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How the UCG Split Was Organized

Continually throughout the year and especially before Passover we are to examine ourselves and remove the blemishes of sin.

For decades we have been idolizing men and corporate organizations; obeying them as if they were gods, like good Roman Catholics.

This is a great sin and breaks the FIRST of the ten commandments:

Exodus 20   And God spake all these words, saying,

Our God brought us OUT of slavery to sin and the Pharaoh god-king of this world

I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.

We are to follow NO ONE but the Word of God, Jesus Christ; and through him, God the Father!

Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

In the Church of God groups:  We have forgotten our God to exalt some mortal man or corporate church organization as our ultimate moral authority!

We have been taught to equate loyalty to men and organizations as loyalty to God; and to do what men  say without question.

Make NO MISTAKE:  I am an iconoclast!  I am come to DESTROY this idolatry, and turn the brethren back to their Deliverer and their Mighty God.   I am come to DESTROY ALL idols and all things that come between God and his people!

The leaders and most of the elders in all of these COG groups have gone far astray from any zeal for practical obedience to God; and have fallen into making the Word of God of no effect, standing on false tradition and doing what seems right to men.

They have exalted themselves; demanding that they be obeyed instead of God’s Word!  They have placed themselves BETWEEN men and God like some pope; and in going astray from God they have fallen into much evil.

Before taking Passover we must repent of allowing anyone to come between us and our espoused Husband and his Father!  We must rededicate ourselves at this most important Passover to obey in enthusiastic ZEAL and without compromise; the WILL of our espoused Husband, which is to KEEP all the will of the Father fully:  Regardless of what ANY man or corporate church  teaches!


When UCG was formed in 1995, executive power was concentrated in the hands of the CoE; which elected a Chairman from their own ranks to oversee the COE.

A president was then chosen to carry out the will of the CoE.  The president has no decision making power in UCG at all; the president’s job is to carry out the will of the CoE.  Contrary to popular belief, the president IS NOT the head of UCG.

The first president, David Hulme [who was the most ego centric and fanatical Tkach evangelical follower among them] was chosen by the CoE and exceeded his authority, and nearly spent UCG into bankruptcy before they were able to get rid of him.

From that time on, a very close watch has been kept on the president to make sure that he caries out the will of the CoE and does not act independently.

In 1995 Denny Luker acting in concert with Joe Tkach, set up UCG with many other Tkach followers along with other elders claiming to be following the teachings of HWA.  The men who claimed to be HWA men; in fact, either supported or kept silent about the Tkach changes for years, and were quite comfortable to have their jobs even if it meant teaching false doctrine.  They left only because the brethren were leaving and they were being laid off as employees of WCG do to the financial loss.

In short the vast majority of leaders and elders who formed UCG, were either Tkach evangelicals, or people who would tolerate evangelicalism for a job.

The 2010 UCG  split was not about doctrine; it was about who would be in control.

The evangelicals now running UCG had their agenda; while the men who left to start COGWA, thought the best approach was to  pay lip-service to HWA’s post 1974 teachings, after Herbert had watered down dozens of doctrines in the 68 to 76 period.

The hard unvarnished truth is that neither the present UCG, nor the COGWA leaders and elders care a whit about SOUND BIBLICAL DOCTRINE!  What BOTH groups do care about, is how best to secure  their jobs and futures.

The evangelicals in UCG, wanted to water down doctrine and the practical application of the commandments and teachings of Christ, in order to seek people from the evangelical world, as the way to go.

They knew that this approach would generate the leaving of brethren just like it did with Joe T in 95.

The COGWA folks think that they need to take care of themselves; by keeping people thinking, they are loyal to Herbert, as they do whatever they want behind Herbert’s mantle; like Gerald Flurry, Dave Pack and Rod Meredith do.

The issue is about technique, method of control; and who is in charge, and may be about certain teachings of HWA!  The issue is NOT about SOUND BIBLICAL DOCTRINE!   Because none of these men will endure sound biblical doctrine!

