UCG Reno Splits Over Doctrinal Changes

Update 16 Feb:  Considerably more information is coming in about the Reno situation.

  • Aaron Creech had nothing to do with this situation which began before Aaron arrived in Reno.
  • The Feb 13 update below was  information supplied by Aaron Dean who insisted to me that no doctrinal changes were being made.
  • Aaron Dean may have regarded the issues as minor non doctrinal issues because they were not on the list of beliefs and saw Mark as politicking, but  the issues were in fact doctrinal even though they were not listed in the list of beliefs. 
  • In reality doctrine is the Word of God and everything in it, not some humanly devised list.  The UCG list is in fact a fake security blanket to deceive the brethren since items on that list can be reinterpreted, and other items not on the list can be changed at will.
  • Several persons sent their concerns through the proper process right up to the CoE where they were rejected.
  • The COE rejection of the different appeals at the same hearing resulted in people leaving at about the same time.

This appears to be a disagreement over doctrine that the sides failed to resolve as I first posted. Among issues:

  • Praying directly to Jesus instead of to the Father, which Denny Luker introduced into the CoE.
  • The Mario  Seiglie doctrinal committee position that Christ didn’t fully die, He existed in an “unconscious state” for 3 days and 3 nights. 
  • But above and beyond these, there has been an increasingly mainstream perspective of grace, making it increasingly apparent that UCG either desires to be more mainstream, or to appeal more to the mainstream.

Update 13 Feb:  More information has been coming in and it now appears that Aaron Creech was the victim of a long conspiracy by the local elder Mark Fike who was working to gain a congregation for himself in Reno.  It seems that in this case doctrinal issues were largely blown out of proportion or invented.  That does not mean that there are no doctrinal issues in UCG. 

Mark seems to have made big issues out of every little thing for a very long time including while Joe Horchak was there in an effort to gain a following and congregation of his own.  When Aaron Creech was assigned to take over Reno a great effort was made to undermine him.  When only a few would agree with Mark he opted to lead those who would follow him to leave UCG and join COGWA.  

Update 11 Feb: Gerald Coleman the website manager for Sacramento wrote to say that no sermons by Aaron Creech were ever uploaded or removed from Sacramento.

The Reno site was checked and there were several sermons by Aaron in the evening and the next morning they were gone.  Other persons have told me the same thing and I do have copies of incoming emails corroborating this. 
In fact Aaron was the Reno elder for four months and did have sermons at the Reno site.  I may have erred in including Sacramento but I stand by my statement in reference to Reno.

Update 9 Feb: After this post was published all of Aaron Creech’s sermons were almost immediately removed from the UCG Reno site.   

The sun has set on the Sabbath almost two hours ago so I will post this by popular demand. 

After Joe Horchak was fired from UCG for the second time, Mark Fike was made interim pastor of Reno and served from August until Aaron Creech arrived as senior pastor in Sacramento / Reno last November.  

For several years the clique now running the CoE in UCG has been slowly and subtly conditioning brethren, especially in their home areas and areas run by their close associates, to accept various doctrinal changes.  

Once Aaron Creech was established in Sacramento / Reno, 25 people have left UCG-Reno due to claimed doctrinal / false teaching issues. One should remember that these are strong UCG loyalists who refused to follow Ken Geise in 2010.  

Not counting the Creech family that travels from California to Reno twice per month, only 12 UCG members remain and that could change.

Pastor Mike Fike resigned last Wednesday and all local speakers, song leaders and the area elder have chosen to exit. 25 persons have chosen to affiliate with COGWA. The 25 new COGWA members left UCG within the past month.

UCG is trying hard to put a lid on this news, but rumors are swirling across UCG and COGWA. In fact UCG/COGWA people in Sacramento know what is going on with Aaron Creech and in Reno; and the information is spreading as people tell their friends.  Is this a taste of what will happen after UCG reinvents itself in May?

This memo to the new Reno COGWA members was sent from their new COGWA Reno Pastor- Dave Register:


“Hi Everyone,

 We had a wonderful first “official” Sabbath service in Reno last Sabbath with 24 attending!

Thank you to everyone who had a part in putting the service together! A special thanks to the Yutzys for finding a meeting room (and guest room for parents/children) at the Hampton Inn, and hosting our first “pot luck” Saturday evening at their home! I hope you all got to taste Craig’s “award winning” chili! Everything was delicious! Thank you all, again!

