TheShiningLight Tenth Anniversary, 7 July 2008

Important Changes Underway

Originally there was one site which had both studies and COG news and the site was set up as a more public site which would be separate from the COG News. 

For more than a year now the COG news has been removed from the Bible School site and there is no longer a need for a separate News Prophecy site.  In fact it is becoming evident that just presenting the news at one site while the studies including prophecy are on another site is unwieldy; people see the news but are not being exposed to the studies. 

It is now clear that with the removal of COG News to this site the News and Prophecy site should be integrated [twinned with] with TheShiningLight School of Biblical Studies site.  We will then have one convenient integrated Bible Study with News, Prophecy combine; with all COG News now separate at this site. 

This change can be easily made by keeping the Worldwatch site and simply adding a direct link from the top menu bar.  I have already made the needed changes and you can now see a “Daily News” link between the Articles and About links on the top menu bar at the TSL site. 

The same thing is being done with a link from the menu bar to

The name TheShiningLight School of Biblical Studies will be changed along with the header to: TheShiningLight Preparing the Way of the Lord. 

I think that everyone will appreciate having the News and Prophecy so conveniently linked.

I will also add links to both the News and Bible Study sites to the top Menu bar at this site;  but I will not add a link to this site at either of the other sites so as to keep the COG News outside of the twinned outreach sites.

Our Sites

The first “TheShiningLight” post was published on 7 July 2008 with a warning that the scriptures tell us that the tribulation will begin when peace is declared (1 Thess 5:3); therefore it would be necessary for a change in present Middle East realities to enable a genuine dialogue for peace. 

Since those first efforts at writing, the quality of presentation, format and content has improved substantially and we are nearly ready for the coming events. 

I have been very busy completely redoing the study/commentary through the entirety of Holy Scripture for nearly a year and I would expect to complete the process next summer. 

The present studies through the Epistles should be completed by about July 29 with the Ezekiel study coming next.  After the Ezekiel study as we approach the 2018 Fall Festivals some Psalms can be expected along with Feast material. 

During the Feast of Tabernacles the book of Deuteronomy will be featured as commanded by God through Moses (Deu 31:10), and after the Feast the plan is to continue with Joshua through Nehemiah and the Psalms leading up to Passover, and then complete the process with Daniel, Revelation and the 12 Prophets.  

This site

The present “Salvation” series is a serial publication of the “Personal Salvation” and “Ecclesiastical Authority” books 

The COG entities are now largely occupied with summer camps and Feast preparations



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