UCG to Adopt Major Heresy 

The Doctrinal Committee recommends that the statement “Jesus is the God of the Old Testament” be removed from UCG and no longer used.  They will have a formal Study Paper supporting the position that Jesus was not the God of the Old Covenant for CoE approval in December. The CoE can approve such doctrinal papers and make them official in a simplified process due to the new formula for changing doctrines passed in May

They use a lot of double talk saying without any evidence [all evidence being to the contrary] that because the Father was alluded to in the Old Testament they surmise that he must have been the God of the Mosaic Covenant. 

Without doubt this is a dramatic departure from both Armstrong and Holy Scripture and is a massive  change in UCG towards the evangelical idea that God the Father was the God of the Mosaic Covenant; while Jesus brought the New Covenant which they falsely claim exalts “love” above God’s law; when God’s love [including all of the statutes, precepts and judgments which God gave to Moses] is love and defines godly love.   

The groundwork was laid for this move to the evangelical by the recent new Trinity booklet and the Mark Mickelson paper.  Also see this article.

Once adopted, this heresy will bring UCG into line with CGI, CGBS and the Ron Dart people. See my article on the subject of the God of the Old Testament.

Once they get this approved in December they will have laid the foundation for moving towards the evangelical positions these same men crafted for Joe Tkach before they were laid off and joined the forming UCG.

Where is this heading?  UCG has spent the last decade indoctrinating its students at ABC with the lie that “We do not keep the Sabbath, High Days, clean and unclean etc, because we have to; we do this because we want to;”  thereby assuming the Mark of the Beast by exalting their personal choice above the sovereignty of God’s command.

The Doctrinal Paper is to claim that BOTH God the Father and the Being who became flesh as Jesus Christ were the God  of the Old Testament; which is manifestly false since Christ revealed the Father. 

This will lay the groundwork for a subsequent [utterly false]  claim as revealed in Mark Mickelson’s Paper, that God the Father was the LORD of Hosts the God of Mosaic Israel and the Mosaic Covenant;  while Jesus Christ instituted the New Covenant. 

Once they officially reject and then deny that Jesus Christ was the God of the Mosaic Covenant they can proceed to claim that none of these things are required any longer, but are simply a matter of personal choice:  Which is exactly what they taught with Joe Tkach, before being laid off when so many brethren left the WCG. 

Comment:  Re: 22 Aug – How confusing! Didn’t you report that Mark Mickelson was nudged toward retirement by UCG for preaching about God the Father in the O.T.? Why would UCG now accept a teaching that might have cost a long-time minister his job?

My Response:  Mark retired with cancer and health issues.I did report that the CoE rejected his paper.

Here are the four posts on the Mickelson doctrine thread.

It seems that since he was retiring anyway they set up Mark and used the Mickelson Paper to test the waters in UCG and later decided to go ahead with the main point of that paper. Yes, these folks are that devious, remember how they established the same sort of changes in the Tkach WCG.

UCG is now making a profound cosmic change in its teachings [doctrine]. I have been warning of doctrinal change for some years now, which is why I have worked so hard on doctrinal posts on this and related subjects at the Bible Studies site.

The warnings I have given about the direction of UCG for the past eight years are true and the only way to fight this apostasy [as per Jude’s instruction] before it actually came, was by posting on sound biblical doctrine to prepare the brethren for what was coming.

With the majority of the ministry on line for this change in UCG doctrine, they have now finally decided to go forward. They are crafting a Doctrinal Paper for approval in December.

UCG has always taken the biblically correct Armstrong position until now, which I also teach [and by now everyone should know that I do not follow HWA or any man and I teach only what I have proved from the Holy Scriptures]; that the Being who became Jesus Christ was the God of the Old Testament known to Mosaic Israel, and that Jesus revealed God the Father and explained certain scriptures such as Psalm 110:1 The Lord said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool.

See the HWA article on the subject.

Many other COG Groups also retain this truth see this article
and  this one also.

UCG is now departing from the Holy Scriptures into the very exact same teaching that they established for Joe Tkach; and is making a dramatic cosmic change in its teachings [doctrine] by denying that Jesus was the God of the Old Testament and Mosaic Israel.

The List of Fundamental Beliefs is simply a list of core positions and is NOT a complete list of doctrine.

UCG doctrine is established by the CoE [NOT the GCE] and consists of various Doctrinal Papers and interpretations of the List of Beliefs.

