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Fall Festivals Announcement 

The next High Day is the New Moon Feast of Trumpets.  For an in depth study on the High Days and Festivals download our free books on the Festivals here.  The first possible date that the New Moon could be observed from Jerusalem is after sunset ending 10 September.  It is impossible that the Feast of Trumpets 2018 could occur before 11 September by the calendar that God gave to Moses. Please see our articles on the Biblical Calendar which God gave to Moses and how HWA accepted that calendar but was later led astray, believing that the modern Rabbinic Calendar was scriptural when it is not; go ahead and read his own words on the subject! 

In fact a sighting at sunset ending 10 Sep is extremely unlikely and if not seen that evening the Feast of Trumpets will be on 12 Sep. I will have more information about local conditions closer to the anticipated date.

What to do?  

Since the first day of the seventh month is a high day I always recommend that two days be set aside ahead of time. First the expected day and second the next day, just in case the moon is not seen as expected.

The High Day is still only ONE DAY, but for advance scheduling it is prudent to set both days aside, unless the day happens to be the first day after a 30 day month; and then to observe only the one day as the sighting is confirmed.  

This year I think that the chance of a sighting on the first day is improbable and the second date is the most likely, but I must cover all the bases to avoid misinforming people.

Personally I do expect Christ to restore the planetary cycles with the original creation of twelve 30 day months making one solar year when he comes, as part of the restoration of all things [again please see the calendar articles for more on this]. If that happens all of this difficulty will vanish and if not I am quite certain that he will instruct us further.


World News and Prophecy

Israel-  PM Netanyahu is returning from several days lobbying leaders in Berlin, Paris and London against Iran and Gaza and he will now have to deal with multiple coalition crises.  Last year the High Court had given the government one year to replace the present draft law exempting many Orthodox from military service, and the Orthodox draft issue must be resolved by July 22nd when the Knesset goes into summer recess.  This appears to be impossible and the Orthodox parties will leave the coalition, at which point Bibi can form a new coalition or call elections.  Whichever way the torturous paths of Israeli politics work out, a new peace making coalition will be formed.

Middle East War-  At the G7 Trump is expected to offer the EU relief from his trade tariffs in exchange for the EU countries backing away from resisting US sanctions on Iran.  If agreed this deal will resolve the US EU trade war for now, but it will bring regime change to Iran.

President Trump has ordered the US military to prepare for operations against Iran and the Iranian backed militias and is sending more US troops and military equipment to Israel.

A major regional war between the US/Israel and Iran, Gaza, Hezbollah and Syria is brewing.   Israeli troops are already massed on the borders, the only questions being when? and whether the coalition will fall before or after the war?

Korea-  Trump is playing the crazy man card and has the North Koreans intimidated, but others are not so easily frightened.  The June 12 summit is to launch a peace process, not to announce any completed deal.

The Fall of America-  Once the Middle East peace deal is made after the looming Middle East conflict, God will withdraw his blessings and protection from the Judaeo Anglo Saxon peoples for our wickedness and the man of sin will be set up in the Vatican. 

Then when the man of sin goes to the holy place (Mat 24:15) within three months of being set up doing miracles, the extremist Jewish Settler Movement folks will sabotage the peace deal triggering a massive Palestinian uprising in both the West Bank and by Palestinian residents of Israel. 

Beginning with the occupation of Jerusalem, the armies of local nations [Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, the Arab nations and Turkey] outraged by the collapse of the peace plan, will rush in, and the Jewish State from which God has withdrawn his blessings and protection will be in extreme jeopardy. 

Besides Jerusalem, the uprising will likely begin with a Palestinian uprising against the settler outposts that the Settler Movement refuses to give up and then will envelope Israel itself.  These outposts will fall like over ripe fruit with massive bloodshed, which massive bloodshed will quickly spread. 

The Jewish State may then elect to implement “The Sampson Option” [see more here] by nuking the Middle East.

Remembering that the King of the South is Egypt AND Judah; this Israeli move towards a nuclear attack is the provocation against Europe (Dan 11:40) that will bring an essential intervention by the New Federal Europe in the name of peace.  To stop the bloodshed they will have no choice but to intervene 

The New Federal Europe and its spiritual leader will be seen by all the world as a wonderful peace bringing entity, and will convince the whole world to look to them as great moral leaders of a new age of peace.  

When Europe helps them and saves them from a nuclear nightmare; the nations of Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and the Arab nations will joyfully enter into an alliance with Europe (Psalm 83). Then the present trade war tactics that Trump has been using will come back on him big time. 

Even if the present US EU trade war is resolved at next week’s G7,  once the now rising New Federal Europe occupies the Jewish State and the Middle East nations head towards Europe, Trump is likely to try to save the Petrodollar by trying to resume economic pressure against Europe.

Trump’s Middle East peace plan will fail, and coupled with his “trade war” on Europe, Trump’s policies will result in the downfall of America.   