Today most of the brethren worship the idol of HWA or some other corporate idol.  They stand on the traditions of men and REJECT obedience to the WHOLE Word of God.  Just ask them about the zeal for the Sabbath of Ezra and Nehemiah;  and they will say “That was for that day, when they were having a revival”:  Rejecting the teachings of the scriptures and condemning themselves.

Brethren;  Today, WE are in need of a revival of zeal for our God, repentance and a total rejection of our idolatry!  We are in need of repentance from idolizing men and their corporations ABOVE the law of our God!  Yes, WE are in need of an EZRA REVIVAL!

2 Timothy 4:2    For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

This is the state of the COG Groups today!  I know that there are good elders out there who WANT to accept the things of scripture, and I know that they are afraid that most of the brethren will leave!  They KNOW that neither most of the brethren, nor their peers will endure SOUND BIBLICAL DOCTRINE!

Neither UCG nor COGWA, is loyal to any zeal for biblical doctrine;  BOTH will do whatever is necessary to retain and hopefully increase their following!

The sad truth is that this statement also applies to LCG, RCG, PCG and most other COG groups as well!

Right now UCG is turning to using an evangelical emotional love and a relaxation of the commandments to make life seem easier for their brethren.

Right now COGWA is hiding behind a cloak of loyalty and lip service to HWA; while having NO zeal for the Word of God and clinging to their false idol; and his traditions..

Neither of these two groups; nor LCG, PCG or RCG;  really care about zeal for any of the teachings and commandments of Christ; just as long as they can use Christ’s name to generate followers after themselves.

ALL of the major COG groups are totally Laodicean and lacking in any zeal or loyalty to the sound doctrine of Holy Scripture as the scriptures have warned us!  We are clearly told in scripture that this would be the situation in the last days; and this has come to pass!

They are ALL [except for a few exceptions, mostly individual elders]  very wrong on many things, with the main difference only what man is in charge and the method they have chosen to maintain a following after themselves.

They both pollute Sabbath while calling it holy; they both reject God’s biblical calendar and  God’s command to eat unleavened bread every day of the Feast.  And on and on!

I am calling all of these people back to the Mighty One who alone can save them.

Kilough and I

The COGWA split was decided upon by the dissenters in 2009 and during that year I was contacted by John Kilough, father of Clyde.  He told me that he had been reading the blog for some time and had passed much information about Sabbath, calendar, etc etc along to Clyde and other elder friends.

According to John these men now leading COGWA have been thoroughly exposed to the material and have rejected it: [for their own delusions and false traditions] mainly because they are AFRAID of losing brethren to other COG Groups!

As they fight against the truth and lead people into sin with false statements; they are without excuse before God.

While John had tried to recruit me to the aid of the dissenters, and  I published the material he leaked to me; I was also evenhanded in pointing out the errors of the dissenters to his great dismay.

He finally had had enough and sent me a threatening letter:  I responded that I would write the truth and not take sides. Then what I thought was a friendship ended, as he made it clear that he had only been trying to use me and that his friendship was a sham.

The Split

This is all information from the men directly involved.

After the 09 Feast of Tabernacles, heated letters were exchanged between a Jim Franks’ proxy David Buchanon and the CoE. 

It should be remembered that one of the first acts of Denny Luker upon becoming president in early 2010 was to call for an amicable spilt in UCG.  Since Denny was acting on behalf of the CoE; his call for a split came from the UCG CoE Chairman.  In fact; Denny was chosen by the CoE to oversee this divorce.

Denny was well aware of what follows and  towards the end, even gave permission for the dissident leaders to hold a meeting to set the date for the mass resignations.

Jim Franks Letter calling a general Meeting of Dissident Elders


At the Dec 15th meeting between the two sides, Dennis Luker gave permission for the dissident meeting to go ahead for the purpose of  implementing an amicable split.   Jim Franks was not present at this meeting between the two sides and had personally denied any association with the dissident group.

