UCG Doctrinal Reevaluation: Grace Part 1

New Moon Announcement:  Despite hazy conditions the first light of the new moon was seen at Jerusalem this evening making sunset tonight the beginning of the first day of the second biblical month.

According the Biblical Calendar that God gave to Moses [not the modern Rabbinic Calendar finalized in 1178 A.D. which is based on the unscriptural darkness of molads] the first day of the second biblical month is expected at sunset this evening.  For a study of the Biblical and modern Rabbinic Calendars download our “Biblical Sabbath and Calendar” book for free from the side bar.  We are commanded to observe the New Moons with Bible Studies and with blasting the shofar in rejoicing.  

UCG News:  

Victor Kubik writes: . . . our newest 50 page booklet, Angels: God’s Messengers and Spiritual Army is about to go to press. I’ll be offering to 180,000 Beyond Today subscribers in a few weeks this newest piece of literature. All church member families will automatically receive a copy.

Feast registration has gone fairly smooth with the newly-developed festival registration system this year. We appreciate the patience of pastors, festival advisors and members in learning a new process. Last year on this date we had 5783 registered, and as of today we have 5726 registered, which is about the same. We will have upcoming reminders later this summer encouraging those not registered to do so.

May 6, 2017 GCE Sabbath Webcast Connection Instructions
The website for both congregations and individual members (not able to attend services) is http://www.ucg.org/sabbath-webcast. From this location, please choose the webcast for May 6, 2017. The webcast service will begin at 2 p.m., Eastern time. It is recommended that congregations connect at least 10 minutes before the start time.
We will also provide an archived MP4 video of the Sabbath services within two hours after the completion of services. This would be for those congregations who need to download the Sabbath service so they can play for their congregation. These archived files will also be at https://www.ucg.org/sabbath-services/sabbath-webcast-cincinnati-ampm-and-gce-may-6-2017


The General Conference of Elders will meet in Cincinnati, May 6-8, followed by a meeting of the Council of Elders, May 9-11. President Viktor Kubik and Chairman Donald Ward will give sermons at the Sabbath service on May 6 (which will be broadcast live). The service will begin 30 minutes earlier than normal at 2.00pm.
The UCG General Conference of Elders begins in a few days with a key item on the agenda being modifying the percentage of elders needed to change basic documents including the List of Fundamental Beliefs.  They hope to change from the presently required 75% of all elders to only 75% of the ballots cast, which means a substantial drop in the approval numbers needed to change the List of Beliefs.  

Of course this is not happening in a vacuum,  for the past several years a special UCG committee  has been quietly conducting a systemic re-evaluation of all of UCG’s doctrines or Fundamental Beliefs and that review of all UCG teachings is approaching completion.

The key foundational doctrine is Law and Grace, or in other words:  What is really binding in the New Covenant age?  The position on this subject affects all else and a new position on grace could be ready for approval by the GCE  as soon as next May and a new booklet on the subject is in the works.  

I recommend that the present UCG position on law and grace be read and downloaded for future comparison. 

Today’s post is short but there is plenty of material to study in the above links.

The Psalms study should be finished by the time the Conference Report comes out and I am planning to post that report and then do a short series, on the evangelical and the scriptural positions on Law and Grace.  Then the plan is to begin studies through Acts and the Epistles to fight the twisting of the teachings of Paul.   

LCG News:  LCG’s failure to preach the gospel for many years is causing discontent among many LCG brethren.  Gerald Weston explains LCG’s failure to preach the gospel like this: ” . . . some members think our programs need to be stronger, not realizing that we try to thread the needle between preaching the Gospel and warning the world, and maintaining our presence on television. Even the Internet is not as free as one might think. Dr. Meredith and Mr. Ames have done a remarkable job over the years in threading that needle [Admin:  In other words watering down the outreach to nothing, thereby offending Jesus Christ]. Some of us who are newer at it are having to learn. And at the same time, standards of what is allowed and what is not are becoming more constrictive in our politically correct world.”  



Considerable progress is being made against the Islamic State in Mosul and Raqqa and it appears that the Islamic State will be defeated soon although mopping up may take some time yet.  If events continue to unfold at this rate it is conceivable that Israel could invade Gaza as early as this summer or autumn.

Syria is also making huge progress against the foreign sponsored insurgency in that country. A sixth round of evacuations of rebels took place on Monday from the neighborhood of al-Waer in Homs. The government will retake control of the neighborhood after the last of 12 rounds of evacuations are complete, in three to four weeks.

Areas all over Syria have surrendered to the government in exchange for exile to the rebel-held province of Idlib. Tens of thousands have also agreed to leave areas around Damascus, Homs, and Aleppo, Syria’s largest city. Another 8,000 people have left two pro-government towns in Idlib province northern Syria, for government controlled areas.

This population transfer liberates most non Islamic State insurgent held areas inside Syria and concentrates the Western sponsored rebels in Idlib province  bringing the Western created civil war in Syria to an end.  

