Rod Meredith Supported New Moon Observance!

Few in LCG realize that no less a person than Roderick C Meredith supported new moon observance.  The only reason why LCG did not adopt holding bible studies each month on the new moons was because of the overwhelming objections of the evangelists and senior leaders.  

Herbert Armstrong had observed the new moons with bible studies each month for many years until well into the 1950’s when he caved in to pressure from the evangelists and ministry who wanted to hold bible studies on the same day of the week each month as a matter of scheduling convenience.  See also Herbert Armstrong on the Biblical Calendar and The Radio COG Observed the New Moons.

Then in 1968 Herbert abandoned keeping the Feast of Unleavened Bread for the full seven days and also abandoned the sanctity of the Sabbath allowing people to patronize restaurants on the Sabbath, while allowing elders to conduct weddings and purchase catered meals on Sabbath, finally even offering bonuses to those who would work on the auditorium construction of God’s Holy Sabbath day.  

Rod Meredith was exiled for a time because he lost a power struggle with Stan Rader  over Rader’s financial ravaging of the WCG and over Rader’s influence in leading Herbert into apostasy.   When leaving the WCG and forming Global one of the first items of business was to restore these things that Herbert had fallen away from, but the evangelists and elders would have none of that and Rod Meredithbacked down.

NOTE:  Quoting these sources on this point of COG history, in no way means that I am in agreement with what they teach.

This  interesting piece of information was first noticed at the “Christian Churches of God” website concerning Rod Meredith’s desire to incorporate the “keeping of new moons” doctrine into the Global Church of God, in its early years.  At the following link, a couple of excerpts were taken from the third paragraph of this “Sabbath Message” letter.
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Third Paragraph:
“It has been brought to our attention through the account recorded in David C. Pack’s authorized biography that the leader of Global Church of God in 1995, Roderick Meredith, wanted to keep the New Moons.”

Also, in this same paragraph:
“A second witness, a current minister in LCG, would be able to attest to the fact that in 1996 at another regional conference in Global that was held in Akron, Ohio, Rod Meredith again raised the issue to restore the New Moons. This account was made known to us by his son-in-law, a current minister in RCG. He says his father-in-law was the only minister to agree with Meredith at that conference in 1996.”

“The Authorized Biography of David C. Pack—Volume Two” was easy to find on the Internet. More information on this above account is contained in the following pages.


The Authorized Biography of David C. Pack—Volume Two

The following text is from “The Authorized Biography of David C. Pack—Volume Two” and the first of four sections of David’s discussion of Rod Meredith’s interest in including “keeping new moons” as a doctrine within the Global Church of God.

Remember that Dave Pack was an enemy of Meredith and is a false teacher filled with hatred for the truth.  Pack supported the other evangelists and elders in LCG in opposing Meredith’s attempts to restore true religion – in particular the sanctity of the Sabbath and new moon worship activities in the form of bible studies; and Rod caved into their steadfast resistance to the truth.  

The evangelists and elders of nearly all the COG groups not just LCG, deciding that the Rader inspired Armstrong changes were to be followed and Herbert’s previous teachings before his apostasy were to be ignored. 
Chapter Forty-One – Deeper in Global
Under the Heading – Government, New Moons and the Elijah
Paragraphs 6 and 7: Referring to the Global Council of Elders meeting February of 1995
“In these early days, there was a fourth doctrine that the presiding evangelist [Rod Meredith] had on his mind, talking about it privately almost everywhere he went. He wanted the Global Church of God to keep New Moons. He had a litany of terrible ‘reasons’ for this idea that were easy to shoot down with just basic understanding. He did not care what Mr. Armstrong taught, and it was obvious he wanted his own ‘signature’ on certain doctrines. He wanted to be able to show that he could be ‘original’ and could ‘grow.’
“There was no changing his mind. This doctrine almost turned into an open war in a couple of ministerial conferences, one of them hosted in Akron. It would go on to be the very first thing he brought up on the first day of the first meeting of the Global Council of Elders. Happily, the Council would never let him get away with this one.”

Chapter Forty-One – Deeper in Global
Under the Heading – Council of Elders
Last Paragraph Under This Heading:
“The moment of the first meeting was truly surreal. I was sitting in a room with several evangelists. These were men I had thought to be titans in the faith. Other evangelists would later join the Global Council. So I was honored to be there. But there was also a sense that there were going to be problems, and that something was ‘just not right.’

“Of course, it did not help that the presiding evangelist [Rod Meredith] almost immediately brought up the idea of introducing New Moons to the church as something that should be an optional monthly Bible Study held in all areas on this date every month. He felt that Mr. Armstrong ‘got this wrong.’ He was willing to let the monthly date be ‘low-key,’ as he put it, but he did want the church observing New Moons. It was all we could do to convince him that this alone would quickly destroy the Global Church of God. Not one Council member stood with him. Yet he would not give it up until much later (and then only tacitly).”

Brethren, my work in restoring these things is just that; a work of restoring what was well known and recently apostatized from.   Rod knew that I am correct, but the other leaders have resisted the truth to their shame. 


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  1. I can’t understand why people couldn’t observe the new moons if they thought they should. This kind if rigid control is bizarre.

    COGWA and LCG put enormous pressure and eventually force out anyone who does not want to pollute the Sabbath or who wants to observe the new moons as God commands. UCG is somewhat more tolerant, but then most UCG elders tolerate almost anything. PCG is even worse that COGWA. James

  2. It all comes back to people letting men dominate them spiritually. This is a deeply entrenched problem with cog people.

  3. I don’t understand. If the leader is the head of the Church why don’t they just do what they feel is right and not go by others votes or opinions?

    Rod could not argue that Herbert insisted on this and they could argue that Herbert allowed the ministry latitude on this; and Rod dared not contradict HWA’s decision to let the matter go. Its all about idolizing the man Herbert Armstrong.

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