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Dear Friends and Brethren

I have been busy reviewing, editing and updating  articles on Prayer.  These articles are not only about prayer itself but go deeply into the things that we are told to pray about, for example a study on temptation and a strong encouragement to Stand Fast in Faith in God’s promise of deliverance. 

The last article to complete the Epistles studies is expected about 1 November and the Prayer series will begin the day after that.   The Prayer study is presently six articles long and more articles are expected to be added at some time in the future. 

Now that studies through the entire Bible are almost completed I plan to begin extensive doctrinal studies beginning with the Prayer study; studies on the priesthood and the Ministry, the commandments and the law and the Gospel of Salvation to name just a few. 

 So you want to be resurrected as a priest king!  What do you really know about the priesthood?  The duties of a priest include far more than offering sacrifices, and what are the duties of a spirit priest?  For studies into the priesthood from Adam to eternity,  do take advantage of these studies. 

Many of these studies will be lengthy and will include links to other articles;  those links are included because it is intended that they also be studied to get the most out of the subject articles.  Many of these articles are extensive and the first article on the priesthood with its attendant links is several hours of study. 

I realize that it will be very hard for many to keep up since this is solid spiritual meat that has not been taught in any COG organization, yet the time is very very short and it is vital to properly prepare the bride for the resurrection to eternal life.  There is no guarantee that this material will be available during the tribulation.

The plan is to devote as much time as is necessary over the coming months to  posting as extensively as possible on the sound doctrine [teachings] of Holy Scripture.  After that I hope to do a final polish and refresher study through Job, Genesis and possibly through the Gospel of John in the lead up to Passover.

World events are now taking shape quickly and with Benjamin Netanyahu on the ropes and the Israeli coalition tottering, an election call is looming.  At the same time ominous war clouds are gathering and a multi front Israeli war  is in the air. 

Meanwhile Donald Trump is planning to present a unique Middle East peace initiative after new governments in Israel and the region take shape.   How long this will take in an open question, however the present Trump plan, and I cannot guarantee that it will not change, but the present plan is to hold a regional summit to discuss and agree to a general peace deal with details to be negotiated later. 

This could all take place with an agreed peace deal formula by the end of 2018 or things could take a year or so longer.  The exact timing is in God’s hands but we are certainly very close to the onset of the tribulation when peace and safety is declared (1 Thess 5:3). 

At the same time the various COG groups are drifting further and further away from God, and have already fallen very far away.  Already TheShiningLight Biblical Studies site is the only place anyone can now go for sound in depth verse by verse studies through the entire Bible, which studies will soon include in depth studies through the sound doctrines of God’s Word.   The Biblical Studies site is also the very best COG site for relevant day by day world news.

From Passover I plan to do a final polish and extensive study of the Major and Minor Prophets through the summer. 

The 2018 Feast of Tabernacles will feature studies through Deuteronomy followed by a post Feast study in Joshua.   

From there, either God will send his two servants or we will have another year to warn the brethren.   Nevertheless not one of us has a guarantee that we will live through the night or for another day; our time could be now!  And remember that the more time and effort we spend learning the Word of God, the better chance we will have of being among the Chosen at the resurrection. 

The time for us to prepare ourselves is NOW!   


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