Even the List of Beliefs can be changed in two ways

1 by a vote of the GCE or

2 by the CoE simply reinterpreting items on the list

UCG doctrine [which is NOT the List of Beliefs] is easily changed by a CoE vote on a new Doctrinal Paper.

Whether one agrees with what is being proposed or not; it is obviously a major change in UCG doctrine! and in my view and that of thousands of others this is absolute heresy.

If they follow through with this there is going to be a reshuffle in future; many will leave UCG while others will join with them according to their personal ideas on the subject.

I did not say that Ron Dart, COGBS, CGI or these UCG folks are One God people, if I conveyed that impression I apologize. I said that they were abandoning the Biblical and Armstrong position that after sin entered the world God the Father left human affairs in the SOLE hands of the Son and that when Jesus came he revealed the Father. UCG is now claiming that BOTH the Father and the Son were actively involved in relationships with human beings during the Old Testament age which is a radical departure from present doctrine.

The basic beliefs of these organizations would all allow for this interpretation; but it is a new change for UCG nonetheless, as demonstrated by their need to pass a new Doctrinal paper.

I also pointed out that this new teaching opened the way for the Father to be claimed to be the LORD of Hosts the God of Mosaic Israel which is what Mark Mickelson claims, which claim then opens the door to the false evangelical claim that there is no need to obey the laws that God gave to Moses in the New Covenant.

I posted the positions of a few others, here is my already posted article on this general subject of the God of the Old Testament. This article and series was posted to deal with this very subject which I had been watching develop for at least two years in UCG.

The whole Priesthood and Ministry series.

They are only taking the first step now and I do not personally think that the changes will go beyond the present move to remove Christ as the SOLE God of the Old Testament and falsely claim that the Father was also fully involved during that dispensation, for some time yet. Again this is only the first step in a process and these folks well remember the exodus from the WCG, and they are working very carefully and slowly to avoid that debacle.

This whole thing will proceed slowly; this first move will take months to establish officially and it will take many months more for people to get used to the idea before they can proceed further.

The next steps may not even take place before the tribulation begins; but when they come under pressure, UCG and many others will fall as organizations because they are already leaning to their own ways and are not standing on the Word of God as revealed by their Sabbath pollution, false apostate calendar, the primacy of Peter Nicolaitane governance by many groups and their failed prophetic statements.

I hope this clarifies things a little. Once the formal paper is published I can get deeper into the matter.

UCG is now claiming that BOTH the Father and the Son were actively involved in relationships with human beings during the Old Testament age which is a radical departure from present doctrine. The One God movement teaches that Jesus only came into existence at his human birth which neither Dart nor these folks claim, but the One God heresy is indeed still well established in some UCG people.



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  1. This article is totally wrong. What we believe and teach is exactly what HWA taught from the Bilbe. Watch the video of the COE meeting before making this assumption and trying to attack.

    When HWA said Christ was the God of the OT he was counteracting people who didn’t like that “harsh GOd of the OT, but loved the loving Jesus of the NT”. He was not making a definition of God. His statement stands, but should not be taken to mean God the Father was not involved in any way. THey both walk in agreement, so the law of God is from Both, and what The Word did was in full agreement. Revelation shows God comes to earth later after all the enemies are put down.

    You will note that in Mystery of the Ages, he does not use that phrase but explains God and The word who became the Son. There he does define both Spirit Beings.

    Some are trying to make YHVH always the Father instead of letting the context define who it is. The statement “Christ is THE God of the OT” can let some assume God the Father was not involved in the OT. The plan of God and The word, that The WOrd would become flesh and die was done “before the foundation of the world. This is clearly stated in scripture. Christ came to reveal the Father as well as preach the the Gospel of the KOG. Yes David Wrote “my Lord said to his Lord” among other OT quotes. It was not clear defined in the OT.

    Jesus Christ was the God in the OT that worked most directly with physical Israel in doing what he and the father planned. Obviously Melchizedeck, the priest of the Most High God was the Word, and the Most High God was the father. THe physical interactions were with the Word.

    Note that the ‘doctrine commmitte’ cannot change doctrine. Nor can the Council of Elders. THere are NO planned changes in doctrine in UCG.

    Aaron K Dean, UCG
    Final Aid to HWA

    Dear Aaron
    We have corresponded for years and yet you make this public comment instead of approaching me as Christ instructed in Mat 18, so I will not pull any punches.

    I did watch the video but you apparently have not visited my links.

