The UCG Doctrinal Change Program

LCG News: 

Behind the huge sums being spent by Doug Winnail and Michael Germano to gain accreditation for LU. 

Michael P Germano-Ambassador University was Evangelically trained; completing post-graduate studies in anthropology, archaeology, and theology at Southern Methodist University and Texas A&M University at College Station. Involved in the Jordanian Archaeological Project and highly critical of HWA teachings, strongly Evangelical. He is now head of LCG education.

NOTE: Accreditation was a euphemism for turning Ambassador into an Evangelical school by emphasizing criticism of those doctrines in the name of open questioning by students. While I do believe in questioning to seek the truth; in this case the questioning was to move youth and future leaders into the Evangelical mold. The youth would ask a question and the instructor would then spout arguments so as to plant Evangelical ideas.

The youth and future leaders in LCG are again under attack [just as in UCG] as accreditation will only exacerbate an already very serious problem with LU through the various church education systems. 

Many in LCG are just waiting for Rod to depart the scene before serious doctrinal changes towards evangelical beliefs are made in that organization.   

Rod Meredith has expedited these changes; first by letting this go on under his nose;  second by his infamous bullying which has instilled a deep desire for a more “love” doctrine; and third by his nonsensical doctrinal changes which have gotten people used to changes that are not biblical. 

Today in LCG there is Rod’s bully boy [Rehoboam] way, and there is the evangelical Germano [Jeroboam’s] way; and no one is zealous to live God’s way!  If there were another ten years LCG would be an evangelical institution.

Report on the State of UCG Doctrinal Changes

After Joe Tkach announced his changes including the end of tithing as a requirement, most of the WCG brethren stopped tithing, which placed the WCG in a disastrous financial position and he was forced to lay off scores of elders and employees.  Then when it was seen that a third of the WCG brethren were also leaving that organization, many of the elders facing lay off decided to form a new organization to gain a body of tithing brethren to employ themselves. 

The new “church” was organized by strong Tkach evangelical followers like Dennis Luker, Robin Webber and Victor Kubik along with David Hulme etc.  Some years before, Luker had been fired by Herbert Armstrong for his evangelical positions and it was Joe Tkach who came to Luker’s rescue and prevailed on Herbert to rescind his decision. 

Unfortunately for these folks a number of others not with their program also joined up with UCG and that misnamed organization was locked on a multi year power struggle which only ended when Luker became president and called for an amicable split in 2010.  Then with the vast majority of the opposition gone the new administration began its program of evangelical doctrinal change in UCG. 

This time around COGWA was also seeded with evangelicals and they are headed the same way as LCG; while loudly proclaiming loyalty to HWA [like LCG] as they work to create their own version of absolute loyalty to themselves. 

Victor Kubik Tkach Ministerial Services was head of the Tkach ministry and his job was to educate the ministry to the new teachings while enforcing the new positions and getting rid of any dissenters.  Today he is busy overseeing the rewriting of the meaning of the UCG teachings and educating the ministry into those teachings.

Robin Webber  Tkach Ministerial Services. Closest personal friend and constant companion of Joe Sr. A strong supporter of Tkach changes and known for disfellowshipping resisters of evangelical  heresy.  He is overseeing the UCG transformation into an evangelical religion 

Don Ward –Worked on STP. Was the key person behind the accreditation push of AC. HWA fired him as president of AC, Pasadena. Went to big Sandy and was reinstated under Leon Walker as academic dean.  Joe Sr. brought him back to Pasadena in 1987 as vice chancellor of both campus’s. Liberal arts accreditation drive started once again.

He used Ambassador to indoctrinate the church youth into Tkach changes. Sent promising elders off to Azusa Pentecostal college for indoctrination into Evangelicalism. Don Ward brainwashed the youth  into evangelical religion at the WCG schools while arranging for promising persons to get a “Good Christian Education” at the Pentecostal Azuza University. Don was also a major worker on the WCG STP and later on, on the Tkach doctrinal rewrite committee and is now helping to rewrite UCG teachings while heading the re-educating of the UCG ministry. 

A quote from Mike Faezel’s book:

“At Donald Ward’s recommendation, C. W. [Faezell Assistant; Charles Wallace Davis], and I [Mike Feazell] began attending the C. P. Haggard Graduate School of Theology at Azusa Pacific University in the fall of 1990.”

Azusa had also been attended by Greg Albrecht [AZUSA is a Trinitarian, Ecumenical, Evangelical, Pentecostal aligned University] who obtained a Masters in Theology.

“Dr. Earl Grant, associate dean of the graduate school, met and prayed with C. W. and me in late summer that year. To my knowledge, he was the first Christian leader who offered support and encouragement to the Worldwide Church of God as the denomination’s transformation was getting under way in 1990]. From the day of our first meeting, Earl has been a true Christian brother and friend. [NOTE THE DATE]

Dr. Grant’s gracious acceptance of our fledgling desires for sound Christian education and his heartfelt prayer for God’s blessing on us and our denomination was characteristic of the reception we received from the faculty and administration of the graduate school.”