Because the Europeans will run out of patience with Trump’s bully boy tactics, the deliverance of the nations of Psalms 83  by Europe [Assur (Germany, Austria and Hungary)] will open the door for Europe and the Middle East to abandon the Petrodollar and rally around the Euro or whatever currency that the New Europe adopts. 

To do business with the European Middle Eastern alliance, or to buy energy from the Middle East or products from Europe, other nations will jump on the bandwagon also abandoning the US Dollar. 

The US and the Anglo Saxon nations based on the US Dollar will quickly fall into economic collapse and escalating cascading catastrophes over the next 42 months (Dan 12:7) until they have been humbled and are ready to accept the King of kings when he comes.

We must be very careful not to get carried away when this war comes, because a peace deal still has to be made and ratified which might be very quick or it might take many more months. 

As always be vigilant and also be careful to wait for all the signs. 

  • When a Mideast peace deal is being finalized,
  • When this man of sin is set up and doing miracles in the Vatican,
  • When he calls for a New Order in Europe and
  • Then schedules his trip to Jerusalem and
  • God’s two are set up after the abomination is set up;

When these key signs are fulfilled, we can know that the tribulation is imminent.  While we wait, it is extremely important that we prepare by seriously studying doctrine of Holy Scripture and by turning away from idolizing men and corporate organizations to live by every Word of God; in the hope of being chosen for the resurrection/change.


Site News

Announcing the publication of “God’s Biblical Festivals:  Pentecost to Purim” which explains the still future prophetic meaning of Pentecost, Satan’s incarceration and release and the period between Pentecost and the Feast of Trumpets, the Day of Atonement, the real meaning of the Feast of Tabernacles [it is not what most think], the Feast of the Eighth Day [the true meaning of which is not being taught] and also expounds Esther and Purim.  Have you ever wondered about Ezekiel 38-39? 

All of the publications are being updated for 2018.  All of the publications dated for 2018 and available for purchase at  Lulu books are up to date; older books are out of print. Lulu has locations throughout the world, including Australia.   Please search the Lulu site for the author “James Malm”

Please note: The Festivals posts at the Bible School site have not been updated yet, I will be working on that this summer; therefore the Festival book downloads are the latest most up to date studies on the subject.

At this site the “Prophecy for the Ekklesia” category has explanations of prophecies directly affecting the brethren today; and the “Church History” category has accurate information on events from 1933 to the present. 

The “News Prophecy” site has regular [usually daily or more often] news updates and explanations of the prophetic  meaning of events as they unfold.  I believe that our News site is far and away the best source of information on world events and trends and where they are heading.

TheShiningLight School of Biblical Studies presents daily Bible studies/commentary through the entire Bible.  This year began with the books of Moses in the lead up to Passover, followed by studies through the Epistles.  Galatians has just been completed and the Ephesians study is beginning. I highly recommend these bite sized daily studies of a chapter or two.  This site also contains numerous doctrinal studies. 

The plan for the Bible School site is to continue with posting the Epistles studies and then post on Ezekiel followed by some Psalms and Feast material through the end of October.

As these studies are completed with the final polishing before the tribulation, they are being published as print books and I am also making them available at the Literature page for free electronic download here.  At this time five doctrinal studies, the books of Moses and studies through the New Testament up to but not including Revelation are available for free download.

I do urge everyone to avail themselves of the opportunity to download or purchase the print versions of these books, because this site and or the free download plug-in feature may not always be available.

During the tribulation there will be tremendous prosperity outside the Judaeo/Anglo Saxon nations, until after two years Europe attacks the nations of Asia; and I hope to have enough funds to pay for the website hosting [which is based in Europe] in advance for at least those first two years.  Nevertheless there is no guarantee of internet or even electrical service in the Judaeo/Anglo Saxon nations once the tribulation initially begins.

Think about the power outages during the good times:

 NOVEMBER 9, 1965
A faulty relay at Sir Adam Beck Station on the Ontario side of Niagara Falls led to what was then the biggest power failure in U.S. history. At 5:16 p.m., the tripping of a 230-kilovolt transmission line began a domino effect resulting in a surge of power that overwhelmed transmission lines and put New York City in the dark at the height of a Tuesday rush hour. 800,000 people were reported trapped in the subway.

In addition to New York, power overloads and automatic system shutdowns affected 30 million people in New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire,Vermont, Quebec, and Ontario.

This was only one relay and is insignificant compared to what is coming in the bad times.

Brethren, NOW is the TIME to prepare ourselves spiritually if we have been lax.  As you see events advance, do get serious about deep doctrinal studies. Even if we know all prophecy it will avail us nothing if we do not live by every Word of God: and how can we live by every Word of God if we do not study the doctrine of God’s Word? 

Do not assume that you know it all and have need of nothing (Rev 3:15-22), these studies are much deeper than what is usually provided in COG sermons.

Our newer visitors should know that I am doing this with only about 40% eye sight [without any staff to help] and this entire work is being done on about the wages of only one COG elder in terms of income.  Your prayers and financial support are always urgently needed.

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