    Yes, even in the Old Testament Christ gave the people the law that he got from the Father; and yes, BOTH the Father and Christ are God; but No the Father was not involved with humanity and was not even known by mankind until Christ revealed him. To say that both the Father and Christ interacted with human beings in the Old Testament is a gross error and it most certainly IS NOT what HWA taught either!

    I know that you are fully with this and dedicated to getting this heresy adopted, but it is you who are wrong. See the HWA article which I linked to in my article. http://www.herbert-w-armstrong.com/books/ISJESUSG/IS_J_GOD.HTM

    Having been the assistant of HWA does not make your false claim concerning what he taught correct, when the issue is proved by HWA’s own still available articles. Older brethren know full well that Herbert also thundered in sermons many times that Jesus Christ was THE God of the Old Testament and that the Father was unknown and had no relationship with humanity; only being revealed by Jesus Christ during his physical ministry.

    See also https://theshininglight.info/levites-and-priests/

    You should have read the links before commenting and claiming something which is demonstrably false.

    Thank you for your comment which reveals that you are willing to use Herbert’s name and your association with him to promote an issue contrary to Herbert and also clearly contrary to Holy Scripture. This is a profound change from HWA as the positions of other more HWA loyal groups attest [I linked to them as added proof of what HWA taught]; and if he could he would be having one of his famous temper fits.

    I might ask you: If you are so loyal to HWA; why are you not associated with one of the HWA loyalist groups instead of the ultra permissive UCG? For you to make even a semblance of an appearance of HWA loyalty you would need to be in COGWA at least or better yet one of the even more HWA loyalist groups, instead you choose to remain with the men who created the Tkach changes and then joined UCG when they faced lay off. Your choice of associates betrays your sympathies and demolishes any possible credibility as an HWA man.

    This new UCG position is a marked change in past UCG beliefs; and much much worse it is beyond doubt a rank heresy against the Holy Scriptures.

    For HWA loyalists there is overwhelming evidence of HWA’s teachings.

    Aaron you can’t con me by saying that HWA taught this heresy when ALL of the evidence PROVES you wrong! I will fight this gross heresy as instructed by Jesus, Jude, Paul in 2 Timothy 4, Isaiah 58 and Ezekiel 33.


  2. To Aaron, “Final Aid to HWA”. Do you believe this title gives you authority? Are we to take your word for anything? We in the flock are certainly able to read the bible ourselves and are expected to work out our own salvation.

    I appreciate the labor James has put into this site. His studies are comprehensive–far more than UCG has been in several years (yes, I’ve been attending with UCG). The removal of the complete list of fundamental beliefs from the UCG website was the beginning of the decline. More and more, sermons and messages from Vic Kubik are becoming more protestant sounding.

  3. I did not say he was involved physically. He was involved in the fact that he set the roles of each. There are references to him in the OT although not enough to truly understand what Christ revealed more fully and HWA wrote about. Afet all,Who is “the most High God” of Melchezedec? Who is “My Lord said to His Lord.”

    Who builds a building, the owner who says what he wants? the architect? the construction company?
    You could say any one of these, but the owner doesn’t go out with a hammer and nails…but he is obviously involved.

    I am where I am because God has not appointed a successor to HWA. All are self appointed to be in charge. The people of UCG who tried to change HWA went with COGWA. THey simply wanted to stay in power and be able to do what they want. When they lost control they left.

    You are being Don Quixote in this. There is no story here.


    My issue is that HWA taught in both print and by spoken word that the Being who became Jesus Christ was the ONLY God Being who dealt directly with humanity and with Israel and the patriarchs. That position is scriptural and is my own position gained through my own personal studies.

    The CoE has stated that they want to remove the word THE as referring to the Being who became Christ as the ONLY God known in the Old Testament and accept that both the Father and the son were directly involved with humanity.

    That was and is the issue, and in this comment you definitely seem to be back peddling.

    If the CoE backs off and admit that while the Father was referred to vaguely and can be understood by inference when one reads with an understanding of the revelations of Christ; and that the Father was not known nor his existence understood and that he never dealt directly with humanity in the Old Testament: That is what the scriptures teach and also what HWA taught, and what I teach; and I will applaud the CoE for backing away from tabling a notion contrary to scripture.

    As for your line “The people of UCG who tried to change HWA went with COGWA.” that is absolute rubbish. Yes the Franks clique wanted power but so did the present UCG leadership. COGWA is closer to HWA than UCG; but the very sad fact is that both groups are very far from God. I suggest that you read this article on COG history

  4. Hi Cathy,

    It gives me no authority but working directly for him for 12 years and seeing everything from the inside does give me 1st hand testimony and since he died 32 years ago many people don’t know who HWA worked with. On the web, people who never met him, or only talked a few minutes at a feast can state things as fact and appear to have as much credibility as anyone. There are many lies out there stated as fact.