 I am also pleased to announce we have made arrangements to meet each and every Sabbath at 2:30 pm in the conference room (and guest room down the hall for parents/children) at the Hampton Inn Reno West! I hope you will make every effort to be there each Sabbath for important fellowship and worship together, as we establish our new congregation!  

You will also be receiving the Pastors Weekly Update that I send to everyone on my NorCal email list. But, I wanted to let you know that Mr. Clyde Kilough, Mr. Doug Horchak, and Mr. Jim Franks are all enthusiastic about the start of our congregation in Reno, and they have all agreed to come and visit in the near future! Mr. Clyde Kilough (Media Operations Manager and previous Reno Pastor) is scheduled to visit Reno on the Sabbaths of March 7th, and May 30th, Mr. Doug Horchak (Ministerial Services Operations Manager) is planning to come to take the Passover service on April 7th, and Mr. Jim Franks (COGWA President) is tentatively scheduled to visit on Sabbath, June 13th!

 The meeting hall information is:

 Hilton’s Hampton Inn & Suites — Reno West

900 Ambassador Drive, Reno, NV 89523 

Time: 2:30 pm on February 1st

Linda and I are looking forward to seeing all of you again in a couple of weeks, on February 29th!

Warmest regards,

David Register, Pastor

Church of God, aWA”

Disclaimer:  I am not a member of, nor a supporter of any one group.  I am a servant of Almighty God and I am calling all of the brethren to a genuine revival of passionate zeal to live by every Word of God!


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  1. James

    Any idea of what the doctrinal dispute is?

    After my post on Reno all of Aaron Creech’s sermons have been removed from the UCG Reno and Sacramento sites.

    I have some info but I am seeking confirmation. The fact that they have gone to COGWA which [with the exception of a few elders] is a hard line persecutor of anyone who is zealous for Sabbath etc complicates things. These folks will find that COGWA is very controlling and forbids them from visiting the TSL or contacting me.

    I do know that the key issues right now are 1. The God of the Old Testament. The CoE decided not to officially pass this and to push it more quietly after I raised such a ruckus about it. https://godourlight.info/category/church-of-god-news/ucg-god-of-the-old-testament-heresy/

    2. Would be the idea that we obey God because we want to, not because God requires us to.

    These two ideas fit together since they want to follow the heresy that the Father was the God of the Old Testament and therefore the Old Testament laws are no longer required to be obeyed, because the son has replaced the Old Testament with a New Testament, and has done away with the laws given to Moses which are now solely a matter of personal choice.

    Their program is not to make this official like Tkach did, but to teach it slowly and subtly, changing the attitudes of the brethren through deceit, gradualism and imperceptible drift so as to try and avoid a big split like Tkach went through.

    In reality most elders are with the program and only a very few elders are waking up, however there are perhaps a third of the brethren overall who are noticing that things are not right.

    Again; this is what is going on in UCG generally; I cannot say that these are the issues in this particular case without confirmation. People in Reno should feel free to contact me at jddm3@hotmail.com anonymity is guaranteed. James

  2. You say Joe Horchak “was fired for the second time.” Is there a reason why – for either time?

    Actually I was quoting my source since I already knew that Joe’s parting with UCG was announced last year. The reasons behind the departure were never made public. If Joe wants to inform us he can do so by comment here, however these things are most often subject to non disclosure separation agreements. James

  3. I’ve been on the periphery, and in certain cases involved directly with the ongoing debacle. I’ll state here that I (along with a few others) strongly advised UCG administration NOT to promote Mark Fike a so-called interim pastor, as he and others in the local leadership were either a part of the problem, or THE problem. I warned Mark Welch in writing that if he continued with the plan to put this guy in charge, there wouldn’t be a UCG congregation in Reno. It didn’t surprise me at all that he was working to move people to COGWA, even while continuing to deal with UCG. Maybe he thinks they’ll give him a paycheck, to get on the payrolled gravy train (so he thinks).

    I’m aware of some “doctrinal disagreements”, one of which is honoring baptisms of SDA members. Not much else. Also, Joe “officially” resigned in August, and was not fired twice. Don’t know where that misinformation came from. COGWA certainly didn’t split from UCG a decade ago for “doctrinal reasons”, so I perplexes me why at least of few of those embarking on this new project really think the doctrines are going to be any different.