The Tkach Change Program


The changes were brought in through the following conditioning of the brethren; please read carefully and think about this and its present application to what is happening in UCG.

From 1986 to about 1994, the church maintained most of its past doctrinal approach with the brethren; while the leaders reached out to the Evangelicals with a newly devised marketing strategy to gain approval from a select group of evangelical publishers and luminaries.

Brethren that did question the few changes they detected, were disfellowshipped, shunned, and often marked publicly for leaving the fold and going the way of Satan. Vic Kubic head of Ministerial Services kept the elders in line with firings and disfellowshipments. That continued until 1995.

By 1992, the most astute members could pick up that there were a few changes; however, “change” was not even detected by the bulk of the members until it was announced in late 1994.

The reason is that the leaders, Joe W. Tkach, Sr., his son, Joe Jr., Mike Feazell, Greg Albrecht; David Hulme, etc., were drilling the members that “nothing is changing, but God is giving us new insight to enhance our understanding.”

‘The usual HWA theme about the “one true church; obey God as I say or you’ll be thrown into the Lake of fire” [which was absolutely NOT true and a false idolatry of men above God] was constantly drilled into the membership.

Lie upon lie was told to the membership, and the duped believed their leaders. Constant propaganda, contradictions and duplicity were the mainstay for those inside the church while a major PR campaign to reach out to the Evangelical World took place.

Newly devised PR kits designed by the PR man Michael Snyder were sent to the evangelical ministries with publishing clout around 1989. Slowly, the WCG PR team started recruiting individuals such as Ruth Tucker, Hank Hanegraaff, Azusa Pacific university and others with writing clout. WCG leaders financed visits from many pertinent Evangelical Authors and Selected Evangelicals to headquarters for chats about how the WCG was changing its HWA doctrines.

Michael Synder was the Tkach front man to the Evangelical Movement from at least 1990. Watchman Expositor, a Protestant, Evangelical newspaper which focuses on “exposing the cults,” or those who disagree with mainstream Protestantism, reported that Michael A. Snyder, Assistant Director for Public Affairs for the Worldwide Church of God, lamented about the problem the Worldwide Church faces in changing so many booklets and articles, saying to the Evangelicals, “I hope you can understand the serious logistical challenge we face in updating [???] more than 100 separate titles. That process is underway, but will take some time.” Watchman Expositor, “Doctrinal Changes in the Worldwide Church of God,” vol.8, no.5, 1991.

All the while, within the church, the same leaders were outright lying to the members about change. As I said, propaganda was flying from every direction. The leaders would say one thing to the Christian Evangelicals and print the opposite in the member publications.

The leaders of doctrinal change may have claimed that they were implementing the changes slowly to prevent damage or loss [that is they took the time needed to deceive most of the brethren]; the fact is, all steps were taken with the greatest deception and lies to boot.

As they were denying changes in doctrine to brethren, Michael Snyder was saying this to outsiders:

In a letter to Mr. Craig Branch, Alabama Director of Watchman Fellowship Inc. (WF, March 5, 1991) Michael Snyder, Assistant Director of Public Affairs, states the following:

“…you may be interested to know that David Hulme (who is presenter of the World Tomorrow television program and member of the Church’s doctrinal committee) and I traveled to Chicago last week, where we participated in two days of open and intense discussion with faculty members and graduate students of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (the attached doctrinal summary was presented in front of more than 400 students and faculty members.) We also reviewed church activities and beliefs with various theological journalists who were present. We found all of these discussions to be helpful and were thanked for our honest approach.”

In response to charges of duplicity and deception, Snyder writes:

“I am sorry to read that you regard our direct and explicit statements about Church beliefs as insufficient. When you write that you “do not appreciate any duplicity or deception,” I hope you realize we hold the same opinion about Watchman Fellowship. The church emphasizes the discovery and practice of Biblical truth over the maintenance of membership rolls.”

Between the years 1989-1994, any modifications or supposed changes were conditioning patterns in preparation for a “paradigm” shift. Brethren were conditioned into a “love and tolerance” mode in preparation for the coming doctrinal changes. The same process is taking place in UCG today!

Although a member could not possibly detect the plan or strategy, they could discern that “loving tolerance” for sin, was very different than what they were accustomed to or what the bible teaches. 

1 Corinthians 5:11  But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolator, or a railer [contentious pusher of false doctrine], or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat.

Their method used was to focus the people on becoming involved in the work of the organization; and then to make changes when the people were even more deeply committed to the organization. The focus was on personal service to the brethren and the organization, a “we are family” kind of unity with each other as being godly [when it is unity with God that is important and godly] and on tolerating each others sins for the sake of that unity. Sound familiar?