    I only listed that for those who are young or new and wouldn’t know who was or was not with HWA and therefor a direct witness. Many thing can be documents. HWA gave me credit for helping write Mystery of the Ages.(Look at the credits in the first few pages.) He autographed my copy with the line “To my colleague in Christ” which I consider a great honor. My comment he had me add are on many of his final documents.

    I was with him virtually all his waking hours the last 5 years of his life. Tkach broke all his promises that I was witness to. The documents Tkatch referenced for his authority to change things do not say what he said they did – why they wouldn’t show the actual documents. I was the 1st to challenge Tkach as proved by my being removed 3 months after HWA’s death from the Council HWA set up (replaced by David Hulme) and removed as VP by 6 months when challenging him again, which I did till his death – keeping my promise to HWA.

    People may not want to believe what I say, but others cannot give first hand testimony in the same way. Anyone in Pasadena, Big Sandy, Bricket Wood or any International Office during those years can attest to my time with him and the veracity of what I say.

    That said, The Bible is always the authority. That is what he taught me. I still believe what I helped write in Mystery of the Ages. People who think I don’t are just plain wrong.

    If you are married, I would assume you would know more about your husband than anyone else. People may not believe what you say, but that doesn’t change your status as a 1st hand and more credible witness. People often create what they want to believe.

    And yes, I agree we are all to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. That would include being careful about speculation and motives that others create and state as fact when there are some who witnessed the event in person and know it to be different.


    This is a statement on your work history by you, but it is irrelevant in terms of comparing what HWA actually wrote about the Father and the Son with faulty human memories. We have Herbert’s own writings on the subject and need not depend on faulty human memories.

    In this case we have Herbert’s own writings. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that you were HWA’s assistant for years but when you comment contrary to the man’s readily available writings, it is clear that you are mistaken on that point.

    This work history is a distraction from the issue at hand.

    It is a fact that the proposed doctrinal paper is a substantial departure from what HWA taught and is also a departure from Holy Scripture.

    Here is a link to UCG’s own past position published in 2017: https://godourlight.info/ucgs-official-past-published-position-in-the-god-or-the-old-testament/

    Also I suggest that you read this article on COG history which says a great deal about the men you are now associating with and their agenda. https://godourlight.info/tkach-wcg-history-and-ucg-today/

    If you are sincere and have been hoodwinked by these gentlemen; you can still make a choice either to go long with this heresy, or to admit the truth and take a stand.

  5. Aaron

    Seeing that you adhere to HWA’s teaching, why are you a senior minister with the apostate church, UCG.

    If you cannot find a suitable group you should resign from the UCG ministry, give up your salary and trust God to sustain you physically. I know of one ex WCG minister who did just that.

    By talking so much about HWA with Aaron some may misunderstand, let me clarify here that many things were sealed until the very end time Daniel 12, and even HWA had many things wrong [he has been dead over 30 years now] and we are to prove all things by the Word of God.

    It is a mistake to put too much trust in men and fail to prove all things by the scriptures. By all means this applies to me as well, please do study the book and prove all things.

  6. In their statement of beliefs UCG says, ” 21.1- We believe in ONE God, the Father,” it DOES NOT SAY ” one God comprised of the Father AND The Word who became Jesus Christ” Am I the only one who sees this as a problem from the beginning which has allowed them to take the role of Jesus as the OT law giver out of the picture ?

    Their condensed statement of Fundamental Beliefs is very limited. Here is their full statement on the subject https://www.ucg.org/bible-study-tools/booklets/fundamental-beliefs-of-the-united-church-of-god/god-the-father-jesus-christ-and-the-holy-spirit

    It is because the new position is in fact a change to many in the ministry – despite the denials that this is a change; that a copy must be approved by the CoE and circulated in the ministry in December which would be in time for the May 2019 GCE if they wanted to actually change the list of Beliefs.

    The new position needs to be approved by the CoE and circulated in the ministry, making the denials that this is a change by Aaron and others sound extremely hollow indeed. If there is no change why must the paper be approved and why must the teaching be presented to the elders for them to learn?

