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The thought of doing YouTube came first and now I have been led to evaluate simple audio recordings instead of YouTube.  The idea of YouTube could be more of an ego trip to be on “TV” when audio recordings might be the best way to go.. 

Perhaps simple audio recordings which could be set up to be easily downloaded by our visitors would be the better way to go.  I could begin them sooner and no set or additional equipment would be needed.  The talks could be easily downloaded in a moment and and then shared with others or played back at anytime on a simple device.  This would be ideal for someone who does not have the time to look at a talking head sitting at a desk for half an hour. They can just download the sound track and play it back when convenient.  Mobile devices would allow playback anywhere.  

Another issue to consider is YouTube censorship restrictions, which are getting stronger all the time.  By avoiding YouTube and doing my own simple audios I will avoid limitations by a third party, [I do not like to be dependent on third parties!].  If I do my own program hosting I will not be able to afford the heavy bandwidth usage of videos; a thirty minute video uses about four to five times as much bandwidth as an audio, 

Because of a desire to be as free as possible from censorship I intend to set up the programs at the Iceland based site instead of at TheShiningLight [do not be concerned a link from one site to the other will be set up under the Sermons heading],  This decision has been made because Iceland has the strongest free speach protection laws in the world today.

Your feedback would be appreciated.

The US midterms come in a week now and December has xmas the biggest tourist season for Israel.  President Trump has said that he will table his peace plan by the end of Feb and I am keeping a close watch on the progress of events. 

Israeli President Rivlin is to meet the Roman pontiff in the Vatican on 15 November to discuss the peace plan.  The plan is to be an actual peace plan already agreed by the Arabs and certain others which will be presented and then both Palestinians and Jews will be pressured to sign on. 

It is understood that Netanyahu cannot get the plan through his extreme coalition and reports of an election call in Israel to garner a stronger mandate abound.  It remains to be seen if Bibi will preempt the plan by calling an election before the plan is tabled or whether he will call an election after the plan is presented. 

It is also understood that the Gaza situation and Syria/Iran will have to be dealt with before the peace plan can be agreed; which means a regional war most likely in spring followed by a peace conference to force an agreement on the Palestinians and Israelis. 

After the CDU chooses a new leader to replace Merkel in December, Germany will probably hold early elections for a new Chancellor.  After Brexit a new German government may be able to support French President Emmanuel Macron’s ambitious reforms to further economically and politically integrate the EU, which Merkel has been unable to advance due to her political situation.

With a general Middle East war coming in the next year and very likely new German, Israeli and Palestinian governments, along with European parliamentary elections next spring and a new European Commission; 2019 promises to be a most interesting year for Europe and the Middle East.

In Ukraine arguably the most corrupt nation on earth today, the Ukrainian people are disgusted by their western imposed and backed government. Ukraine goes to elections on March 31, 2019: Will Russia react to the Mideast war by moves in Ukraine, or will the Ukrainian people throw these folks out [perhaps with a little help from their friends in Moscow] and turn back towards Russia, or will the present instability persist in Ukraine?

Jerusalem has announced that Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko would soon come for a visit and this week the Israeli air force was reported to be taking part in the US-led Clear Sky exercise in Ukraine, practicing attacks against Russian S-300 and S-400 air defense missile systems.

The probability of the great tribulation beginning at the end of 2019 or 2020 is now extremely high and will increase as these matters progress.

I am continuing to concentrate on updating the Bible Studies for now, while preparing to begin making talks when events progress and begin to excite serious interest.  

When the studies through Samuel, Kings and Chronicles are completed probably at end December; studies through Psalms and Proverbs are scheduled along with Spring Festival material through to late April. 


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