Personal: 8 December 2019

A MediaFire file sharing system with huge standard storage and download capacity has been set up to save future Program files and since the capacity is much larger than needed I will be adding the literature download files to that system as well. 

Because of this cloud storage, a change in file sharing is being made at the Literature page to save bandwidth usage at the website. The existing literature download system is being replaced by a new download system which will add clickable links directly to the file title text, just like links are set up in the articles.  You will see a red text title to click instead of a download now button.

Friends, I am very serious about beginning to record  programs as soon as I can, at this time I am planning to post on YouTube to reach the brethren and also to reach the public.  The programs will be carried at TheShiningLight Programs page and an audio version will be made available for free download.

I do not want to post substandard video on YT and since I have no place to make decent videos for now I will be using title page graphics with the message at YT.  This will change to better video in future.   

Two songs were posted at this site for your enjoyment this Sabbath.  The post of songs is temporary to help me familiarize myself with the soft ware. These songs will be removed soon.  To learn about the “add link” feature one song was given a link back to the Spring Festivals series, the linked post will open in a new window and the audio will continue playing.

Right now I am working as hard as I can in updating all of the book Bible studies.  Jeremiah/Lamentations should be completed by the end of next week and after that comes Ezekiel, Daniel, Revelation, the Twelve Minor Prophets and Ezra/Nehemiah.  I anticipate completing the project by late March and then working on Passover UB material through the Feast.

Because the Middle East war which I have been warning of for over 12 years is now highly likely to come in the spring I want to do at least one prophecy program in February on this looming conflict and its outcome.  This would be a pilot program and regularly scheduled programs will not begin until close to or after Passover.

I know that by now everyone is bored to tears with my repetitious pushing of this coming conflict which has taken so long to begin, but when these things do happen as they surely will, those who have been paying attention will be glad that they have been warned. Just remember that Noah preached for 120 YEARS before the flood came!

The major COG entities all teach the error that Islamic extremism will rise up to become the king of the south, which is contrary to scripture; at the recent fall Feast LCG, seeing the increasing troubles, has launched a new focus on prophecy. 

The top three and others insist that they have a more sure word of prophecy, not understanding that the SURE WORD is the Holy Scriptures and not their unscriptural false traditions.  

In fact this rapidly approaching conflict will break the back of Islamic extremism by soundly crushing the major entities of Hamas, Hezbollah and other extremist organizations, while soundly defeating Iran and Syria and thereby changing the regional realities for a genuine peace dialogue. 

I have been fighting these gross errors in prophecy at TheShiningLight in print for years and the time has come to do a spoken program on the subject.  This will be an early pilot program with much much more coming closer to or right after Passover.

A solid body of studies through every Word of God is nearly completed and a solid witness has been presented concerning prophetic matters; and when these things happen and the false teachings regarding Islamic extremism and the king of the south have miserably failed; many will begin to take the doctrine seriously and the time will be at hand for the next phase of this work which is the publishing of audio programs. 

A lengthy series is being planned beginning with the question of When Does Life Begin? and proceeding through creation, sin, the priesthood, ministry, Binding and Loosing, the Covenants, the entire process of Salvation and a series on already fulfilled prophecy to encourage the brethren. 

After the one prophecy program in Feb, if at all possible it is my hope to begin posting regular weekly programs at or soon after Passover.

Friends, Herbert used to send out a letter at least once a month shamelessly begging for money. I do not have a mailing list and I will not beg, so all I can do is make the need known.  Thousands of people visit the sites regularly and large numbers of book manuscripts have been downloaded yet very very few have ever helped out.  I am working night and day and I need your financial support. 


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  1. Hi James – I would like to know where in the scriptures it is written that Noah was a preacher.

    Thank you for your question.
    2 Peter 2:4-5 King James Version
    2:4 For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment; 2:5 And spared not the old world, but saved Noah the eighth person, a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly;

    When studying also look for synonyms; for example preacher is just another word for teacher, guide, instructor, elder, ruler, spiritual shepherd etc.

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