After this meeting the Council discussed the issue and rescinded the Luker permission, deciding to put up a fight.  The Dec 23rd letter was then published at United Real Time.

The dissident group took this as a betrayal [because the Luker permission had been rescinded by the CoE]  and responded by initiating the mass resignations.  This information was confirmed.

This flow of events in no way absolves the dissident faction from working to split United, it only helps to explain the Franks letter below; and the subsequent events.  In fact, BOTH sides have been working to split UCG for a very long time.

On Dec 7-8th Jim Franks resigned from the Council.   On Dec 15th a meeting was held between representatives of both sides and it was agreed to split amicably with Dennis Luker giving permission for a meeting of the dissidents. Jim Franks was NOT present at that meeting and had denied any connection with the dissident camp.

On Dec 17  Jim sent the email published below. On Dec 19 the meeting of dissident leaders was held to make important decisions.  On Dec 21 Jim Franks resigned from UCG.

Parts of this message regarding personal matters, addressees and extraneous points was removed by my source; and only the points relevant to the source are being published.  That has its obvious implications.

I did add the colour to highlite the message and set it off from other text. I did later receive the full letter in response to my agreement not to publish it.  I did contact Jim though a retired elder [John Kilough].  He has not responded; although the retired elder Kilough did send me an attack letter on his behalf.

You will see that Jim was a leading figure in this situation and was calling other obviously leading men [because of the nature of the decisions being made] to a meeting to discuss very important matters.   He denied being involved when he was obviously very deeply involved.

Being the man in a position to call the meeting of dissident leaders; Jim was obviously leading these men in the split.

This letter was sent and the meeting took place while Jim was in the employ of UCG, even though Jim had denied working with the dissidents against United.


 The Jim Franks Message:

From: Jim Franks <jimbfranks@                                                                                                 

 Sent: Fri, December 17, 2010 9:52:38 PM Subject: December 17 Update

 Hello,   I simply can’t imagine how things could get any more interesting!  Each day now brings a new twist.  Legal accusations, firings, resignations and suspensions are coming at us from all directions.  I have a couple of items to share with you this evening and then I will leave it until our meeting on Monday.  There are some important decisions that we will need to make in the next few days…    Next week we need to firm up plans for moving forward… 

Within the next few days we will need to discuss the following (among other things):  

When should a general meeting take place?

Where should a general meeting take place?

Should we resign or should we wait to be terminated?  What should be the timing of a resignation? 

Please keep in mind that all of this is confidential.  We have added another 12 men to the mailing list, which means it is even more important to be circumspect in any information that you share with others.   You should have received an official invitation for a meeting on Monday, December 19.  The time will be 12 Noon CST.  I look forward to talking with all of you soon.  Take care.   All the best,


The Dissident Plan

When the split was called for at the beginning of 2010 by Denny Luker and the CoE;  Jim Franks, Cecil Maranville, Larry Salyer, Clyde Kilough  and others began the fight for as many elders and brethren as could be convinced to support their side..

Let me add here that the CoE evangelicals were glad to be rid of a major financial burden in Latin America and had thought that only a couple of dozen elders would leave.  They were in shock over the effectiveness of the Franks’ plan and the numbers of elders and brethren who finally left.

Their evangelical love agenda is only for those who agree with them, as their subsequent lawsuits and behavior amply demonstrates.


The Brethren

The first main act was for Cecil Maranville to create a Facebook site called “UCG United We Stand” in May 2010.

The up-front Admin was Charles Helwig, with two other admin’s hiding behind false identities:  They were Cecil Maranville and Frank Diliberto.  

Cecil is now the spin doctor at “Manager Personal Correspondence Department at COGWA”

The purpose of “United We Stand” was to feel out how many brethren would support a split.  People were judged by their “LIKE”  DISLIKE” on the posts and their  comments.  Each person who appeared to support a split, or appeared unhappy with UCG; was carefully tracked concerning their comments, likes and dislikes, to gauge the amount of potential support for a split.

