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At this time all events are lining up for the 42 month great tribulation to begin at the end of 2019, or if things go slowly at the end of 2020. 

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu wants to call an election with a polling date in late May.  The logic is that there will soon be a general war and he can use the Independence Day festivities to celebrate the defeat of Israel’s enemies and generate an election result giving him a strong mandate to control the Trump Middle East Peace Process. 

This year the Israeli Independence Day by the modern Rabbinic Calendar is May 9 2019 or by the internationally used Papal Calendar May 14th.  

If Bibi gets his way there will be war in early 2019 followed by elections in late May or June.

Once the confusion of war has settled and new governments have been set up, the Trump Peace Initiative will be unveiled.  US and International officials have been working very hard consulting parties throughout the entire region to put together a peace deal.  This deal is actually a completed basic peace deal which would be put in place with more advanced issues to be discussed according to a rigid time table.   Whether the miracle worker is set up in the Vatican in late 2019 and the tribulation begins at the end of the year or takes another year will depend on God’s will. 

While acknowledging that things could go slowly and take another year, I have no choice except to do everything possible to prepare the brethren in case this does indeed come in 2019.

At this time I expect to complete updating Kings and Chronicles by early January.  Daniel and Revelation as well as the 12 Prophets of Hosea through Malachi are being scheduled in Jan and Feb with a view to complete updating the whole Bible for the third time by March. 

At that point, Spring Festivals and doctrinal material along with Proverbs and the New Testament will commence and continue through the Fall Feast in order to provide solid doctrine and spiritual meat for the brethren in preparation for the advent of the miracle worker, God’s two servants and the decision to stay or leave.  Preparing the brethren for these things is the purpose and reason for the existence of  this work.

Please support this work to publish sound doctrine and warn the brethren with your prayers and offerings.

UCG News

UCG begins its Council meeting in about one week.  I sincerely hope that they will repudiate, shelve or moderate the heresy they are planning to accept during that conference. 

In 2017 I wrote Aaron Dean about the Mickelson paper before the doctrinal committee and he assured me that it had no chance of approval due to it being contrary to UCG teachings.  Following up on that Chairman Ward wrote this letter to the brethren defending the existing beliefs against Mark’s paper. 

In spite of this in May 2018  the CoE did accept a modified version of the Michelson Paper, not approving it in detail but simply stating that BOTH the Father and the Son worked with human beings in the Old Testament. 

This new position is a radical departure from the existing doctrine that the Being who gave up his Godhood to become flesh as Jesus Christ was EXCLUSIVELY the God known and interacting with humanity before he came in the flesh and revealed the Father. 

Then in August the CoE announced that they would approve a position paper on the issue which I denounced, explaining that this is an important and heretical doctrinal change.  Then Aaron made several comments denying that any change was being made and I rebutted that falsehood.  I was especially distressed because he had privately assured me that this was a change, and it would not be approved and Don had publicly defended the existing teaching [Don having defended the existing teaching, it was necessary for them to deny that the new position was a change from the existing teaching]. 

Because of Aaron’s change of heart and denial that any change was being made, I posted the official UCG position on the subject for all to see.

Brethren the men who created the changes for Joe Tkach saying that they were not making any change only growing in understanding, were laid of by Tkach and helped form UCG.  These very same men are now making their move in UCG

Although they would like to have made this first step of perverting sound doctrine towards evangelicalism on the quiet this has been exposed; and their lack of honesty in denying that this is a genuine and major change from past teachings is extremely troubling and is indicative of a deceitful spirit.

I have covered the process from Mark’s presentations to the present CoE deliberations, so that the brethren can be fully informed of the heresy in the process of being falsely foisted off on them as “spiritual growth,” when it is rank heresy.   I sincerely hope that they will repudiate, shelve or moderate the heresy they are planning to adopt during next week’s conference. 

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