The UCG Change Program

The preparatory phase was to first instill organizational loyalty and tolerance for change by presenting UCG as a large extended family in which all that really mattered was love for each other, and taught that every person was to tolerate doctrinal differences for the sake of organizational unity.  They even went as far as to claim that doctrines [foundational teachings] were not important and only created divisions. 

This push for emotional love over sound doctrine [when love is the keeping  of every Word of God] was meant to open the way to exalt “grace” above law; when of course grace is God’s pardon for past sins repented of and we are to STOP sinning; which means that we are to live by EVERY WORD of God (Mat 4:4). 

While the brethren’s attitude toward God’s Word and grace was being reset; they established a secret team to rewrite the meaning of the fundamental teachings [doctrines] of UCG.  This while these same men who orchestrated the Tkach WCG changes, told the same lies as they did in the Tkach WCG, denying to the UCG brethren that any changes were being contemplated. 

In spite of the denials a secret group headed by Roy Holladay under the direction of Robin Webber and Victor Kubik with several members was set up to rewrite the meaning of the UCG list of beliefs. 

The second main phase was to present the new teachings on “Grace” to certain select test congregations.  I mentioned this about a year ago. 

A handful of key congregations were selected because of their large size and the fact that they had had evangelical elders for many years and were already psychologically prepared for the changes. 

Looking forward to this program for many years, the evangelicals had carefully placed themselves in key congregations; one example being Dennis Luker controlling Seattle for many years and preparing that congregation with a constant stream of emotional love of men above any love for living by every Word of God false teachings. 

This big time program to lead certain congregations into an evangelical false emotional feel good  love of men above any love to live by God’s Word [when God’s Word IS love] began in test areas about a year ago and slipped into high gear after the last May GCE conference.  I have mentioned these things only a few times and have been very careful about posting details because if I posted in detail I could be sure that they would change the timing or rewrite the details so as to make me look wrong. 

Now since John revealed the Seattle moves [his comments are posted below] towards the Evangelical teachings I will post on what has happened in Seattle and certain other areas. 

This has been largely successful in the test areas as evidenced by John’s comment [although do not think that John speaks for everyone] and the program is planned to begin in other congregations after the May 2016 GCE conference after which they hope to have everyone on the CoE on line. 

I want to make it very clear that this conditioning into a false emotional love which they mislabel “grace” is only a path to the end game; which will come when the brethren have been conditioned to exalt organizational unity via a false emotional feel good love of men and ungodly tolerance of sin, above any love and zeal to live by EVERY WORD of God. 

I expect they have learned their lessons from the Tkach experience and that this time they will be far more subtle.  Instead of any outright declarations they will slightly modify each belief very carefully so that the overall effect is to do away with any zeal for the laws of God other than the Ten Commandments, by claiming that only love is salvational and that only the Ten Commandments define love.  Clever arguments will twist Paul’s words from his zeal for God’s law.

The final goal is to separate the Mosaic and New Covenants and to lead the brethren into the evangelical position that the laws given to Moses are no longer applicable or salvational requirements in the New Covenant.  This makes laws like Clean and Unclean or Holy Days and Festivals optional points of interest and no longer salvational requirements.  All this will be based on their own [the organizational leadership’s] idea of love since the commandments of God will no longer define love.  Festivals will be reduced from God Commanded Assemblies to annual conventions like the JW’s hold. 

Here is an excerpt of a July email sent to me from Seattle:

“Just a short note….After my family and I had a visit with UCG last week, Mr. Holliday (the son) has begun a series on the teachings of grace two weeks ago. His third teaching will be this Sabbath. However, they are going the way of evangelical grace and not pure grace. This is a mixture teaching of law & grace” 

The mixture being the evangelical idea that the Ten Commandments are still in effect but not the other laws.   Do not be deceived when these folks say “we must keep the commandments” they mean ONLY the Ten Commandments and not any of the other commandments.  Their presentations are extremely subtle.  Watch out for this perversion of true godly “grace’ over the next year as it intensifies. 

They have been careful not to publish these sermons, but anyone from Seattle should be able to confirms this

A few days ago John posted a comment  and I responded strongly mainly to make my position absolutely clear on this subject of Law and Grace to everyone.  His comments are repeated below.


John wrote:    

Its about time that the lawsuits begin and I applaud the Scarborough’s for taking a difficult stand against the abuse that has so distastefully raged in the COG’s for so many decades. Jesus Christ is leading a new work which is the Grace Revolution & New Covenant Teachings with thousands of God’s people whose eyes are being opened up to the great awakening to these wonderful truths.