The average income that could be expected from the brethren was calculated according to the numbers expected to support the action; and when a sufficient income was calculated as achievable for their expected needs; the split became a sure thing.

John Carmack reveals the “likes” issue at UCG United We Stand.

UWS was disbanded IN April  2011;  and  COGWA now has its own FB group.

People who defended or supported UCG were sifted out of their calculations.

The Elders

At the same time the elders who were known to support a split were feeling out their fellow elders.  This was not as difficult as it may seem, since these men had been associates for many years even decades, and they already knew where their friends stood:  The issue was; were they ready to bolt UCG.

Those elders, including some elders wives and important persons who were known and trusted to support a split, reported their elder friends of like mind; who were  then vetted by Cecil Maranville who would decide whether to invite them to join a secret Facebook group called “Gideon’s 300″.

The “Gideon’s 300″ site was designed to bring together those elders, elders wives and important persons who had issues with UCG, and only carefully vetted persons supportive of a split were invited to join.

The two sites; “UCG United We Stand” for the brethren, and “Gideon’s 300″ for the elders; were both started by Cecil Maranville, who asked Charles Helwig to admin them both.

UCG United We Stand, was admined by Charles Helwig along with: Cecil Maranville and Frank Diliberto.

The “Gideon’s 300″ site was also admined by Charles Helwig, with the assistance of Frank Diliberto and Effie Atwood; Also Known As:  Glo,  AKA  Abigail Cartwright, AKA  Gloria Diliberto.

A third site “Abigail Cartwright” was set up; designed to present official dissident statements carefully written by teams of dissidents for the brethren.

Portions of these papers were written by different people and then compiled by Doug Horchak, so that all of them could claim that they did not write the articles.

This is a classic example of gamesmanship with the truth; for the purpose of deception.  Which is bearing false witness and in practical terms is LYING.

The “Abigail Cartwright” site was operated by Gloria [Glo] Diliberto; who also occasionally appeared at other sites as “Effie Atwood”. 

These sites were a family “business” operated at arm’s length from the Franks, Kiliough, Salyer, etc clique; to provide for deniability by senior elder dissidents; as a main part of the Jim Franks plan.   Frank Dilliberto is  Cecil Maranville’s step son by marriage to his current wife.  Gloria is Frank’s wife.  Frank is the one who removed people if they put a like on anything UCG.

Cecil Maranville created and  directed all three sites for Jim Franks and company; with his step son Frank and his step son’s wife Gloria, and Charles Helwig  doing the work on the sites as instructed by Cecil, while Cecil vetted brethren and elders for the new organization.

Their denial of involvement in working the split by Jim Franks and others is LYING!

Taking wages from UCG while working to take brethren away from them was an obvious conflict of interest and was stealing!  COGWA was founded on lies; by deceitful men!  And many believe their lies and trust their salvation to such wicked men; following them instead of God’s Word!

The Plan used the “UCG United We Stand” site [focusing on the brethren] to spread dissident propaganda in the form of spinned  news and documents, and get an idea of the potential support for a split by the numbers of  likes / dislikes and the types of comments.

Elders, and some elders wives and persons of influence, who were considered to be supportive of the split were invited to “Gideon’s 300″  where a core group of elders was formed for the new organization.  Cecil Maranville did the research and checking out of perspective persons, with advice from the top conspirators, on who to invite into the “Gideon’s 300″ FB site.

Several hundred men joined “Gideon’s 300″.

After the split the UCG UWS site, was changed to the COGWA United We Stand site and was later shut down.

The secret “Gideon’s 300″ site was supposed to have been shut down, and  Frank and Glo were removed as admins, however Charles Helwig continued to maintain the “Gideon’s 300″ site which has since degenerated into a place for people to attack sound doctrine.

Those elders who committed themselves to breaking with UCG, carefully prepared their congregations to support a split.  Often using one sided spin to make UCG look as bad as possible, and not hesitating to inflame emotion by spinning one sided accounts of supposed grievances. They worked hard to convince brethren to support a break away from UCG.  In many cases elders would personally phone each person in the congregation lobbying them to leave UCG.

