Michael Germano’s Challenge Accepted

Update:  27 Mar 16:00 PST:  For those who do not know, Michael Germano is a supporter of Bob Thiel.  

Michael defending Bob on Twitter.  Gary runs the Banned blog.

09:00 PST:  Comments to the Germano site are now running almost 100% like this one and Michael is now deleting all comments from his FB which he does not like.   Here is the latest from a few minutes ago which he has not yet deleted.  JM So this is how we speak about another human being, belittling them for being poor, or not having as nice a home as you? Even if you think he is lost (and that is not your decision, by the way), what does scripture say about judging by appearance? Which is what you just did. Judge (condemn) not, that ye be not judged. You just condemned him by claiming he is lost, just because you disagree on some doctrinal issue. You might want to think about that. NONE OF US know everything there is to know, none of us is righteous before God. Rom 3:10 As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one: If you believe his theology is wrong, prove it from scripture, without attacking the person.

06:00 PST:  After challenging me and saying that he could theologically destroy me; Michael is running away from my acceptance of his challenge and my request for him to prove his claims or to produce a study paper to refute the Biblical Calendar.  

He has unfriended Constance apparently no longer desiring to comment on her FB site;  she did not unfriend him; HE unfriended her.  

Here is a comment made to Constance:  

Unbelievable attacks on James Malm. Petty, childish. M. Germano must not have any solid, scholarly, scriptural work to refute the Observed Calendar.

So he stoops to mocking where James Malm lives. Looks like a perfectly decent home to me. Unbelievable. Looks to me like the guy is losing it.  

FYI  I have not lived there for the past seven years when I moved into a small apartment.

Comments on Michael’s own  FB page
 EE BTW it does look like a lovely home. Looks nicer than my own.
NW I don’t know either of these people…. But Michael Germano’s post is sickening. I do hope his employer reads these things and takes them seriously, because our Heavenly Father does.
MB I don’t pay any attention to what he [James] posts but, his house is way better than mine. I thought we were not suppose to call people fools :O even if they are one eh?

DWR Mr. Germano, you have challenged this man and he has accepted your challenge. Now how about spending some time on bringing forth your research and scripture rather than silly, petty attacks.

You are an academic but not sounding much like one right now. Perhaps Dr. Winnail or the younger of the same name could help you out.

Michael is now deleting comments he does not like from his page.  
Michael’s FB About page

For everyone’s information

Michael Germano is known as the architect of the Joe Tkach Ambassador University’s accreditation.  He was an evangelically educated Tkach loyalist who lost his job whee AU folded and so many were laid off in 1997 after the WCG split.

Affiliated [whatever that means, probably it is the year that he first heard of HWA and AC] with Ambassador College since 1959, he served as AU’s vice president of academic affairs 1973-1978, dean of academic affairs 1987-1995 and chair of its anthropology department 1995-1997.  

Years later he was offered a high paying plum job at LCG, appearing on the Living Church of God payroll with the job of heading up Living University, He was not hired for his theological expertise but because the Dr. in front of his name gave LU some sort of credibility and for his expertise in the accreditation process.  

Michael P. Germano, has a thoroughly evangelical  education; a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, holds earned doctorates from the University of Southern California and the University of La Verne. He completed post-graduate study in anthropology, archaeology, and theology at Southern Methodist University and Texas A&M University at College Station.

Dr Germano while able to parrot whatever was required to hold his job, was an Evangelical mole working behind the scenes with the 1974 rebellion and later Joe Tkach Senior.  He has been a big time evangelical mole in LCG since his employment by them.  

See Michael’s own letter on the Tkach changes here.

He is now revealing his true character for all to see.  

A new more direct link to Constance’ FB site has.  The other links have also been updated.

Michael made many FB comments at Constance site some of which are only being discovered now.  Here is a comment just discovered this Sunday morning.

Michael Germano: James Malm the 21st century Internet false prophet. Wow, do you have any idea of what you are into? The so-called Biblical Calendar is not Biblical at all. It is of modern origin [that is an outright LIE since it is clearly in the Holy Scriptures]. God gave the Levitical priests authority over administration of the Sacred Calendar including the ability to postpone the Passover by one month when very cold weather necessitated it as the lambs and barley were not ready for the Temple sacrificial rituals.

Authority was given to teach and enforce God’s calendar as contained in God’s Word and in no way were the priests or ministry to depart from or change any part of the Word of God.

Today authority for setting the calendar rests with the ordained ministry of God’s true Church not non-ordained laypeople.  

Another outright LIE.  The authority of the ministry is limited to obeying and teaching the Word of God, and in no way do they have any authority to change or depart from the Word of God.

Of course this is an outright LIE!  It is the Roman Catholic primacy of Peter LIE; that men have authority over God’s Word; making men sovereign and God subject to men.  We are the servants of those whom we obey:  If we are the servants of God we would by living by every Word of God and if we depart from God’s Word we are NOT the servants of God!

Romans 6:16 Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness?

By departing from God’s Word these folks are not obeying God, and by claiming the right to decide contrary to God’s Word they are in rebellion against the God who alone can save them, being obedient to sin unto death.  

Deuteronomy 5:32 Ye shall observe to do therefore as the Lord your God hath commanded you: ye shall not turn aside to the right hand or to the left.

