May 15, 2016 UCG GCE Conference Report

BREAKING UCG Ballot Results

Council of Elders:

Jorge DeCampos—International
John Elliott
Mario Seiglie
Rex Sexton

Jorge DeCampos is the only new face.  We will have to wait to see who he replaced.

Strategic Plan—Pass (Yes—258; No—12)
Operation Plan—Pass (Yes—255; No—15)
Budget—Pass (Yes—250; No—18)

Process for the GCE Submitting an Agenda Item—Pass (Yes—239; No—15)

Process for the GCE to Submit an Agenda Without a Meeting—Pass (Yes—223; No—31)

Technical Amendment to GCE Rules of Order—Pass (Yes—243; No—11)

Process for Calling GCE Special Meetings—Pass (Yes—238; No—18)

Amendment to Constitution 5.1.1 and Bylaws 7.6.1—Fail (Yes—171; No—90)

Amendment to Bylaws 8.7.2—Pass (Yes—231; No—25)

Defining the Marriage Relationship—Pass (Yes—229; No—32)

Interpretation of Majorities Required to Amend Constitution 5.1.1(1)—⅔ majority pass


LCG NEWS:   In a post dated May 12 but only published today Doug Winnail reports:  “We had a very profitable Council of Elders meeting this week in Charlotte. Dr. Meredith was able to preside over three days of meetings that involved reports from around the world, doing the Work more effectively and preparing future leaders in addition to discussions about policies and several doctrinal subjects.” 

The policy and doctrinal discussions were the main focus of the CoE meeting and arose from Rod Meredith’s recent visit to Houston and meetings with LCG  COGWA negotiators.

Milan Bizic Report from the UCG GCE general conference. 

Selected Updates

*10:41* Our Passover attendance for this past year was 7,005. We are growing at a slow rate, but the numbers don’t represent the entire picture. There are people who have died and those who can no longer attend. God has blessed us with growth that is keeping us stable and enabling us to perform the work that we do in serving the Church and sharing the gospel with the world. There are 375 elders in the United Church of God, 286 in the U.S. and 89 international.

*12:14* Robin Webber then took the stage to introduce Greg Thomas, pastor in Cleveland, Ohio, to honor those elders and wives who died this past year.

Honored were Gordon Barr of Port Arthur (Thunder Bay), Ontario, Canada; Ken DeVilbiss of Germantown, Ohio; Robert Fahey of Cleveland, Ohio; DeLee Hargrove of Yakima, Washington; Eleanor Hudson of Chicago, Illinois; William Lumpkin of El Paso, Texas; Wilson Nkhoma of Chimunda, Zambia; Marla Osborne of Shiloh, Illinois; David Roenspies of Hartford, Connecticut; and Walter Warren of Buckfield, Maine.

This post will be updated as news comes in.

The 2016 annual meeting of the General Conference of Elders convened in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Sunday, May 15, at 9:00 a.m. EDT. Robin Webber, chairman of the General Conference of Elders, called the meeting to order and called upon Don McCoy, an elder in the Mid-Atlantic region, to open the meeting in prayer.

Mr. Webber then asked to approve the minutes of the 2015 meeting. The minutes were approved.

Before moving on to the business portion of the meeting, Mr. Webber introduced Bob and Dyanne Dick. Mr. and Mrs. Dick have served faithfully in the ministry for 50 years. Fred and Lucretia Kellers, who were not able to be present, were also honored for their 50 years of faithful service to the Church. Finally, the Conference honored Ken and Barbara Martin for their 50 years of faithful service in the ministry. 

The newly ordained elders from 2015-2016 were then introduced. Those welcomed were Ron and Janet Barker from Dayton, Ohio;  Mabasa and Chisomo Chichaya from Southwest Zimbabwe; Peter and Wendy Corrigan from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada; Wim and Anne-Kristel Decker, from the Netherlands and Belgium; Jaime Diaz Olmedo and Lorena Gonzalez Novoa from Chile and Argentina; David and Patricia Hemsley from Dayton, Ohio; Terry and Linda Johnson from Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Jim and Sue Kocher from Wheeling, West Virginia; Freeman and Debbie Kuhns from North Canton and Youngstown, Ohio; Barry Lavers from Bricket Wood, England; Doug and Beth Lesh from Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada; John May from Chicago, Illinois; Paul and Brenda Mez from Mobile, Alabama; Dan and Kim Preston from Cincinnati East, Ohio; Quentin and Marie Rhody from Watertown, South Dakota; Wayne and Diane Topping from Preston and Sheffield, United Kingdom; Paul and Coreen Wasilkoff from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; and CJ and Tina Williams from Seattle, Washington.

Mr. Webber then introduced Victor Kubik, president of the United Church of God, to lead the Conference in honoring Church employees who are retiring and who have reached significant milestones in years of service. Honored were Gary Antion, for 51 years in various functions; Bob and Dyanne Dick, for 50 years in the ministry; Vernon and DeLee Hargrove, for 50 years in the ministry; Roy and Norma Holladay, for 52 years in various functions; Fred and Lucretia Kellers, for 52 years in the ministry; David and Sandy Mills, for 53 years in the ministry; Bill Bradford for 50 years in the ministry; Bob Fahey for 50 years in the ministry; Lee Cole for 40 years in the ministry; Mario Seiglie for 40 years in the ministry; Bruce Dean for 40 years in the ministry; Howard Davis for 30 years in the ministry; Ken Graham for 30 years in the ministry; Emma Kennebeck for 20 years in mail processing; Dennis Horlick for 10 years in the ministry; Oludare Akinbo for 10 years in the ministry; Clint Porter for 10 years in media; and Chris Stewart for 10 years in IT.

Mr. Webber began the business portion of the 2016 meeting of the General Conference of Elders. He led the General Conference in the balloting portion of the meeting. Results of the ballot will be announced and posted here near the end of today’s meeting, around 5 p.m. EDT.

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