Meredith Salyer History

GLOBAL / LCG, COGWA and UCG History,  on The Salyer / Meredith Relationship

This article is about the background of Rod Meredith and Larry Salyer, and the COGWA and LCG organizations and where they are heading.  

The first leader of UCG, the evangelical Tkachite David Hulme, left UCG in debt to the tune of $1 million when he walked out with 2,000 members to form his new “church.”  

Later as the  Global Church of God was financially collapsing;  UCG was recovering under the new president and was so successful under the leadership of Les McCullough that they not only financially recovered but they were eventually able to pay off the mortgage on the Cincinnati building.

That  brought on the  “secret” UCG [Franks Club faction]  meeting with the  Global Church of God in Texas.

Certain UCG ministers from the Franks Club met with Global ministers led by Larry Salyer to discuss combining or associating UCG and GCG, in an attempt to save GCG because Rod Meredith had brought Global to the point of bankruptcy. 

The evangelical Tkachites  [who have been taking full control UCG after the COGWA split] making up a significant part of UCG, rejected the proposal not wanting to take on the Global debt.

Salyer’s motives in reaching out to UCG behind Meredith’s back were financial  because of GCG’s desperate financial situation, UCG was simply bigger and in a better financial position.

The GCG ministers claimed this was only a meeting of friends; however, UCG later sent out a letter that it was in fact a business meeting and Rod became upset with Salyer and appeared to go ballistic. 

It is my understanding that the Meredith – Salyer contention was a few ruffled feathers and mainly a charade for public consumption; enabling Rod to avoid having to pay off Global’s creditors. 

This resulted in the split of GCG and the formation of a new organization by Rod Meredith;  the Living Church of God.  The rest is history. Rod took 80% of the brethren and 20% of the ministry with him; leaving behind almost 100% of the debt and 20% of the brethren.  This for all practical purposes ended the GCG.

So ended the Global Church of God; with many caring brethren who loaned money to that organization in response to Rod’s appeals for assistance losing out.  In the end creditors were rewarded with a non-payment, despite the absolute promise of Rod that Global would pay off their loans.  

A few remaining GCG people are still based in Britain.

Larry Salyer then left the disintegrating Global and with certain other ministers formed the Church of God a Christian Fellowship (CGCF) abandoning Global and its debts.  Rick Stafford was one of six corporate directors with Raymond McNair & Larry Salyer in the Church of God a Christian Fellowship (CGCF).

Later the Church of God a Christian Fellowship (CGCF) [without the Global debts] then merged with the United Church of God (UCG).

In the 2006 – 2007 time period, visits were exchanged between UCG leaders headed by Clyde Kilough and leaders of Rod Meredith’s Living Church of God.  These men toured each other’s facilities and discussed various issues of mutual concern.  At that time it was declared by the two groups that there was still  no possibility of any merger.  This was primarily due to the rejection of Meredith and Armstrong based doctrine by the Tkach evangelicals who had a very strong presence in UCG.

Larry Salyer, Jim Franks and Clyde Kilough were deeply involved in helping to organize the United Church of God (UCG) split that produced the formation of the Church of God a Worldwide Association (COGWA). See the UCG COGWA Split article.

Now that these folks have left UCG to form COGWA, that new organization is much closer to LCG than UCG ever was. 

Richard H. Stafford (“Rick”): Ambassador College class of 1967, with Larry Salyer and others, ran the Church of God a Christian Fellowship and then merged it with the United Church of God. 

Then Stafford divorced his wife and married the daughter of Roderick C. Meredith (the former Elizabeth Meredith Martin) and joined the Living Church of God. Richard Stafford  is now Pastor for the  LCG Texas congregations in Houston, Austin, Temple, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, and Edinburg as well as Regional Pastor for the Caribbean.

Larry Salyer is Pastor of the Houston South congregation of the Church of God a Worldwide Association (COGWA).  

These two men in Houston are the key negotiators to smooth Meredith’s ruffled feathers and establish a relationship between COGWA and LCG so that they can do their supposed “Elijah Work”  as the two witness organizations that they think themselves to be. 

Rod Meredith has just spent several days in Houston consulting with these men and has now called an LCG Board meeting to discuss developments.

They each believe the strong delusion that there will be 3 1/2 years AFTER a Mideast peace deal is signed in which they will do an “Elijah Work” together. 

God’s Word says that:   

1 Thessalonians 5:3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden [completely unexpected, by surprise: [Strong’s G160 1 unexpected, sudden, unforeseen] destruction cometh upon them [Jerusalem, Judea and greater Israel], as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

After the coming bloody war and when peace is seen to be achieved; and when that peace is declared as the man of sin goes to the Holy Place; sudden and immediate destruction will come upon Jerusalem, Judah, Israel and their allies. 

Jesus Christ himself said that when we see the man of sin go to the holy place that the tribulation will immediately begin (Mat 24:15). 

These LCG / COGWA folks are full of pride in themselves and love their own ways but they have no love for the truth and no zeal to live by every Word of God which is clearly revealed by their actions [fruits].  Therefore they have been allowed to fall into a great deception which has appealed to their arrogant personal pride and they think that these two groups are the two witnesses to do an “Elijah Work” when God’s Word clearly says that there will NOT be any such 3 1/2 year period after a peace deal; and declares that God’s two servants are two real human beings not organizations.

IN CONCLUSION:  Salyer and others tried to save Global from bankruptcy by holding an unauthorized meeting with UCG.  UCG with it strong evangelical faction [which now controls UCG after the COGWA split] said no they did not want the Global debts.  Meredith found out about this and went ballistic that this was done “behind his back” and formed LCG, thereby saving himself from having to pay the debts that Meredith had incurred in Global. 

Then Salyer and company followed Meredith’s example setting up a new organization the Church of God a Christian Fellowship in order to abandon the GCG debts and then merged with UCG. 

These events were corporate maneuverings to avoid repaying debts.

See our other articles on Armstrong COG history.

Then Franks, Kilough and Salyer split with the UCG evangelical Tkachites to form COGWA so that they could do an “Elijah Work” in cooperation with LCG. 

This was the very reason why COGWA was formed.  See Richard Pinelli’s Jan 8, 2011 Elijah  sermon to the convention forming COGWA..

It seems that there will be slow steady progress on attempts to negotiate cooperating, and as the world situation progresses that effort will pick up. 

When a Mideast peace deal is reached and about to be declared LCG and COGWA will likely begin a full court press to establish a relationship and begin their supposed “Elijah Work”  only to have their pride crushed as they fall into great tribulation and are unable to do what they had imagined. 

I will continue to warn the brethren to turn to humbly live by every Word of God, world events will unfold as will events in these organizations; and at the appointed time after the abomination is set up doing miracles in the Vatican God will empower and send his two servants to lead the faithful away as the abomination prepares to go to the holy place. 

Unless there is a great miracle these groups as organizations will not turn to godliness and will not go, and being filled with themselves will condemn God’s true servants.  Yet in great tribulation many will then remember the warnings and turn away from idolizing men and corporate entities to live by every Word of God, most suffering and dying to prove the sincerity of their repentance.


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