Tribulation Events and The State of the Work, 3 Sept 2017

I wanted to share with you a message on the state of this work and events in the Ekklesia and the world, including my plans. 

At about 03:00 this morning PDT North Korea tested a Hydrogen Bomb making a nuclear breakout years ahead of western assessment.  The US and allies are now in emergency consultations and there is a strong possibility of military intervention.  North Korea has been working with Iran on the project, allowing Iran to deny a nuclear weapons program inside that country.   This test practically guarantees war on both North Korea and Iran in the near future.

In the Middle East when Israel was last attacking Gaza in 2014 and was about to put an end to Hamas and the other extremists there, Israel suddenly declared a ceasefire and withdrew. 

At the time I wrote Doug Winnail and I seem to remember posting as well,  that Hezbollah had threatened to strike Israel if they finished off Gaza; and Israel could not yet fight Hezbollah, since to defeat Hezbollah and Syria would allow the Islamic State to take over Syria.  

Now UN officials and Iraqi/Syrian officials are all saying that the Islamic State should be finished by sometime in October, opening the way for Netanyahu to finally finish off the Gaza militants and Hezbollah/Syria, and for the allies to destroy the Revolutionary Guards of Iran.  

As for Israel, an expensive bloody victory may convince the people that another leader should make the peace.  An election is coming in Israel because Netanyahu needs a much stronger mandate to make a peace deal, and his far right coalition will not permit any peace deal.  There are two big questions:  

  1. Will an election be called first and then a war be fought before polling day?  
  2. or will the war be fought first and Bibi run on a “Mr. Security and Victorious Leader” platform?  

The following two questions concern the outcome;  

  1. Will Netanyahu win and make a grand coalition with the peace parties to make a peace,
  2. or will the Peace parties win?  

Alongside this is the September 24 German elections, where the two biggest parties are dominated by the Vatican.  Whichever party wins, it will likely need to enter a coalition with the other; and both are determined to set up a Franco German union with French President Macron, as a core for a New Federal Europe outside the EU, with the EU to give up its political ambitions and if it continues at all, to do so as a simple trading block.  

At this point the EU is a distraction while the New Federal Europe is forming between France and Germany.  Once the Franco German plan is completed a miracle working pope will call for the European nations to join this new system and ten nations will come together and give their economic, military and foreign policies over to a single leader.

The 2300 Day Prophecy [see the 2300 Day Prophecy] indicates that the great hour of trial could begin as early as late 2018 or within a few years after that.  Presently the trends indicate that late 2018 is possible. 

Then WITHIN 75 days of being set up doing miracles, this roman pope will go to the holy mount and the radical Jewish Settler Movement will sabotage the peace deal and bring the nations of Psalm 83 down on the Jewish State.  

The New Europe will intervene, perhaps answering calls of Jewish and other leaders to stop the slaughter.  They will secure the massive Israeli weapons caches and the surviving Jews will be crowded into ghettos awaiting deportation.  

  1. As for America, the Arabs will join with Europe and abandon the Petrodollar while hiring European countries to do the unimaginably massive rebuilding throughout the region.
  2. During the first winter America will lose economic traction and conditions will begin to decline,  
  3. Then during the first spring/summer as the economy fails, a severe drought will gripe the nation,  
  4. Large numbers of recent immigrants – many very wealthy – from Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and elsewhere, will leave the country taking their wealth with them,  
  5. During the second winter a population weakened by a lack of proper nutrition due to the drought and the inability to import provisions, will be susceptible to epidemic diseases greater than the Spanish Flu and other such disasters.  
  6. The second summer will be worse than the first, and riots over food, race and other issues will set America ablaze.  
  7. In the third year the New Federal Europe will attack the nations of Asia and they will counterattack sweeping through the Middle East to Jerusalem.
  8. The third winter will be worse than the second with even greater malnutrition and many more dying.  
  9. Then after the sixth seal has been opened, the first 144,000 [see the 144,000 article] will be called out; 12,000 from each tribe of Israel, to witness that the Eternal is God and if they would only trust and obey him, he would save them.  
  10. This 144,000 scattered throughout the nations of Israel will be witnessing as the New Europe goes to attack Asia and the Seven Trumpet Plagues are poured out according to the preaching of God’s Two Witnesses, sometime into the third year.  
  11. Then after the final winter God will allow his Two Servants to be killed and then the seventh Trump will begin to sound and these two along with all the chosen, will rise to life eternal as spirit.
  12. This will be seen by all the earth and the Gentile rulers will be angry, but the nations of Israel will remember the preaching of God’s Two Servants and the preaching and witnessing of the first 144,000, and will see the plagues and heavenly signs; and they will begin to repent and turn to the Eternal seeking his deliverance.  
  13. A few days later after the Wedding Feast of the resurrected, in heaven and the pouring out of the seven last bowls of plagues, Christ will come WITH his chosen and will deliver both Israel and all of humanity from bondage to Satan and sin.  
  14. Then Judah and Israel will welcome their Deliverer with great rejoicing

This 42 months of famine, riots and economic collapse will be accompanied by other natural disasters, one of the chief being great earthquakes which will be so great as to  change the surface topography of the earth.  


