This site provides news of the Church God along with warnings and scriptural encouragement to godliness, with articles on COG News, and those warnings and biblical teachings especially appropriate to counter today’s doctrinal drift and prophesied latter day apostasy (Mat 24, Jude, 2 Ti 4, 2 Thess 2,etc etc).

Our outreach site TheShiningLight School of Biblical Studies  provides almost daily Bible Studies and a core doctrinal curriculum.  

Our other main Outreach Site focuses on world news and prophecy and also has these chapter studies compiled into full book studies.  To watch the unfolding of world events towards the coming of Messiah the Christ as King of all the earth, or for whole book Bible Studies please visit

This site does key word searches of the scriptures.  FREE BIBLE TOOLS 

Bible weights and measures.

The entire KJV Bible on line.  KJV Bible  

The entire KJV Bible with Strong’s numbers.

British HM Nautical Almanac office; provides first visible light new moon for calendar days since we end days at sunset the calendar day means the next biblical day.  New Moon Watch


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