The fight is not over yet however because Israel will soon attack Gaza and Hezbollah and destroy the power of Syria; allowing the rebels to advance in strength from Idlib to change the regime in Damascus. 

Trump administration ratchets up anti Iran propaganda.  




UCG Doctrinal Re-evaluation: Grace Part 1 – TheShiningLight Bible School

    1. For help finding the UCG statement of Fundamental Beliefs, here is a link to that page. https://www.ucg.org/bible-study-tools/booklets/fundamental-beliefs-of-the-united-church-of-god/gods-law-and-sin


    1. Actually, I clicked too soon. Here is the Fundamental Beliefs page. https://www.ucg.org/bible-study-tools/booklets/fundamental-beliefs-of-the-united-church-of-god-0

      That other link I just gave was for the chapter “God’s Law and Sin”


    1. For me, all I have to do is read the words; “Fundamental Beliefs”, and the word “change” in the same sentence, and immediately I have warning alarms in my head!
      Bells, sirens, klaxons, horns, electronic beeps,they go off in my brain.

      How do these people still attending UCG not react to this?

      I have no problem with spiritual growth and changes towards a closer relationship with God and greater godliness, however every move by these Tkach folks is moving further and further away from God.

      UCG people have not reacted because they do not believe the warnings, loving the organization so deeply that they automatically believe the denials just as they did in the 90’s WCG.

      This has been a very difficult battle, I have known what is going on behind the scenes for years but was faced with the quandary that if I was too specific they would just change the timing or subject emphasis and make me look foolish. Yet their repeated denials – just as they denied everything in the WCG for several years – have also tended to be believed, making me look like a false teacher.

      Soon, when they see the happenings in the world and in the Assemblies, many brethren will know that I have told them the truth. Then many will turn to a zeal for godliness while many more will quickly turn to godliness once the trib begins.


    1. James, I’d just like to say that I’ve had the Cataract Surgery, on both eyes. It’s one of the best things, I’ve ever chosen to do. It’s truly a miracle, to get back to seeing again. You will be amazed at the most vivid colors, after a while. Some folks do not even have to wear glasses afterward, but in my case, I still do. You will be in my thoughts & prayers, for all to go well. Take Care !!

      Thank you! Several others have told me the same thing which is very encouraging for me.

      I am paying some extra to have special lenses inserted that should give me perfect eyesight for reading and my extensive computer work, although I will need a very slight RX glasses for distance activities like driving.

      This work has been warning for years – even with worsening eyesight – of the now developing situation in the COG Groups and the world. Now eyesight is being fixed at just the right time to improve and expand the work as we enter the pretrib climax phase. James


    1. They have been going all out for this vote to change the ballot. I have no idea if there will be a silent resistance happening. I don’t hold much hope.
      If this vote change goes through the apostates will be over the moon with joy. They have already been quite hard faced about the whole push towards this vote. They are relentless and will never back down until they get what they want. Ucg will certainly be staring down the gun barrel at complete apostacy if this vote goes through.

      Here is a point of interest: The people who have been the most adamant in denying any changes are coming and who are the strongest in calling me a false witness, are the biggest backers of making changes.

      Today they have the brethren convinced that this is only an administrative change and no changes in beliefs are planned. It seems that some will believe anything, but a few will still wake up once the changes come out. James


    1. I don’t believe for one minute that the vast majority of UCG brethren are that naive. I believe certain congregations have been targeted for years. Remember UCG had been strife ridden for years. I feel strongly that many brethren within ucg are already on board. The will be a minority of brethren possibly a few ministry against this apostacy but they will be very few and far between. That is my honest assessment. The apostates follow your website regulary. They are bitter but determined.

      Yes the majority in UCG are on board for the evangelical changes. I would not describe these as being naive but rather the blindness of a deep love for the organization and an unwillingness to believe that anything could be wrong when the leaders say such smooth reassurances; in short they have been lulled into a spiritual sleep like the ten virgins.

      The call is now going out “The bridegroom cometh” and perhaps half of the truly called and converted [definitely not half of the attendees] will wake up and turn to God.

      I was referring to the about 1/4 to 1/3 of the brethren [and maybe 10% of the ministry] who are being told “don’t worry trust us” and who will experience a sudden wake up when reality strikes; exactly like what happened in the WCG.

      Just as with the COGWA split these folks will again be surprised by the number of brethren who leave.

      Yes, our sites are regularly monitored by the Big Three and some others; even they have been warned. The sites are also very well known across the COG spectrum by now and once the events in UCG and the world come together I am hoping that many [from all groups] will turn to a zeal for godliness, either now or in the trib.



    1. As to the common members of UCG, the corporate moguls have effectively reoriented the “Church” toward being nothing more than a social club. Most of the messages (one has a hard time truly calling them Sermons)are fluff and feel good tomes meant to keep the sheeple comfortable, unaware and snoozing. Of course it is hard to monitor all UCG congregations since they restrict the majority of their webcasts behind log-ins and passwords (what happened to Y’shua’s emphatic directive “Go into all the world…”)? They also forget the imperative in Isaiah 58:1-3.

