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Did you know that the sacrificial animals had to be perfect and without blemish because they represented the perfect Lamb of God?   Then why use white flour matzoth, devoid of its bran, germ and many of its nutrients and  trace elements to represent the perfect Lamb of God during Passover and the Feast?   Unleavened Bread representing the perfection of Christ the perfect Lamb of God should itself be perfect, using the whole grain just as God has made it, ground to flour and retaining all of its perfection and not milled into a valueless white powder. 

Did you know that religious Unleavened Bread is to be made with the pure whole grain just as it was made by God, ground fine but remaining complete; and pure water representing the water of the Word of God filling us with the nature of God and washing away all sin, olive oil representing the Holy Spirit, and salt representing the eternal nature of the New Covenant. 

Commercially available whole wheat is not acceptable!  Why not?  In the ancient stone grinding process the whole kernel of grain is ground to a uniform size of particle, but in the modern milling practice the bran and germ are milled much larger than the other components and are removed and then added back after the process is completed to make so called whole wheat flour. 

In modern milling the vitamins and trace elements have been destroyed by the heat of milling and a few chemically produced artificial vitamins are added back, but not all and the trace elements are no longer present.  Milled flour is not healthy and one should use only stone ground flour, which is the complete whole grain just as God created it, ground fine for flour.

To come under the Passover sacrifice of Jesus Christ one must be “clean” i.e. sincerely repentant of all sin against both the letter and the spirit of every Word of God, and one must use the correct Bible based symbols.


Our Spring Festivals series beginning on 17 March  will explain these things in detail and supply a Bible based recipe, and much, much, more.  In the meantime see this Fall Festival article on The Living Waters of Salvation to get a glimpse of the symbolic meaning of water.



God commands his people to appear before him and bring three offerings each year.  These three offerings are specifically listed so this is not a simple generalization.

Deuteronomy 16:16 Three times in a year shall all thy males appear before the Lord thy God in the place which he shall choose; in the feast of unleavened bread, and in the feast of weeks, and in the feast of tabernacles: and they shall not appear before the Lord empty: 16:17 Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord thy God which he hath given thee.
    God commands us to give:
  1. ONE offering during the Feast of Unleavened Bread,
  2. ONE offering on the Feast of Pentecost and
  3. ONE offering during the Feast of Tabernacles 
    Special emergency offerings can be called for, such as the offering to build the Tabernacle, but assemblies are NOT to regularly take up offerings during Passover, the New Moons, the Memorial of Trumpets, the Fast of Atonement or the Feast of the Eighth Day every year while deceiving the brethren that God commands that.   
    We are to offer out of our bounty [excess], and we are not to give what we do not have. 
  • It is a sin to borrow money to give offerings! 
  • It is a sin to reject God’s laws of inheritance and disenfranchise our lawful heirs by willing our estates to corporate churches or charities [unless we have absolutely no lawful heirs]!
  • It is a sin to give large offerings while neglecting our responsibilities to others (Mat 15:3-9, 1 Ti 5:8, Mat 5:23-24).  If you owe a debt pay it, if your family needs any necessity provide it and properly care for the gift of family which God has given you  and then give an offering out of your excess.  It is better to give ten dollars than to give five hundred and neglect the personal responsibilities entrusted to you by God. 
    Before anyone gets carried away with this I want to emphasize the word “necessities,”  I am not talking about putting luxuries before offering to God, but about fulfilling our God commanded responsibilities to owe no man anything and to properly care for those whom God has entrusted into our care.   
    On a related point the Festivals of God are to be Spiritual Feasts; to turn them into carnal holidays of excess spending on luxurious living while neglecting your brethren is also a great sin!  If you have much then share with those who have little, especially the widows, orphans and handicapped.
    Also remember that God’s offerings belong to God, and should not be given to just anyone.  TheShiningLight has labored in doctrine providing studies through the whole Word of God and restoring much that has been forgotten; providing all things freely to all comers from any organization or background. 
    Please remember this work and help us to help the brethren with your prayers and financial support.  
New Year, New Moon Sighting
    Observers will be looking for the first light of the new moon immediately after sunset ending 18 March.  There will be only 48 minutes lag time between sunset and moon set, meaning that that this will be a very difficult twilight sighting with limited time to find the moon.

    If the first light of the new moon is seen after sunset ending 18 March, Passover will be on 1 April, otherwise Passover will be on 2 April.  See the Biblical Calendar material at this category.   See also the teachings of HWA on  the New Moons  

The Radio Church of God Observed the New Moons!

    There are already huge amounts of ripening barley in Israel.  Those who follow Brian Convery’s reports need to know that he does not accept volunteer barley in small plots and only accepts fields which can be plowed.  I mention this because I do go by the barley in Jerusalem and there are no large fields only small plots and vacant lots in the city, which Brian does not accept.  See my article on Setting The Biblical New Year

The Exodus

    The Hebrews built the city of Avaris in Goshen and later some two hundred years AFTER the exodus, Ramses  II renamed the city after himself.  After that time the scribes replaced the name Avaris with the new name Ramses in the scriptures, probably thinking that people would not know the name Avaris and would need the name Ramses to understand where the city in Goshen was. 