    “Chairman Ward asked that a first draft of the article be crafted before the December meetings and given to the DC for review and for the Council to give approval.” See the ” Doctrine Review—John Elliott” section here. http://coe.ucg.org/council-report/council-elders-meeting-report-august-20-23-2018-2018-08-29


  7. The sad question is how many members already believe this ?

    The present leadership gave this heresy to Joe Tkach before joining UCG when they were being laid off and the present leaders have been pushing this error subtly in their own congregations every since UCG was formed.

    Upon becoming president the first thing Denny said was that he hoped an amicable divorce could be arranged as they drove out the more Armstrong folks to form COGWA. Now that those people are gone and they have had time to set the attitudes in the brethren, they are making their move.

    Mark Mickleson has been pushing this error big time for at least the past three years. https://godourlight.info/?s=mark+mickelson

    You can be assured that they would not be going public without having a strong backing from a large number of elders.

    They are slipping this gross heresy past people by using people with a strong HWA association [especially Aaron Dean] to claim that this is not a change from the Armstrong position or in UCG teachings; which is a big lie.

    Having corresponded from time to time with Aaron I am deeply disappointed in him. Aaron’s utterly absurd statement that today’s UCG got rid of the rebels against HWA who formed COGWA was the final straw that broke Aaron’s credibility; what absolute rubbish!!! And so stupid since such a statement is totally unbelievable pure fantasy!!!

    Let me be very clear; I do not blindly follow HWA or any man. I have proved this issue by my own studies in Holy Scripture and HWA was correct on this point.

    These folks are departing from the scriptures and sound doctrine; and they are making a major change in their teachings [they are lying when they claim otherwise; and since they feel that they must lie about it, that alone should tell us that this is a false teaching], which is why they have to have a paper approved by the CoE and if that paper cannot skirt around the Fundamental Beliefs and actually changes any part of the list of Beliefs it must also be approved by the GCE.

  8. Aaron Deans comments on here are bizarre. I’m quite taken aback.
    He has done his own reputation no favors.

    Why is Aaron Dean a voted member from the UCG council of Elders putting in writing on here that COGWA tried to change HWA ?
    What does that mean in plain english ? Is he saying COGWA have changed a major belief of WCG ? Which one ? This is a very serious remark to put out there.

    He is saying that he did not go to COGWA because Franks was splitting with UCG in order to depart from HWA and is claiming that by staying with UCG he is being loyal to HWA. I think that Aaron actually believes this fantasy and even believes his incredibly ridiculous statement about UCG not changing doctrine with this issue.

    I suspect that the others who were solid Tkach men had convinced Aaron that Franks intended to change from HWA.

    These evangelicals have conned Aaron about COGWA and also talked him into his ridiculous position on the proposed change: Which deception has enabled them to use Aaron to cloak their own planned changes just like they did for years in WCG. In other words I suspect that Aaron was duped by these men and actually believes all this nonsense.

  9. Within the 3rd comment above, dated 29/08/2018 at 0844, Aaron K Dean wrote: “…I am where I am because God has not appointed a successor to HWA. All are self appointed to be in charge…”

    What about Joseph W. Tkach: wasn’t he appointed successor to HWA? Or, Aaron, are you saying that Joseph W. Tkach was also “self-appointed?”

    It is obvious that Laodiceans (Rev 3) exist today. Yes, of course, God can’t lie. That had to happen, but who was/is it that really thinks as follows?

    “… I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing…”

    Did that apply to Joseph W. Tkach? Could it apply to Aaron Dean? Is it the people of the United Ass.? The cogwa? Living cog?…

    Incidentally, I still have a 1958 hard-copy of an article written by Herbert W. Armstrong titled: “Is Jesus God?” and it states: “Christ Is the ROCK-the God of the Old Testament”.


    To clarify the UCG situation with COGBS and CGI.   Victor Kubik apparently spoke to Don Ward’s Big Sandy UCG congregation.  Another COGBS is led by Dave Havir.  Dave Havir’s COGBS is talking with the CGI.   UCG is also trying to reach out to CGI.  The situation is in flux. James

  10. James, in the 1st Aaron K Dean comment 28/08/2018 at 10:29 above in your reply you mentioned the following:
    I know that you are fully with this and dedicated to getting this heresy adopted, but it is you who are wrong. See the HWA article which I linked to in my article. http://www.herbert-w-armstrong.com/books/ISJESUSG/IS_J_GOD.HTM
    I did not have an electronic copy of that article “Is Jesus God?” and I went to download it this morning and reviewed it. I compared it with my hard-copy and found that the first part of the link is a translation (with some missing verbiage) of the article, and then at one point the verbiage switches over to words taken from the 1957 GTA article titled: “Who-What-was Jesus before His Human Birth?”