      The common members of UCG have, for the most part, absolutely no interest in the inner workings of the corporation or the corporate moguls pulling the strings. The “Church” did not start out that way, but has been gently and patiently herded toward their profound ignorance.
      Slumber on, you will never know the difference until it is too late (even as it is now).


    1. Let us pray for people in the corporate cogs to be released from their spiritual bondage. I was in this condition in wwcg and I never felt it was right but I didn’t know what to do or where else to go and I stayed intil 1993 until I could no longer stand being there. People in Living and Philadelphia are trapped by fear, whereas those in ucg are deceived by Kubik’s endless going on about unity. The concept of spiritual unity with the Father and the Son is foreign to them. If you can believe that a group of men can speak for God and alter his commands you are as deceived as a catholic is by the pope. So let us pray for them to be freed from satanic deception and bondage. Many of us were caught up in these things at one time. There is still time.


    1. All come short of the glory that comes from the basic knowledge of the son of the Most high and only One who is truely God

      We have all fallen short of God, but we are not to remain there. We are to sincerely repent and diligently seek and work to achieve the fullness of Christ and to become holy as God is holy. James


    1. Marie, you are absolutely correct:

      “But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him.” I Corinthians 8:6



    1. If I want to know the fundamental beliefs, I just open the Bible to Matt. 5-7, the heart and core of Jesus’ teachings. I don’t need ANYONE telling me what to believe. When will so many brethren see the light and start growing up, instead of following men and their organizations?

      The teachings of Jesus are not limited to a couple of chapters in Matthew; the entirety of Holy Scripture is Jesus Christ, the Word; in print. The UCG List of Beliefs is the organizational stance of UCG on their organizational positions. NONE of the corporate COG Groups is the true church of God or Ekklesia. James


    1. I grew up in the UCG church. I haven’t been able to attend for a while but I listen to sermons on their website and YouTube. That is, I used to. I will not stick around and fence-sit until things are totally corrupt. What for? I look to God to provide me with His word, not a man-made organization. And God’s word isn’t lukewarm, which is why I don’t care to listen to anymore of these watered down sermons. Some people say to ignore what’s being said and ‘just come to fellowship with the brethren.’ Right. While some of the shepherds huddle up and plan to lead the sheep off a cliff, the sheep should just ignore it and enjoy each other’s company. What would God want me to do? Sit through a sermon that has no substance and is meant to condition people for change (of His word!), just to say I assembled that day? People will see the change; many already do. It’s not a matter of seeing it but of what they are going to do about it. I may be young (not yet in my 30s) but I was taught to stand up for what’s right, and if something isn’t right then speak up. How many examples are there, in the bible, of what happens when men follow other men and not God? We are all brothers and sisters; no one is above another except Jesus Christ and God our Father. In whom can we place our total trust and faith?

      Dear Friend
      Thank you. You have addressed a very big and important issue and presented it very well. James


    1. Jenn. I was so glad to hear what you wrote and to know that you are young as well and have not been taken in by ucg and just socialising like so many others. I tried going to ucg but it was so cold and unpleasant I didn’t want to go anymore. I too couldn’t sit there and listen to pathetic sermons as though the minister was saying something of great value. Yes people say you have to assemble and fellowship with them but when the whole package seems an ungodly waste of time you find you just can’t stomach it anymore. Thanks for writing.


    1. Jenn, excellent wording.


  1. Jenn’s words brought tears to my eyes — so many of us who have been around since Radio Church of God days know that NONE of the CoGs today come close to what the church was back then. Many of us oldies sit where we sit because …..it is what is left of our church, because it is the only place we can get to, or get taken to….but we know the church is sorely in trouble, deeply into Laodicea. I wonder that if it’s not very soon will there be anyone left to comprise the virgins with oil in their lamps, to be the one taken when two are in the field?……Jenn, to know there are young people who “see”, tells me that when the time of separation comes for the wheat from the chaff, there will be people from all generations. I think the ‘leaders’ will be surprised, no,… shocked, when they see who is chosen (probably the members they could hardly notice all these years) because they have been guilty of the gravest sin of all: they were the very ones to sow discord, to cause the splits with their own vanity — the creation of a fake figure, a ‘gossip’ columnist, no less – “Abigail Cartwright” must rank as the most grievous ‘murder with words’ in church history. ALL these men have NOTHING to say, but to prattle on about their ‘brand’, their ‘marketing’ efforts, their ‘internet ratings’ while we oldies see people and things that wouldn’t have been tolerated thirty or four years ago, and we know from the Bible should not be tolerated in God’s church. I am very encouraged that so many as you say, do see the changes, and will stand up for what is right when the time comes. There are very many of us among the older folk who feel the same way, but I often think UCG and others are betting on us being dead soon, and therefore of no effect. They seem to have been waiting for a certain generation to pass, but as long as there are young people like yourself……..THANK YOU

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