How Will Today’s Ekklesia Fall Into Tribulation?

In 1947 the UN established two states in Palestine, one Jewish and one Palestinian.  Jewish gangs immediately began to terrorize the Palestinian population to drive them out of the area and the situation became so bad that in 1948 the UN was reconsidering its position and was about to postpone creation of the new independent states. 

Before the UN could take that action Israel declared itself an independent state and the United States immediately recognized the new nation, forestalling any further UN action. 

Many Jewish gangs then celebrated by terrorizing and driving out the local Palestinian populations, and Egypt, Jordan and Syria, in defense of the Palestinians and fearing a huge influx of refugees, attacked the fledgling Jewish State. 

Here is a presentation by the renowned Jewish historian, author and IDF veteran, Ilan Pappe  on the subject.  The 1948 war ended with the Jewish State established and Jordan occupying the West Bank which belonged to the Palestinians, and the Palestinians not getting their state. 

In ancient times God gave that area south of Jerusalem to Judah Benjamin and the area north of Jerusalem to the Ten Tribes of Israel which were removed by God from the land and the land was given by God to the Samaritans from Mesopotamia (2 Kings 17). 

In the seventh century most of these Samaritans converted to Islam and to obscure the fact that they have a claim to the land, they are called Arab interlopers by the propaganda machine.

Today the more extremist Jews in Palestine desire all of the land from the Nile to the Euphrates because they believe that they alone are the remnant of all Israel; and they are trying to seize God’s blessings by their own means instead of receiving God’s blessings through living by every Word of God.  It is for this cause that the tribulation is coming upon them. 

Hosea 5:10 The princes [great men] of Judah were like them that remove the bound [boundaries]: therefore I will pour out my wrath upon them like water.

By this I mean that the Jewish Extremist Settler Movement wants to change the borders to control land NEVER given to them, and for that reason they will not accept the coming peace deal but will sabotage that deal.   When the miracle working Roman Pontiff goes to the Holy Mount the Jewish Extremists will demonstrate and sabotage the peace. 

God will abandon the Jewish State because they do not live by every Word of God and this rejection of peace will bring a massive uprising of the Palestinians who have been denied their state for 70 years, and the surrounding nations of Psalm 83 will pour down on the Jewish State out of frustration and enraged fury. 

The fighting will be extremely bloody with many massacres, this time of Jews.  Then as the Jews are ready to unleash a nuclear disaster on the Arab, Turkish world, the nations of the New Europe will intervene to prevent that nuclear holocaust by taking control of the 200 or more nuclear weapons controlled by the Jewish State. 


Today’s Ekklesia

The warnings have been going out for nearly ten years now, yet the leadership of the big three and most other organizations will not turn to a zeal to live by every Word of God. 

They are convinced that they are right and reject anything which does not come from them as being unimportant or wrong (Hos 4:6, 6:5-6), not realizing how wrong they are (Rev 3:15-22).   

In the coming months a great victory will be achieved over organized Islamic Extremists while a Grand Bargain for peace in the Middle East which is heavily in Israel’s favor is concluded. 

This in turn is planned to bring great prosperity to America through massive rebuilding conducted by major American Establishment companies throughout the Middle East.  The reconstruction is to be financed using donor money, most of it from international donors particularly the oil rich Arab Nations. 

The plan from the beginning of the Syrian conflict has been to inflict as much damage as possible to enable major American companies to engage in massive rebuilding financed by international donors, which would then, along with the regular economic activities;  drive the American economy to great heights of prosperity. 

I tell you the truth, although I wish it were not so;  the big three groups of today’s spiritual Ekklesia as well as the vast majority of other groups in the COG constellation and most of the brethren, will look with their eyes at the apparent great prosperity and will be deceived into thinking that the coming of the LORD will take much longer and that they will have a period of prosperity to do a great Elijah work. 

When God’s two prophets come in God’s power, they will be rejected by most of the brotherhood as false prophets trying to prevent their self imagined great Elijah work! 

Only a very few, perhaps a few hundred, will respond by turning to live by every Word of God and to follow the directions of God’s two servants.  Then great tribulation will burst upon those who have rejected the warnings and chosen their own imaginations. 

I lie not, a great test is upon us!  Almighty God wants to know who will be zealously faithful to HIM and who will follow idols of men contrary to the Word of God. 

I bare witness that most of the organizations and brethren are, in their own way, zealous for God, its just that most have been deceived into thinking that organizational loyalty is the same as loyalty to God.  Therefore they follow idols of men into sins like the modern Rabbinic Calendar and Sabbath pollution, and rejecting the increase of understanding that God has promised for our day (Dan 12). 

Relying on their false traditions instead of relying on the Word of God, they reject spiritual growth and growth in godly knowledge.  Therefore God is testing us and God will divide his faithful from the followers of men and false traditions. 

The small number who pass the test will be spared God’s correction yet, they will continue to learn in a new environment.   

The vast majority of today’s organizations and brethren will fail the test and will be caught by surprise, not because they have not been warned, but because they have rejected the warnings.    

Those who do not respond to the warnings to turn to and to live by every Word of God, will be taken by surprise (1Thess 5:3).  Then they will fall into the furnace of affliction in the hope that they can still be turned to godliness. 

Suddenly, when the miracle working Roman Pontiff visits the Temple Mount (1 Thess 5:3, mat 24:15)  and to the great surprise of everyone, the Extremist Settler Movement will sabotage the peace and the surrounding nations will flood into Jerusalem and Judea.

The New Europe will then intervene to stop the bloodshed and to prevent a nuclear holocaust by securing the nuclear weapons about to be used by the Jewish State as they prepare to initiate their  “Sampson Option”

The Jews in Palestine will be separated into ghetto neighborhoods awaiting deportation and the people of Psalm 83 will be so grateful that they will ally with the New Europe and abandon the Petrodollar.  Suddenly America will lose the vast rebuilding projects which will go to the New Europe making them immensely wealthy.

Brethren, the issue is not about escaping the tribulation; after all, all people will die at some point. 

The issue like the issue with Job; is about LEARNING that Almighty God is Sovereign, and that we are to live by every Word of God, regardless of what anyone else says. 

Consider that God is calling a people to help him rule as kings and priests forever; how can he give such a responsibility to people unless he is absolutely certain that they will be absolutely loyal to HIM for all eternity?   I urge everyone to read the lessons on the Sovereignty of God beginning with 101 and then you decide if we should follow men or God the Almighty!   

In the end when ALL Israel is humbled, Messiah the Christ will come with his resurrected chosen; and Judah will be reunited with Israel of the Ten Tribes; with the resurrected David as their king under the King of kings. 

Then the Turks as well as a greatly diminished Palestinian population, and the Canaanites of Gaza and Lebanon will repent and peace will at last fill the land!


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  1. Hi James! Do you believe God may choose and prepare His 2 witnesses from within ” the very few, perhaps a few hundred ” that live by every word of God? Thank you for your time, Dave

    Yes, the two will be among those who are zealous to live by every Word of God. How could God trust anyone with such a responsibility if they were not fully dedicated to Him? God will chose and establish them in God’s good time. James

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