    I think it would be nice to have a link to both articles separately, but not merged together as your link shows, if you can provide both links.

    To help further, in the linked article you have, under the title of “He Was Also Human” within the 5th paragraph you will see where both articles merged together. Read where it says: “…This is a flagrant error! Yahveh was the God of Israel, the peared – an actual foretaste, a view ahead into the soon-coming Kingdom of God!…”

    The verbiage before that word “peared” are from the HWA article “Is Jesus God?” And from “peared” on the verbiage is from the GTA article.


    For the brethren. I have just published a new post which has UCG’s official position published last year. I linked to that UCG article and then decided to also post the whole article in case they changed it. https://godourlight.info/ucgs-official-past-published-position-in-the-god-or-the-old-testament/

    Also there are multiple sources for the Does God Exist? article here https://www.google.ca/search?q=armstrong+booklet+gtoes+god+exist%3F&rlz=1C1NHXL_enCA711CA711&oq=armstrong+booklet+

    Who-What-was Jesus before His Human Birth?” https://www.google.ca/search?q=Who-What-was+Jesus+before+His+Human+Birth%3F%22&rlz=1C1NHXL_enCA711CA711&oq=Who-What-was+Jesus+before+His+Human+Birth%3F%22&aqs=chrome..69i57.2121j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8


  11. Thank you for the Scott Ashley article! This is a HUGE change for UCG.

    Aaron Dean’s comment in the video was that HWA only referred to Jesus being the God of the old testament because he was trying to get away from the idea of God being so harsh in the old testament. “He wasn’t addressing what God is,” said Aaron. That’s FALSE. I understand this issue isn’t about HWA, but he’s misrepresenting the historical record.

    I’m stunned at this video! I wonder if UCG brethren are watching this??

    I suggest that you copy the UCG article since they may try to change or remove it at any time. Aaron is not only misrepresenting the truth, he with the others is falling into a gross error.

    Scott Ashley has attacked me for saying that changes were coming, I wonder where he stands on this change.

    I am constantly learning, and updating; and I cannot see why they are not honest enough to admit that they are making a change. Their attitude, which is completely destroying their credibility; just baffles me!

  12. Actually I was not employed by UCG or any church group for 13 years. I never asked any of them for a job. I worked with an Agricultural company from 1997 (when Ambassador closed) to 2010 till Denny Luker asked me to come to Cincinatti in August 2010.

    Aaron this is a classic in deception and dissimulation, you are trying to use not being salaried to give the impression that you were not associated with UCG before 2010, yet:

    The governing 12-man body sent a letter to members of the church’s general conference of elders (GCE) in March 2008 informing elders worldwide that Aaron Dean of Gladewater, Texas, a council member since January 1999, had been officially censured. The council’s action means Mr. Dean is prohibited from speaking in any UCG congregation until after the 2008 Feast of Tabernacles. http://www.thejournal.org/issues/issue125/ucg-council-rebuffs-elder-aaron-dean.html

    Since you are willing to stoop to this kind of deception, and also deceiving about the former UCG and HWA’s position on the God of the Old Testament why should anything you say be believed?

    It has never been about salary for me, and indeed if it hadn’t been for a request I made before God 20 years before to give me 20 years to be able to raise my kids in one spot, I would not have accepted the job from Mr. Luker. I was asked, 20 years virtually to the day, the day after my youngest got married with both kids now married and none to ‘raise’ I was asked. I didn’t expect it. I loved living on Lake GLadewater in Texas. That’s where I thought I would retire. It is where God has placed me at this time. ps Anyone can call others “apostate”. Most of the churches listed in Revelation 2 and 3 could be considered “apostate. See what Christ said about them, but they were his church. I would be careful in condemnation.

    Dear Aaron
    In 2010 Denny invited you to be part of his effort to arrange a divorce from the Franks folks who were presenting themselves as more Armstrong loyalist than the evangelical Ward, Denny, Kubik, Tkach folks; taking control in UCG at the time.

    Denny and these folks duped and then USED you [or you are lying], to aid them in their struggle for brethren; using you to provide a false facade of Armstrong loyalty for these Tkach evangelicals in order to minimize UCG losses, when Denny called for a split [an amicable divorce] in his first speach as president of UCG. Hundreds remained in UCG due to the false impression that your name as the former HWA assistant gave them.

    Aaron you were conned and USED [or you were and are lying] in 2010, just like you are being duped and USED now to provide a false sense of security to those looking to Armstrong, and you are making it easier for these men to lead the brethren astray.