My response

John, I am in shock by this espousal of lawsuits from you; FYI the Scarborough’s are carefully considering taking the moral high ground and withdrawing their suit at this time; and if they do so I will applaud such a godly decision loudly. Do not be deceived by thinking that these abuses committed in the name of God are really of God, and do not depart from godliness because others have fallen short.

I want to thank you for sending this comment revealing what is going on in UCG, but I am also shocked, appalled and heart broken by your unqualified support of the evangelical garbage beginning to overwhelm UCG. The Webber Kubik gang has surely done their preparations well.

For the benefit of our readers this comes from the UCG Seattle area.

John you have visited for years and must know better. My heart breaks for you that you are so badly deceived in spite of being fully warned and having the truth of what was happening at your finger tips. I have done my duty in warning the brethren and your blood is on your own head.

Yes, you are right that thousands are being led [deceived] into this exalting of emotional love above God’s law as Jude warned us, when God’s law is the definition of love, but they are not being led by Jesus Christ; they are being led by a false Christ, Satan the Devil, masquerading as Christ! 1 John 5:3 For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.

There are also thousands who are waking up to the evil among them. In truth, cracks are forming in UCG, LCG, PCG, COGWA and other groups as Jesus Christ separates out his faithful who are zealous to turn to live by every Word of God; from the faithless who refuse to live by every Word of God and justify their sins by a false grace and false love. Grace is forgiveness for past sins repented of which we STOP doing and not a license to continue in those sins.

Brethren, I have been warning for the past almost nine years and these things will come to a head in the near future, then all, no matter what they decide to do, will know that I have told them the truth and will know that they have been warned.


Oh John, How have I failed to properly warn the brethren? My tears I cry for you and all those falling into this apostasy. James


John replied

I never made any reference to any church nor did I identify who I thought were God’s people. But yet you publicly attacked and purposely exposed to commit harm to a fellow christian commentator on your public & open opinioned website with the reason being your complete hatred for the teachings of Grace & the New Covenant as has been concluded “by many” that you are an old covenant teacher. Isn’t interesting that old covenant teachers hate new covenant believers with such a fierce jaw-dropping vengeance and derogatory stance as you mention above that it makes even the republican debates almost seem christian.

Please do not pray for me.


My Response

To avoid any mistaken identities this is a John who has corresponded with me personally in the past but has not commented here in years. This is not any John that has commented here in the past few years.

Seattle pastor is David Holladay; Roy’s son. Roy was a leader in the doctrinal rewrite program until his stroke.

It is because you did not identify, that I did so for the benefit of the brethren. I did not identify you personally. You obviously no longer understand the Covenants, for the New is the Old with the addition of God’s Spirit, a better sacrifice and better promises; read Jeremiah 31 and the book of Hebrews. BOTH Covenants are Marriage Covenants committing the bride to live by EVERY WORD of God!

The Tkachite leaders of UCG have you fully brainwashed [Seattle being one of their test areas] because I know you once knew these things.

As for me I do not hate, I love and pity all those who have fallen into this horrendous deception; and I am working as hard as I can, rising up in the night to warn the brethren and to obey the exhortation of Jude to contend for the faith once delivered.

I have been a watchman to the brethren warning them to turn to live by every Word of God, and warning them of this deception while the perpetrators of these sins denied making any changes as they worked tirelessly to make those changes.

Tell me, who has worked hiding behind deception and lies to conceal what they were doing until they had as many brethren as possible hoodwinked?

Who has continually LIED that they were not making changes as they rewrote the doctrines towards the evangelical nonsense of Joe Tkach? Who is the father of lies?

You speak of hate; I have been hated passionately by these “love love” men because I have warned the brethren to turn to love and to live by every Word of God. Just remember Scott Ashley!

If they truly loved God they would rejoice at the calling to love God! It is because their love is in feigned words and not in deeds, that they hate a calling to the love of God; which is to zealously live by EVERY WORD of GOD.

Evil hides itself in darkness and truth is the LIGHT of God, for God is TRUTH and God is LIGHT.

You are right in one thing; I am an implacable foe of all those wicked men who distort the Grace of God into a license to break the Word of God.

I have never claimed any title or office but my fruits are those of a watchman and a warning voice to the brethren. Let every man know that I am a teacher of EVERY WORD OF GOD! and that I will stand firm and unmovable on the Word of God even if I must stand alone! I know that I am never alone for if I stand with God, He will stand with me, and if I take His part, HE will deliver me!

I have labored in abject poverty, rising in the night and working night and day, while taking enormous abuse from those who did not want to believe the warnings, because I have told the truth in the open light of day to warn the brethren.

The need for the upcoming book “The Sovereignty of God” is truly vital. I ask all those who love the Eternal and His Word, to pray that God inspires and strengthens me to do a good job on that volume.

Let all the brethren know that this is what the future in UCG holds and that I have spoken the truth in warning the brethren. Thank you again John for making this direction so crystal clear to all. James

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