shall be twice as much as they gather daily “

    Gather AND prepare the food for the 7th day on the 6th day.
    No excuse for not buying and preparing food the day before the sabbath. If you won’t it shows you will not walk in God’s law.
    It’s pretty obvious.

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