    Sir, your answers are entirely irrelevant to the issue, which is that you are denying that UCG is making a change, and you are denying that the new position is a change from Armstrong.

    No, this is not a support of COGWA, it is a simple statement of what has happened.

    Today UCG, COGWA and LCG are thoroughly Laodicean with a large number of unconverted mixed in: and apostatizing further and further all the time. One is for Armstrong and one for Kubik and another is for Franks: Who is for God to live by every Word of God?

    I call every organization and person to turn to God to live by every Word of God, as per 2 Timothy, Isaiah 58, Ezekiel 33 and Jude!

  13. I have watched the council of elders video and it is abundantly clear they ARE changing.

    Why are UCG members and ministry expected to believe UCG in 1995 only adopted the line Jesus Christ is THE God of the Old Testament BECAUSE Herbert W Armstrong was battling an American religious battle over God the Father being perceived as harsh from the 1940’s 50’s ? Then they kept this for over twenty years.

    This situation raises more questions than answers.

    For those who do not know, both Aaron and Tkach were solid Rader men until they saw an opportunity to advance with HWA and turned against Rader. Tkach and Aaron helped HWA get rid of Rader, and Armstrong rewarded them by ordaining Tkach to the rank of evangelist on September 27, 1979 and made Dean his personal assistant.

    As HWA’s Personal advisor / assistant; Tkach man Aaron Dean, pushed Herbert to elevate Tkach and in March 1981 Armstrong appointed Tkach to the WCG’s advisory council of elders and soon after named him Director of Church Administration, one of the most prominent administrative positions other than Armstrong himself. Aaron was always a consummate politician, yes man and backer of Joe Tkach Sr.

    Joe Tkach Sr was close to Herman Hoeh, Victor Kubik, Aaron Dean and others; Tkach grew up Russian Orthodox like his good buddy Victor Kubik.

    Herman Hoeh presented a false persona of supporting HWA to the brethren, but by the mid 70’s he had rejected Armstrong remaining with WCG to keep his position. Hoeh became a curious blend of evangelical and Buddhist with a keen interest in photographing nude males at nudist hangouts [Dave Register cleaned out Hoeh’s residence after his passing].

    In 1985/86 both Aaron Dean and Herman Hoeh recommended that a senile HWA who was full of drugs and nearing his end, should appoint Tkach his successor.

    I have been in sporadic contact with Aaron since about 2012 and he had me fooled until his recent comments caused me to look into his history. I have now been fully disillusioned with him and I no longer believe anything that he says. Dean is still using his former position as Armstrong’s assistant to provide cover for the present UCG moves towards Tkachism.

    Like in the 80s and 90s they are trying to deceive the brethren towards the evangelical, hence Dean’s comments denying the obvious.

    They are moving very slowly, being well aware of the reaction of the brethren to the Tkach changes in 96. At this time they have brought about 80% of the ministry and as much as 3/4ths of the brethren on line. Nevertheless many of these brethren have been honestly deceived like many were in the Tkach WCG [being lulled to sleep by the denials and loving their social club congregations] and some [I hope] will surely wake up in due time. This present issue and Aaron’s reaction are proof enough that they are deceiving the brethren.

    TheShiningLight is about reviving a zeal for godliness and preparing the brethren for the Two Prophets TEST, which is now fast approaching. These corporate organizations utterly reject turning to godliness but the brethren will still have a personal choice to make: Either turn to God with enthusiastic zeal; or follow human deceivers.

    I call these folks out; eventually they are going to lose the truly converted brethren whom they are currently deceiving anyway! Why not act like honest men and make your changes openly? I present my teachings openly and trust God; why are you so afraid to speak the truth? The true brethren are well aware of who the father of lies and deceit is!

  14. I never asked HWA to appoint Tkach.

    Herbert was senile and stoned on medicinal drugs, and Aaron told him to follow Hoeh’s advice knowing full well what Hoeh would recommend, but did not directly recommend Tkach, preferring to place the onus on Hoeh.!

    Nor did I support his lies or apostasy. If I did, I would not have been removed from all positions HWA gave me and that he made JWT promise to keep me in. My career path proves that I fought him at every turn. I am not sure what ‘history the above person “looked into.” The conclusions are false, but people are allowed to believe what they want.

    Aaron, I notice that you said my conclusions are false [I made no conclusions] but you carefully avoided saying my facts are wrong, choosing instead to engage in obfuscation and weaseling of the facts. Those not familiar with these words should Google: “Define and the word”.

