LCG, UCG Youth Being “Educated” Away From Zeal

LCG, UCG, COGWA Youth Being “Educated”  Away From Zeal for the Practical Application of the Word of God 

There is very little coming out of the COG Community this week except that the drift away from any zeal for living by the Word of God continues.  

All three groups are claiming that the Winter Weekend at Christmas unifies their corporate organizations and is about being together as “Family.”

Sound familiar? The big thing in the Catholic / Protestant world is that Christmas is about family.  

While these groups refuse to obey the Word of God and keep the Feast of Unleavened Bread for seven days like Tabernacles they extol their own ways.


The evangelical permissives knew what they were doing when they took control of LCG and UCG’s youth education departments years ago.  Since taking over education in these two groups [which would have also included those who left to form COGWA] the evangelical Tkach supporters Gary Antion [now retired but backed by Don Ward] in UCG and Michael Germano in LCG, have been subtly teaching the youth to accept evangelical reasoning and teachings over many years. 

Please see this article to understand the background of these people. 

Tkach WCG History


This process has led to a big rise in evangelical leanings in the three organizations over many years. 

Michael Germano and friends lead a major faction in the LCG power struggle, backed by folks that will surprise you, and supported by very many whom they have taught. Rod Meredith has realized what is going on much too late, and the appointment of Gerald Weston as leader cannot fix the issue.

Meanwhile the Tkach types have taken over UCG and are making strides in changing that organization.

The trend towards Tkachism is not confined to UCG, and a very real power struggle over this trend towards even greater permissive lukewarmness for the keeping of God’s Word, is going on in the COG groups. 

At some point in the near future this is going to come to a head.

Read this letter carefully and then read it again. Michael speaks glowingly of evangelical Tkachism and on other occasions has openly declared that the teachings of Armstrong are nonsense.  This is the man and his associates with him who are “educating” your children at the pretentiously named  Living University. 

Michael Germano’s letter to the Worldwide News dated May 9, 1995:

The encouraging comments from our ministry all across the nation have been inspiring to my wife, Brenda, and me.

It seems that each person had his or her own personal struggle in coming to understand what God is leading us collectively [into evangelical Tkachism] to know and do as his children.

Learning is painful; there is nothing easy about it. I used to believe, and preach, that the most difficult aspect of life was child rearing. I have now changed my mind. It is being a Christian.

Thanks to Mr. Tkach’s leadership and relationship with God, we have been led by the Spirit of God to come to a deeper, richer, fuller understanding of what it is to be a Christian. The understanding appears to be wholly of the Spirit. When the veil is removed, all comes into place. Spiritual renewal is being worked out in a powerful and wonderful way throughout the Church.

At Ambassador University we have some on the faculty (both lay members and ministers) who have not been able to see or accept the New Covenant [read evangelical] understanding.

The majority of the faculty, however, have and are deeply thrilled and excited about the new understanding. Some faculty and students have decided that they will work in active opposition. This is sad, but each person has come to his or her decision.

All of our children and their mates remain loyal to God’s Church and work as it is administered by Mr. Tkach. I believe that by the early summer the Ambassador University community will all be of one mind once again, and we can go forward with the wonderful work that lies ahead. It is going to be a very large and exciting work, and I hope we can all grasp the vision and significance of it.

Our prayers and thoughts are with all our brothers and sisters in Christ—the ministry and the brethren. Please pray for Ambassador University. We love all of you and we know you love us.

Michael and Brenda Germano
Ambassador University

Michael’s  bio contains the following educational qualifications:

Michael P. Germano, a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, holds earned doctorates from the University of Southern California and the University of La Verne. He completed post-graduate study in anthropology, archaeology, and theology at Southern Methodist University and Texas A&M University at College Station

Michael’s education is evangelical, and he was chosen to educate LCG youth?  Simply amazing.  It is equally amazing that Tkach supporter Gary Antion backed by Tkach supporter Don Ward was chosen to educate UCG [and many of those who became COGWA].  

Here is an excerpt from Michael Germano’s article: “The Sinaitic Covenant and the Law of Moses: Irrelevant? Or, Do They Still Matter?”

“In apostolic Christianity, Christians of Jewish or Gentile origin were free, as they remain today, to adhere to the Ten Utterances [Ten Commandments] and observe various Mosaic Covenant traditions such as observing the Sabbath, celebrating the annual Sabbaths and associated festivals, abstaining from unclean meats, paying tithes, and circumcision, but they were not bound to do so.”

(SOURCE: ).  

Notice that Michael calls the laws of God “traditions” and says he does not believe they need to be kept.  Since 2007 he has been teaching the LCG youth in their LCG “University” to question the validity of Tithing, Clean and Unclean, the Sabbath and Annual Festivals and even the Ten Commandments.  

Gary Antion accomplished the belittling of the commandments by teaching that God does not keep his own law; and that we do not keep the law because we have to, we keep it because we want to; denying the binding nature of the Word of God! 

In the UCG and LCG Bible Schools they do not directly teach against these things, they simply belittle them as unimportant and optional, as Joe Tkach did in the WCG.

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