    I also think the numbers are double the actuals. I’ve attended Reno services a few times in the past, and there weren’t more than 15 or 20 total in attendance at that time. Now, I understand there are 6 to 12.

    Seems to be some misplaced hubris on the part of Dave Register and perhaps Franks and others, as this certainly doesn’t rank as earthshaking. They don’t know what they’re getting yet, obviously. Most of these folks are troublemakers–in particular their so called “elder” Fike. This guy, ironically, was ordained by Joe Horchak back in 2010 or so, as a reward for being loyal to UCG during the UCG/COGWA split. I can say, first hand, that since we’ve been associated with UCG in this area, Fike has worked to sabotage church functions for nearly all of that four year period. Joe should have removed his credential long ago for insubordination, but he shied away from conflict.

    In summary–with regard to Fike and few other of his close associates and family members — GOOD RIDDANCE. I think it will be a very short honeymoon. I don’t have anything personal against either UCG or COGWA, but I would encourage them to pull background checks on folks going over before promoting them to any type of leadership position.


    Yes, the political intrigues are shocking and totally ungodly. As for firing/resigning it is customary to ask for resignations in place of firing a person in order to make the situation easier for all sides. The word fired was a word used by a source and perhaps firing was a bad choice of words given the deep internal divisions you have revealed in Reno. The whole affair is disgusting. James

  4. I just went to both the Reno, Nevada, and Sacramento, California, local websites and both have sermons by Aaron Creech posted on them. Along with sermons by Joe Horchak, interestingly.

    These have just been put up and notice that none of these were given in Reno or Sacramento. James

  5. Lies and rumors caused the split with the UCG and COgwa. Not a very nice way of getting members. ALso the slurs made against Aaron Creech not very good. THis can not propser. Re doctrinal changes in UCG. It takes 2/3 of the ministers of the UCG all around the world to change any doctrines. The UCG has more protection against this kind of thing then any other off shoot… At least UCG is doing a work…

    Yes, Aaron Creech had nothing to do with with this problem.

    You are mistaken. It takes 2/3 to change the list of beliefs. In fact the list is a fake security blanked since items on that list can be reinterpreted, and other items not on the list can be changed at will.

    The RC church is also doing a work! What does doing a work prove, it is our beliefs and the actions based on those beliefs which affect our relationship with God.

    Much more information is now coming in and I expect to update the matter tomorrow.

  6. As someone who was in the congregation when Joe first was fired and Ken was brought in. I can say without a doubt our congregation at the time was split in three groups, two divinding families one out of respect I won’t mention and the fikes. Thirdly those of us caught in the wicked web of lies and manipulation by M & J Fike. To your face they acted so great but behind doors they’d cast eyes and slander words. They’d try in secret to have letters signed to complain about Ken literally the first week he was there. I was shocked to see how low they would go. Ken confronted it and had a large circle meeting with us all and wanted any complaints openly heard and talked about so WE as a congregation could move forward. What a shock when myself and only a handful of others that weren’t directly related to either party by blood relation spoke up about the division and what is being said behind closed doors. Mark fikes face was priceless, stone cold. I’m not kidding when I say this he looked like he felt nothing, was hollow even calculating his next move when being called out openly for manipulative actions and dangerous and inappropriate conversations. His response was nothing. Nothing got better just more coldness in the congregation. The fikes would spread rumors of young men in the congregation being too forward with relationships (young man brought his girlfriend to church and held hands) or how one family is trying to “pawn” their eldest daughter off on another young man who was attending (he left after hearing such a thing) these were real time examples and factors into a small glimpse of what that family whom seems morally bankrupt was willing to do to stay in charge or take charge. I left soon after Ken left not to join them but put it all behind me, now most 10 years later I find this post and it just opened up so many old.wounds and memories and nasty interactions with that family.

  7. Wow. While you folks (wwcog & all splinter groups) continue on in practicing vain glories, counting yourselves ‘the only true church’ you have abandoned pure & undefiled religion in favor of the self, being the rotting carnal flesh that we all are. Not by my might nor power, but by my spirit sayeth THE LORD! By HIS spirit of righteousness alone can any of us be counted worthy to escape.

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