Once it was clear as to how many elders would support a split; and how many brethren could be brought along, the date for a mass resignation was set.  The date was first set for the Winter Weekend [out of anger at the CoE rescinding of the Luker permission for a meeting to launch the resignations] and then changed because that was seen as too political and too mean spirited against UCG.

This was a very carefully contrived and implemented plan and anyone who claims otherwise is either lying or ignorant of these facts.

Let’s be clear:  This was a mutually agreed divorce, accepted by Denny Luker and the CoE; and orchestrated by Jim Franks and close associates..  The issue was not primarily doctrine; the issues were about who was in charge and the direction that they would take to maintain their following [UCG to go evangelical and COGWA to continue to pay lip service to HWA; with neither side really caring about SOUND BIBLICAL DOCTRINE; or anything except having jobs and a following].

Follow Jesus Christ and God the Father:  Following men ONLY as they follow Christ in their teachings and example!

Do NOT let any man or organization:  COME BETWEEN YOU AND GOD!

Most of the leaders and elders in ALL the major COG Groups have lost ALL zeal and interest in KEEPING the commandments and teachings of Jesus Christ and are UNING the name of Christ to carry out their own agenda’s.

Thus it was prophesied:  

Mat 24:4   And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

Mat 7:13   Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: 14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. 16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

This Passover let us repent and dedicate ourselves to follow our espoused Husband and his Father in Heaven!  Let us commit ourselves to rejecting the imposition of any man, tradition or organization; between ourselves and our Beloved Lord!

Let us commit to KEEPING the Teachings and Commandments of Jesus Christ with Enthusiastic Dedicated ZEAL!  Regardless of what ANY man says!

Let us reject the false permissiveness of the UCG evangelical crowd; let us also reject the traditions of men and organizations when they are contrary to scripture!

Acts 4:10   Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even by him doth this man stand here before you whole.

11 This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner.

12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

  • How the UCG Split Was Organized:  Part 2  

Yesterday afternoon I received a request concerning the identity of those who posted at “UCG United We Stand”.

I have little information in this regard as those using aliases usually are not keen to let their real  identities be known.   However I do know of one particular person who hid behind an alias, so that he could post items deliberately designed to stir up emotional discontent against UCG.  This person’s agenda was to stir up an emotional support for his one sided spin on UCG, in the same way that UCG is now working to stir up emotion regarding Denny Luker to further their evangelical agenda.

UCG is using the natural sympathy for the recently dead, by stirring up emotion for Denny AND his attitudes towards doctrine, so that they can move more people into the CoE who are as  extremely evangelical as Denny was.

The UWS alias was Willam T. Sackett a character from a Louis L’amour book; and the man who hid behind the William T Sacket name was Cecil Maranville.   Cecil used the alias so that he could post on UWS and stir people up, without anyone knowing who he was.   Cecil would use this alias to post or comment on UWS to “stir the pot” if you will.  He did not want anyone to know it was him stirring up emotion against UCG.

At the time Cecil Maranville had access to internal UCG ministerial letters and information which would have aided his agenda tremendously.

Many were emotionally stampeded to leave UCG by the carefully spun and one sided twisting of what was taking place.  In the same way those in UCG are now being emotionally stirred up towards living by emotion, instead of by a zealous practical application of the teachings and commandments of Jesus Christ.

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  1. Jim Franks is promising to teach a new course next term (2020-21) at Foundation Institute on “Recent Church History” – as in everything since Herbert Armstrong was “called” in the 1920s.

    It will be interesting to hear how he explains what happened around 2010. He’s said many brethren still aren’t sure what it was about.

    I am sure that this is in response to many questions received because of my posts and that he will present his own falsehoods on the matter. I would not believe a word that that man says. Also the independent investigator [a COG member who will remain anonymous] has promised to send the complete analysis of Jim’s Calendar Paper exposing all of Jim’s falsehoods by June first. James

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