God gave the priests the authority to teach and enforce the Word of God;  They had absolutely NO authority to change the Word of God.  

I stand with Joshua in declaring:

Joshua 24:15 And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Read through the Sabbath and Calendar studies which cover Binding and Loosing and Ministerial Authority in depth.  

Or download your own copy of the same studies in book form here.  

Brethren this series of studies and book are what has upset this man and LCG so deeply. There supposed authority to sit between God and the brethren as little idol gods who must be obeyed even above the Word of God is being challenged and upset.  

Recently Michael Germano posted this about me and Constance at Constance FaceBook site;.  Everyone even non FB users are welcome to visit and read the Germano comments to see the kind of man that LCG trusts the education of its youth to.  Be aware that some threads are compressed and need to be clicked to expand so that all comments can be seen.

 It is no wonder that LCU had to cut its tuition fees in half to try and attract students to the summer session.

Michael Germano: Why do you [Constance] and James push that phony so-called Biblical Calendar? Its a complete fraud and total foolishness. You and James have several screws loose! Beside that, why does James continue to defame me on his website? He knows absolutely nothing about me or what I believe and teach. Slander is continually in this mouth. How can he possibly believe he belongs to the Ekklesia? He is a false Christian, a complete and total fraud. You and James have not taken even the first steps of true repentance. Please stop living a lie. The Great White Throne Judgment is not going to go well for you two. Why continue to be a fraud and a deceiver? Shame, shame, shame on you!

Notice that he claims that I slander him, but he does not mention what has been said which he claims is a slander; in fact I quoted his own words directly from his own papers. Where is the slander or defamation in that?

Further he has never contacted me in obedience to Jesus Christ as per Matthew 18 to correct me or to rebut. For the record Michael has not contacted me in any way and if I have said anything in error about him it is his own fault for not obeying Jesus Christ and correcting me.  

Finally Michael is absolutely and very easily provably wrong on the Calendar.  

Today’s Jewish Calendar was NOT in use during the first century.  It was first developed over several hundred years and finally formalized, finalized and accepted in 1178 A.D.  Ask ANY Rabbi or better still ask Hebrew University’s Calendar expert Dr Roy Hoffman  when today’s Jewish calendar was established.  moonsocil@gmail.com.

Michael also wrote:  
If that fool James Malm wants to take me on, then let him come to me directly on my Twitter Account or on Facebook and I will theologically destroy him as he does not know the Bible–he is pretending. All who you have recruited to your Facebook page need to see how pathetic your false teachings and approaches are. You two sit back with that dismal TheShininglight and control the conversation. Come on, get on my turf and see who has the high hand.

I do not have a FB page and I am not on FB.  Constance does have a FaceBook page here.

I point out that Jesus said that we are to call no person a fool, and that Jesus also said that we are to love even our enemies. 

As for hiding behind TheShiningLight; TheShiningLight is a very public site getting thousands of visits each day – far more public then Michael’s Twitter or FB – from all across the COG spectrum, with large numbers coming from LCG. Michael knows where it is and he is free to comment there, which he has never tried to do.   Michael has never made a comment in rebuttal to anything I have ever said. Beside allowing comments my email address is clearly posted on the Mission page and is often announced.  

Sadly, Michael seems to think in the carnal terms of “one up manship” and destroying others, not in the godly spiritual terms of seeking the truth.  

Since Michael has challenged me on the Calendar I accept his challenge.  

Michael, read the Calendar Paper that UCG could not respond to here,  

also read what HWA actually taught about the Calendar here 

then  download “The Biblical Sabbath and Calendar” book which is the featured book at this time; read it through and prove me wrong!  

Michael, get informed about what I really teach before launching unwarranted attacks. Solomon had something to say about judging things you know nothing about (Proverbs 18:13).  

YOU have attacked me; and YOU have challenged me!  Put up, or apologize and admit the truth.

Now the ball is back right square in your camp!  Read the material, do the research and then send me your biblical or historical factual proofs of any error.  

Indeed have your entire doctrinal committee take the matter up and have the whole LCG team work on the matter. Even invite the other COG corporations to join you.  All of you believe the same thing so why not get together and prove me false by the Word of God! 

All of the Ekklesia is waiting for – and is entitled to – a scripturally and historically accurate answer. 

My address is jddm3@hotmail.com  

I call all of LCG and all the COG groups to witness that Michael Germano has declared that he will theologically destroy me, and has challenged me on the Calendar issue, and I have accepted that challenge.  

Michael, I will not be bullied and I will not allow you to bully Constance; I fully expect you to “put your money where your mouth is” and do a proper,  spiritually honest and scholarly study on the subject of the Calendar in the Holy Scriptures and in the facts of history; which I will gladly publish for all the COG community to see.   You can win me over with the truth but you cannot intimidate me with insults and vain bluster.  

By the time the sun sets on the next Sabbath, most of the brethren across the COG constellation will be aware of your challenge on the Calendar.  

I know that you must be a very busy person, but the brethren in LCG and across the COG community will expect a timely, scholarly, intellectually and spiritually honest research paper on the Biblical – Rabbinic Calendar subject; without personal rancor.

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