The Flat Earth

Is The Earth Flat? 

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I have recently received some inquires as to my position on the flat earth idea and since Genesis 1 begins the book of Genesis with the  Creation Week,  I thought that this was a good time to make my position on the subject known to our readers. 

There are a small number of people who claim that the earth is the center of the universe, that the sun orbits the earth and that the earth is a flat circle somewhat like a plate or pancake with a lip around the edge to keep the seas from rushing off the edge.   

These folks say that the whole of humanity is involved in a great deception to keep this “truth” hidden, and insist that pictures from space are a fraud.  Is this true? 

To begin with, they had to have the sun circuit the earth in order to have the day and night cycle.  They say that when the sun is on the populated side it is day and when it is on the back side it is night on the populated side or something similar. 

This overlooks the fact that the populated earth has BOTH day and night in different places at the same time, and that time zones are needed to adjust the time in various cities as the day night cycle progresses across the earth.  The only way that the day night cycle could progress across the earth with both day and night occurring simultaneously in different cities, is if the earth were a sphere rotating on its own axis.   

In fact the earth must be a sphere in order to have a hot metallic core and must be in rotation on its axis to generate the existing electromagnetic field which is shielding the earth from intense radiation from space. 

If the earth were not a rotating sphere with a hot metal core, there would be:

  1. No days and nights occurring simultaneously in different places on the inhabited earth,
  2. No difference in seasons north and south of the equator, in fact no equator,
  3. No electromagnetic field protecting the earth and life could not exist, 
  4. No volcanism and volcanic eruptions of that hot matter,  and
  5. No atmosphere. 

It is ONLY by having its mass concentrated in a sphere that any and all of these things essential for life on this earth are possible. 

If some still insist that the earth is flat, a serious questions comes up:  Why has no one ever found the edge of the world? 

They answer this by claiming that Antarctica is not really a continent at all but the back or underside of the earth and is an ice wall 150 feet high surrounding the edge of the flat earth. 

Of course Antarctica is not the underside of the earth built up on its edges into a lip surrounding the entire habitable planet!  The fact that one can fly directly to the south pole and then maintaining the same heading fly from the south pole out to the other side is conveniently ignored.   Antarctica has been thoroughly explored and mapped and is actually a rather small continent not nearly big enough to surround the rest of the earth! 


Antarctica does not surround the rest of the earth, Antarctica is a continent surrounded by sea. 

This picture from space is well confirmed by exploration and by numerous flights across that continent. 

Very many ships have sailed around Antarctica and it is no where near as large as the circumference of the earth depicted in the fanciful illustration below.




Here is the Flat Earth Society’s conception of the earth.  Notice that according to them the Equator with its tropical high temperatures would bisect the North Pole, placing northern Canada and Siberia in the tropics! 

The only way the tropics can exist is through a spherical earth rotating on its axis.

These folks even say that the Bible supports the flat earth idea because it mentions the four corners of the earth, yet their own depiction shows a round earth; not a square one with four corners!  The biblical four corners was a simple reference to the four directions in the original language.

Their representation is only a piece of imaginary art work, not an actual genuine photograph, but these folks will argue that the photograph from space is a fake.   

Of course that argument carries no weight since their own picture is only an impossible artistic imagination denying the tropics; and ONLY a spherical earth accounts for an equator and the tropics as well as the earth’s electromagnetic field etc etc.  

Another of their supposed proofs is that if the earth were rotating at roughly 1,000 miles an hour, they claim that a person would have to be traveling faster than 1,000 miles an hour to make any progress on a journey in the same direction.  Do you see the error here?   A person on the earth is already traveling at 1,000 miles and hour and therefore has only to travel at normal speed to make progress!  A good example is a common bus ride;  if one is on a bus going 30 miles an hour, does one have to walk faster than 30 MPH to go to the front of the bus from the back?  of course not!  Because being on the bus one is already going 30 MPH! 

Another of their “proofs” is that engineers building roads, railways etc, do not take the curvature of the earth into account.  From this fact they surmise that there is no curvature.  The truth is that the surface of the earth has its ups and downs, mountains, plains and valleys,  and the engineers must take into account the natural ups and downs of topography in their planning. 

Did you know that with the same eyesight strength you can see much further from a high tower than you can from standing on the ground?  That is why old sailing ships had a crow’s nest or lookout high up on the main mast, and it is why people go to the top of tall buildings to see the view. 

Why is this true?  Because an increase in height compensates for and elevates one above part of the curvature of the earth, so that one can see beyond what one sees from the ground.   If the earth were not a sphere one would see exactly the same thing from the ground as one could from 1,000 feet high, without obstacles and with the same eyesight.




Here is a picture of the planet Saturn with its rings, showing unmistakably that the planets are spheres.





Friends, the flat earth idea is a revival of a Roman Catholic superstition from the dark ages; the flat earth idea is just not true, it is a practical impossibility and a false concept.  Neither the Holy Scriptures nor the spiritually called out Ekklesia hold to this falsehood!


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  1. I liked this article. I know the earth isn’t flat, but there is someone in my family who got involved with flat earthers. For a while we thought it was a joke, but this article has explained some of the things they believe and how to refute them in a simple way.

  2. On the 4th day God created the sun and moon…the 2 great lights. So please explain how the earth is revolving around something that doesn’t exist? The truth will set you free. I suggest rereading your Bible

    The creation week is explained in Genesis 1 -2. Please see our study on the subject.

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