Jim Franks Organized the UCG Split

Update 3 Feb 2020: Because of people looking for this post I will feature it for a few days.  In spite of being caught in the act Jim Franks is still denying this as of end 2019. See the Church History category especially the UCG COGWA split article for more. 

Dec 19, 2010- Jim Franks was planning a mass resignation of ministers from UCG at the WFW but has been talked out of this as being too extreme.  At this referenced meeting they scheduled a mass exodus right after the WFW and decided on the founding conference of COGWA.

A UCG loyalist was inadvertently included in Franks mailing, and a copy made its way to me.  

From: Jim Franks <jimbfranks@                                                                                                 
 Sent: Fri, December 17, 2010 9:52:38 PM
Subject: December 17 Update


I simply can’t imagine how things could get any more interesting!  Each day now brings a new twist.  Legal accusations, firings, resignations and suspensions are coming at us from all directions.  I have a couple of items to share with you this evening and then I will leave it until our meeting on Monday.  There are some important decisions that we will need to make in the next few days…

Next week we need to firm up plans for moving forward… 
Within the next few days we will need to discuss the following (among other things):

When should a general meeting take place?
Where should a general meeting take place?
Should we resign or should we wait to be terminated?  What should be the timing of a resignation?

Please keep in mind that all of this is confidential.  We have added another 12 men to the mailing list, which means it is even more important to be circumspect in any information that you share with others.

You should have received an official invitation for a meeting on Monday, December 19.  The time will be 12 Noon CST.  I look forward to talking with all of you soon.  Take care.

All the best,


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  1. James,

    The are intense rebels within UCG ministry who’s sole purpose in life is to destroy UCG from within. They are not rebelling over twiggy bits of doctrine but are hell bent to destroy, without mercy, the whole COG Sabbath movement. All of it.

    Whilst you are no doubt sharing the truth about Jim Frank’s. Nitty bitty emails he sent ten years ago pale into great insignificance when you realize the evil that is stiring to destroy UCG from within.

    Friend, the brethren in COGWA are just as important as those in UCG. My point is that COGWA is no better than UCG despite how much they think of themselves. Jim continues to lie denying that he organized the rebellion; and he was also the man behind the incredibly dishonest and deceitful Calendar Papers exposed in the UCG Calendar Chaos article.

    While some are leading UCG astray, Franks and company are leading well meaning COGWA brethren astray. James

  2. Excuse me, i am ignorant of the what exactly is their contention, but hopefully, Jim Franks and (at least some of) these men aren’t Freemasons but are motivated by love of the Truth to right the church: It is undebatable, St. Paul clearly abolished one day a week Jewish Sabbath keeping for non-Jews. If Christians were to do so, it would be on the two lists of those not able to enter the kingdom of God.

  3. no there is no list of people not able to enter the kingdom of god! Only those whom refuse to put his word above men and keep his ways. St paul abolished none of Gods word no not the sabbath not any letter. Their is no difference between jew and non jew we can all be part if we only obey God first above the words and religions of men, the bible is truth its the standard to try the the words of men saturday being Gods word vs sunday being the commandment of the pope and if you don’t hold that standard you will be and are deceived. All those whom reject the 7th day sabbath will face the wrath of God [that is clear] the land will enjoy its sabbath and those whom delight in sunday worship and other ungodly paganism clearly against Gods word will suffer the great tribulation!

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