The State of This Work

At the present time this is an internet work with approximately 2,000 families who are widely scattered worldwide. This scattering makes it very difficult to have local congregations; and besides that many are still associating with other assemblies and sort of fence sitting, and taking time to fully digest what I teach, since there are differences between that and what they have been told by these groups.  

Because of this, many of these folks are still contributing to various organizations and very very few are helping us out.  Please remember that a laborer is worthy of his wages and nothing I receive ever goes into the kind of status symbol houses, cars, and planes, or real property and extravagant unnecessary building projects that other organizations wastefully seek.  

Further, I teach the Truth of the Word of God and not the amorphous sophistry of the false traditions of men.  

Brethren, supporting those teaching error is not preaching the gospel.  

Preaching the Gospel is teaching all people to zealously live by every Word of God, and expounding and explaining the Word of God!  

Preaching the false traditions of men and even claiming that certain men have a right to bind or loose God’s Word:  is NOT preaching the Gospel.  It is making men sovereign and God subject to their whims! It is the sin of rebellion against the Word of God and it is the sin of seeking to exalt oneself above God like Satan did!  Please visit our studies on the Sovereignty of God starting with lesson 101 here.

I am working very hard on doctrinal scriptural studies and my interest is that people make choices based on God’s Word and the facts. I have no interest in gaining a personal following or in convincing anyone to make any choice based on emotion. My interest is in educating people in every Word of God.

To that end, I am working hard to complete a chapter by chapter line by line commentary/study through the entire Bible – there are still a few Epistles and Job remaining, after which I will be doing some extensive doctrinal studies. After that a new phase will begin.

While this is ongoing, people are visiting and taking their time to study and digest these things; while the word is spreading as people tell their friends. At the same time, conditions in the various organizations are developing and the above listed world events are gathering pace.

In reality I am not trying to start any organizational church at this time, rather I am calling all organizations to a great revival of zeal for godliness. If in due time the organizations continue to reject that call, then brethren will be ready to take well informed decisions.

Everything is being done with the Master Builder inspiring a very carefully organized plan to complete a site full of studies through every Word of God, topped off by deep doctrinal studies, before advancing further; and I expect that this phase of Foundation Building will end and a new phase will begin at at the end of 2018.  

I am not naive and I do not expect that there will be a mass repentance and a turning to God in 2018.  I do believe that a combination of world events and trends in the Ekklesia will being more and more to study sound doctrine.  Some of these folks will respond when the time comes, and others will not respond and then will quickly realize that they had made a mistake in not responding before the tribulation began.  

This second group will then witness to their remaining brethren who have not studied the sound doctrine of the Word of God, while the others learn to work together and advance even further in their spiritual growth in a different environment.  

Many of those witnessing to their brethren will be strongly persecuted and will die in the first part of the tribulation, therefore God will convert and seal 12,000 from each tribe of Israel, so that the witnessing that the Eternal is God and that we must live by every Word of God will be maintained.

From their witnessing and the witnessing of God’s Two Servants, along with the miraculous events of the heavenly signs and the resurrection of the dead; Israel will be turned to the Eternal and will rejoice with a mighty rejoicing at the coming of Messiah the Christ.  

What is the part of this work in all of this?

It is our part to sow the first seeds of sound doctrine, to restore that which has been lost or forgotten, to reveal that which has been hidden, to expound the New Covenant and to begin the process of preparing the bride for the coming of her LORD!  

It is for this reason that I have labored day in and day out to establish a body of studies through every Word of God, as a foundation for even more studies into sound doctrine.

Many are being turned to a zeal for the righteousness of godliness even now, while many others are being exposed to these things.  

Later when Jerusalem and Judea are occupied and great trials come upon the tribes of Israel including the Anglo American people, there will be a place that the brethren can go in their extremity, to find the sound doctrine of the Word of God explained and expounded!

My friends, please understand that the importance of this work is not limited to the present number of visitors, or to whether we have local congregations.  This is the ONLY work which labors in doctrine day by day through every Word of God and teaches these things.  

While I am doing much of the writing you too can have a part in this work through earnest prayers and contributions, and by spreading the word about our sites.

Please help me help the brethren – with your US tax deductible contributions at the sidebar PayPal – by presenting the sound doctrine of the Word of God.

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