    Aaron, you were Herbert’s adviser, confidant and chief flatterer for five years, you were the only one he really trusted in his particularly vulnerable state nearing his end. When you advised him to do what Herman wanted, you were giving the leadership to Tkach on a silver platter.

    Tkach did not even begin efforts at change until he set up his doctrinal project in 89, so your comment about being fired by HWA if you supported changes by Tkach is irrelevant obfuscation.

    As for you fighting changes, you have admitted that you stayed with Tkach after his open changes in Jan 95; and you admit that you only left in 97 because AC closed [i.e. you were being laid off], even UCG was formed in 95. Then you tried to deny involvement with UCG before 2010 when you were a member of their CoE from 1999.

    Aaron you started this thread with an obviously false denial that a change was being made in UCG, and look where it is now. This whole thread started by you, is more a desperate attempt at self-justification by espousing a dedicated idolatry of HWA than anything else.

    Aaron you are either lying and supporting the Tkach agenda of your associates, or you are deceiving yourself in order to justify yourself in your own eyes; having been duped into actually believing that the serious changes underway in UCG are not changes at all, with these same folks using you once again as a cloak for their activities!

    Meanwhile you miss the point that we are to be loyal to GOD, NOT HWA or anyone else!

    The scriptures say that “a thousand years is as a day.” This Feast when you stand up and say that you are celebrating the millennium; you are being loyal to HWA but you are in defiance of Holy Scripture! In this and many other things Herbert was wrong, because it was prophesied in Daniel 12 that much understanding would be sealed until the very end; yet you claim to be faithful to him in all his errors.

    You reject godliness for idolatry of men, and that idolatry of men has opened you up to be deceived by men!

  15. James when are you going to update the web…there has been no additions for some time.

    The groups are all having their Festivals and traveling, hence no news has been reported for the past two weeks. Feast and travel is about ended this Sabbath and news should be coming soon. Do keep up with the world news, very much is now rapidly developing. https://theshininglight.info/articles/

  16. It would appear that the changes that were to be made in Dec. “received no support” and were not passed. Hmm! I watched the video of their last Elders meeting you posted all the way through and there seemed to be little decent. Now there’s no support. Perhaps you did too good a job of pointing out the error and there was a grassroots backlash? E.M.Tucker

    I would be very cautious. Hopefully this issue is now over but it is quite possible that this project is only being temporarily sidelined until another time: remain vigilant in case this issue or other matters come up in the near future! James

  17. john 5 v 22 for the father JUDGETH NO MAN but hath COMMITTED ALL JUDGEMENT unto the SON PSALM 118V8-9 it is BETTER to TRUST the LORD thanto have confidence in man v9 it is BETTER to TRUST the LORD than to have confidence in princes [ leaders of ucg ]

  18. Bruce, regarding judgment being committed to the Son, we also have this:

    John 8:15 Ye judge after the flesh; I judge no man.
    :16 And yet if I judge, my judgment is true: for I am not alone, but I and the Father that sent me.

    And we may be confident in the following verses:

    Matthew 15:13 But he answered and said, Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up.
    :14 Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.

    It does appear that organizations like United, Living, Philadelphia, cogwa, Restored, Thiel’s group, GCI, ICG, etc. all display varying amounts of confusion in what they believe…..as though God had not “planted” any of them and, if that is the case, in time they will all be rooted up.


  19. Explain Spirtually active to me, That’s what the Minister in Flint Michigan
    Is telling the flock. They ( Ministers) have phrased it exactially that way. There not active but Spiritually active. What kind of mental gymnastics is this.

  20. Absolutely the church is going apostate, but they are not the only ones. Men go where angels fear to tread. They believe it’s about love and being with the brethren, this sounds like the churches down my street. When Christ returns, he’s coming to wage war.

    Wake up people!!!!! If I talk to anyone about the Bible, they can’t see the plain truth anymore. It offends then.

  21. Absolutely agree with you Sandy Ward. That is how i have found UCG.
    Although i haven’t heard the spiritually active phrase yet i very much believe you.

    Their Love is cronyism not Godly love. Their Love is over the top for their cronies and ice cold hatred for others.

    At Unleavened Bread my family had to witness every member of the congtegation being given gifts except ours.

    A unkind thing to do, made all the worse by our children having to witness it. Very cruel and so not of Jesus Christ.

    Thats what goes on in the Love United Church in 2019.

  22. Why were they giving gifts out on Unleavened Bread ?

    Good question! James

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