UCG Mark Mickelson Seeks Major Doctrinal Change

UCG News:   Spokane: Mark Mickelson has announced that his cancer is not responding to treatment.

After presenting a paper to the Doctrinal Committee on the God of the Old Testament which is  contrary to Armstrong teachings and the UCG Fundamental Beliefs, Mark has persisted in preaching that material, while it is still under Doctrinal Committee scrutiny.

Mark has departed from the long established teachings on who YHVH is, claiming that the word YHVH refers to God the Father exclusively, and Mark has been preaching his positions while his presentation is still before the Doctrinal Committee and not yet approved by either the DC, the CoE or by the 75% of elders necessary for a doctrinal change.

For more than a year [since about Dec 2014], Mark has been giving sermons presenting his still unapproved new teachings, in direct defiance of UCG ethics rules.

Here is a list of heretical sermons beginning roughly Dec. 2014 which have now been removed by UCG from their main web site.  

Mark’s sermons may still be available at the Spokane Sermons page.

1.  God (The Father)

2. The Oneness of God

3.  The Word and The God

4. The Lord of Hosts

5. The Servant

6. The Word

7. Like Father, Like Son.

8. God of Abraham

There are also continual references throughout later sermons

Is it possible that UCG will accept this paper and change their doctrine?  I am hearing that the Paper is being strongly rejected in the Doctrinal Committee  and Mark’s unethical actions have not helped his cause.

My sources indicate that there is  little chance that the Mickelson paper will be approved and Mark could easily be shown the door for misconduct, although they may allow him to announce retirement for health reasons.  

Next month’s CoE Conference may be very interesting.

At the present time I am midway through the coming book and also doing the major prophets studies, but I will try to post a doctrinal article next Friday on the subject of God in the scriptures, who YHVH is, and who the God of the Old Testament is, and who the Husband of Israel and the LORD of Hosts is.  

Bob Berendt is retiring in Edmonton on Jan 27, and Michael Erickson is moving from BC to take over as of Jan 28.  I understand that Raynier Salomaa is taking over the Red Deer Alberta congregation.

Victor Kubik, President of UCG, will be giving the sermon on November 19th at the Church of God International congregation in Medina, Ohio.  

As I reported last week, many in the COG were rooting for a Trump win; this was made evident by Rick Beltz of Church of God Fellowship  and is now confirmed by Gerald Weston who also says that a Trump win means that they expect to have a few more years left.  Even UCG is impressed by Trump’s campaign asking people to pray for America.  

Almost universally with only one or two exceptions the COG community is praising the election of Trump as a move that will net them the extra 3 1/2 years they are hoping for; however God’s Word will be fulfilled and the end will come at the time appointed by God (Dan 8:19, Dan 11:27, Dan 11:35)

Of course Gerald is covering all the bases but clearly he can hardly contain his delight. 

Since there is a grave probability that the abomination will be set up and a peace deal achieved in the next few years and Trump could now have a theoretical 8 years; the Trump win deepens the deception that LCG/COGWA will have 3 1/2 years to do an Elijah work AFTER the peace deal and before the Tribulation; when of course they will not (1 Thess 5:3, Mat 24:15).  

I stand by my post of last Friday that the COG constellation heartily approves of Donald Trump’s election.

“November 11, 2016   By Gerald Weston
Greetings from Charlotte,

This has been a week as no other for the United States, with worldwide implications. Those living elsewhere may not know what was at risk and are shocked that Americans elected Donald Trump to be the next President. What was at stake was the appointment of Supreme Court Justices, a failed economy with a 20 trillion dollar debt, people opening their mail to find Obamacare bills doubling and tripling, the prospect of an open border policy that would cause America to cease to be a country, corruption on a frightening scale, the threat of a clamp-down on religious freedom, abortion in the 8th and 9th months, the promotion of lifestyles contrary to the Bible, and a media in bed with one party and the prospect of further loss of free speech. While all this was looming over the country with a Clinton victory, Mr. Trump has his own problems. Rarely has there been a better example of having to choose between the lesser of two evils, but we do not know what God has in mind and that is why we do not take part in politics. Only He knows exactly where we are in end-time events and who is needed in office at a particular time. That is why our role is to pray for God’s will to be done and to pray for our leaders (1 Timothy 2:2). It appears from a policy perspective in light of the outcome that we may have a few more years of freedom to preach the Gospel. However, unforeseen events can change this picture overnight. It is going to be interesting to watch. Meanwhile, Dr. Meredith finished the semi-annual letter this week and I recorded a Tomorrow’s World program titled: “Humanity’s Moral Meltdown.”—GEW

Feast of Tabernacles Attendance:  UCG and LCG have not yet reported on their 2016 Feast attendance.  

COGWA reports that they have increased attendance by about 750 attendees since 2011 [no actual numbers yet], mostly due to international increases.

Bob Thiel reports 2,200 members.  While Thiel claims 2,200 members he actually has only about 85 members in North America and Europe, the rest are impoverished third world people who are content to allow him to place their names on his rolls in exchange for handouts.  Bob seems hopeful that by announcing increasing numbers he will attract more attention in North America.  The subsidies are a terrible burden on so small a group and Bob is too well known in North America to gain any such advantage.   

TheShiningLight had an average of over 1,000 daily visits during the Feast but this is misleading as the bulk of our visitors belong to other organizations and were away attending their organizational Feast sites.   After these folks returned home there was a big rush to visit and read the many Feast articles, people often reading three or four long articles in one sitting.  October visits were 64,670 or 90,387 hits, and as usual for the Feast there were somewhat less than normal average monthly visits. 

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