    This simple change has caused enormous difficulties with the chronology of the exodus causing many to believe that the exodus was 200 plus years later than it really was. and has hidden the name of the actual exodus pharaoh. 
    The name of the true pharaoh of the exodus, the approximate exodus date, as well as the name and history of the daughter of pharaoh who became queen and raised Moses in the royal household have now been revealed through a study of the three prophecies of the exodus.   See our Spring Festivals series beginning at TheShiningLight School of Biblical Studies on 17 March.  You will find the truth of the Word of God restored, including chapter studies through every Word of God, plus doctrinal studies available for free to all comers.          Don’t forget to visit the Literature page there to find the free downloads of our studies. 
Site Plans
    Our Spring Festivals Passover series will begin on March 17 with:
  • The chronology from creation to the exodus, 
  • The 430 Years Prophecy [which has been grossly misunderstood, people mistakenly thinking that Israel was in Egypt for 430 years],
  • The 400 Years Prophecy and
  • The Fourth Generation Prophecy of the Exodus. 
    The first article will also go into detail about the situation in Egypt during the life of Moses. 
    During the Feast of Unleavened Bread articles on the way to salvation; on calling, repentance, baptism, forgiving and more, will be added to our Spring Festivals series. 

    The longer term plan is to study Jeremiah and the Minor Prophets followed by the Epistles,  Ezekiel, Revelation and Daniel up to the Fall Festivals.

    Free updated manuscript downloads are now available at the Literature page.  All of these manuscripts have been updated with the latest understanding [please delete any older versions you might have], and additional books will be added as they are completed.   

    My purpose is to have all of theshininglight material reviewed and fully updated in preparation for what is coming;  this process began early last year and should be completed next summer.


Sex on Passover, Sabbath and High Days

    The man and woman were created without sin and it was only AFTER sin entered, that Sacrifices, a High Priest Intercessor and the Law of Clean and Unclean were instituted. 

    Even then, there were clean and unclean animals, but the further details only began at Sinai with God’s detailed instructions for Israel and a PHYSICAL priesthood.

    If one considers the laws given to Israel one cannot help but come to the conclusion that it is physically impossible to avoid becoming unclean for more than a very short time.

    A woman can be absolutely perfect yet she cannot overcome the female nature [natural cycle], a man can be absolutely perfect yet he cannot prevent an emission even if he restrains himself otherwise.

    This is meant to teach us that the physical state of man once Adam and Eve had sinned is antithetical to godliness, and only God can make us spiritually clean washing away our sins. Romans 8:7 Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.

    In practical terms; yes, let a man and his wife enjoy each other to the full, but refrain from sex on High Days and Sabbaths [and on the Appointed Time of Passover day] so as to be clean on Holy Time. This principle is presented when God commanded Israel to refrain from their wives for three days before Pentecost at Sinai (Ex 19:15).

    I have been in error on this point in the past and I now realize that it is proper to rest from sex on the Passover, Sabbaths and High Days. This is not a burden since one can prepare on Friday afternoon and before High Days and wash before the Sabbaths begin.

News and Prophecy 
    Yet another Israeli coalition crisis has been papered over and the Knesset is now going into Passover recess.  The issues will be revisited when the Knesset summer session begins in late April.  
    Yisrael Beytenu allowed the bill to pass first reading to get the 2019 budget passed, but warned “We won’t let our hands be tied when it comes to security matters. We will leave the coalition if the bill is passed in the second and third readings [in the summer session which begins in late April after the Passover recess].”
    Palestinian officials have announced that the  700 member PLO national council will meet on April 29 to select new Central Committee leaders.  The last conference of the PLO Council was held in 2009. (Maariv).  The  new CC leaders will then prepare for selecting a new Palestinian Authority president.  A new president will open the way for a new Israeli government to strike a deal with the new Palestinian government at the post war peace conference.
   Hamas and the Palestinians are calling for an uprising and massive demonstrations against the opening of the US embassy in south Jerusalem on May 14 and Nakba Day May 15th. 
    Adding to this mix is the ouster of Tillerson as US State Secretary, which opens the path for Trump to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal on May 12.
    Of course the precise timing of all of this depends totally on God’s will.
    How long these things will take is impossible to say, but TheShiningLight has been consistently warning of these things since our very first post on 7 July 2008; and has been the only one doing so.
    Please do study through the Prophecies for The Ekklesia category at this site and keep up with our News and Prophecy site


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  1. James,

    You mentioned: “This principle is presented when God commanded Israel to refrain from their wives for three days before Pentecost at Sinai (Ex 19:50).”

    There is no verse 50. I think you probably had verse 15 in mind and that says the following:

    “And he said unto the people, Be ready against the third day: come not at your wives.”


    That is correct, thank you. James

  2. A former WCG member who’s now Messianic sent me an email advising against drinking wine during Unleavened Bread, because yeast is used in the fermentation process. What do you think of this?

    Wine is not puffed up like baked goods are and the yeast has been removed. There is no command not to drink wine and there is nothing wrong with taking wine during the Feast. The Messianic religion is a combination of Rabbinism and Catholicism and holds to many traditions.

    Jesus Christ drank wine at Passover instructing us to do likewise, and it was poured out at all meat [unleavened bread] offerings [including during the Feast of ULB] since it represents the shed blood of Christ. It is not commanded to drink wine during the seven days of Unleavened Bread and if you have a problem with doing so, for conscious sake avoid it during that seven days, but DO take wine at Passover which is NOT part of the seven day Feast anyway. James

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