The UCG Doctrinal Power Struggle and Mark Mickelson

This is a follow up to Rebuke of Mark Mickelson From the UCG Chairman

Why has Mark Mickelson gotten away with teaching contrary to the UCG List of Beliefs for so long?   Why has the Chairman and President only now come out against Mark’s teaching, that the God known to Israel was exclusively God the Father?  

Note:  I previously wrote that Mark’s teachings were similar to Ken Westby’s  “One God” Movement, which movement teaches that Jesus did not exist before his human birth: Which is pure Unitarian Rabbinic Judaism.

Mark does not teach that Jesus did not exist before his human birth, but he does focus on teaching the evangelical position that the God known to Israel was God the Father, and not the one who became Jesus Christ.  

Both Mark Mickelson and Ken Westby and friends, teach that God the Father was the God of Israel and the Mosaic Covenant, but Mark allows that Jesus preexisted his human birth.  

Now we come to the power struggle going on in UCG.  

Mark is teaching the evangelical position that it was God the Father who was the LORD of Hosts and therefore gave Israel the entire Mosaic law from Sinai.  

This teaching is the essential foundation on which they can place the concept that since the Mosaic Covenant is ended, a New Being in Jesus Christ gave a NEW New Covenant which requires ONLY the Ten Commandments and that we become full of an emotional feeling of love for others.  

Mark is teaching evangelical beliefs that are believed by many leaders in UCG, who have allowed Mark to get away with teaching this.

However some in the leadership have awakened to what is really going on and are demanding that this evangelical teaching be stopped; using the UCG List of Fundamental Beliefs and older teachings on the subject to back up their demands.  

Mark Mickelson is the front man for the evangelical leaders in UCG, helping to prepare the way for the coming new position on Grace being prepared for unveiling after next year’s GCE Conference when there will be important changes on the CoE.   Several supporters of past teachings like Scott Ashley are due to be replaced in May 2018.

It has been taught for years by Gary Antion at ABC that “we do not have to obey God’s Mosaic laws.  We do so because we want to”.  

This false evangelical  teaching that the UCG youth have been indoctrinated with at ABC, fits right in with the idea that Jesus established a New Covenant in which God’s laws other than the Ten Commandments are optional and not Salvationally Obligatory.  

The next step is to claim that Jesus Christ came to nullify the Mosaic Laws at Sinai and replace it with a New Covenant of “Grace” where ONLY the Ten Commandments and love are required, making such things as the annual Festivals optional.  

Some elders have remembered how this same change was orchestrated by these same leaders in the WCG, leaders who are  now in control of UCG; and they have taken a stand: Forcing leaders  Ward and Kubik to enforce the official Statement of Beliefs against their own personal positions.   

The mission of Mark Mickelson was to lead the way in indoctrinating the brethren into the evangelical false teaching of a loving Christ replacing the laws that were given to Moses.  Which is why the evangelically oriented leaders winked at his teaching contrary to their official beliefs until now.  

The next step is to issue a new teaching on “grace,” after the May 2018 GCE Conference, reinterpreting UCG’s position on “Grace” without changing anything on the List of Fundamental Beliefs.  

The GCE vote on the majority’s needed to change the List of Beliefs was to be used as a deception to reassure the brethren that nothing was being changed, they were only clarifying a belief [Remember Joe Tkach and his team, who were these same people leading UCG today?].  

This is all about subverting the brethren through deception and some leaders have seen what is going on and taken a stand.  Now Ward and Kubik have been forced to come out against Mickelson.

There is a major power struggle going on in UCG and the big question now is:  How long can this divided house stand?  

At present the majority of the elders are on board with the changes desired by the evangelically minded leaders.  

Right now maybe 10% of the elders are resisting and another 5-10% are still asleep and in denial, and the vast majority of the brethren are sound asleep and in denial.  

At some point this situation is going to burst on the UCG brethren like 1995.  

Then when they do introduce subtle changes through clarifications no one will notice! Mark is expendable to accomplish this as he has prostate cancer and may retire soon anyway.

For years they have already been teaching in ABC that we do not need to obey the law “we do it because we want to”!

Which means that keeping the law that God gave to Moses is not salvational and is optional; being up to our own choice. This is the damnable heresy warned to come in the end time by Jude, which they want to bring in through clarifications on “Grace”.

Jude 4 For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness [permission to break the law God gave to Moses], and denying the only Lord God [by teaching that he need not be obeyed], and our Lord Jesus Christ [rejecting the teaching of Christ that we are to live by every Word of God the Father Mat 4:4]. 


Brethren,  almost one half of the book on the Biblical Sabbath and Calendar is about the Covenants and the sovereignty of God, and was written to fight this very evil.  It is available for Free Download here.  

I have been working day and night to present the sound doctrine of every Word of God.  I expect to complete the entire Bible except Job by the end of October, and to turn to a substantial series on doctrines before doing Job just before Passover.  

Next summer the plan is to concentrate on any remaining doctrine and on discussing the Prophets as world events mature.  

Your contributions are needed to fight the good fight as exhorted by Jude, please remember to support this effort to provide a place for the brethren to go for sound doctrine as things progress in the various organizations and in the world.  Help us fight the good fight as admonished by Jude.  help us to earnestly contend for the sound doctrine of Holy Scripture!


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  1. James, would you please elaborate on a couple of comments you made in the NOTE area?

    You wrote: “Mark does not teach that Jesus did not exist before his human birth…”

    I am not sure if the “double negatives” using the word “not” make things confusing or not, but aren’t you and Mark in agreement on this point?

    And you also wrote: “…Mark allows that Jesus preexisted his human birth.”

    Aren’t you also allowing that too, or am I misunderstanding something?



    Mark allows that Jesus preexisted his human birth but insists that God the Father was exclusively the LORD of Hosts and that God the Father was exclusively YHVH. Both positipons being absolutely wrong.

    Mark is sugar coating the heresy with a semblance of truth by admitting the preexistance of Christ. James

  2. Thank you for this info. I am guessing the ministers must be paid somewhere between 60 and 120k a year in salary. And so, with so many very important issues in this world, they have a study group, or doctrinal committee, to decide “What do we believe this decade?”
    Seems so much like the corrupt governments of this world.

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