How to Defeat Satan’s Agents

In our modern society Gods faithful are persecuted everywhere; from being rejected by others, all to often including friends and family, to often being denied employment, but the most vile evil is the hiring of so called counselors to brainwash and try to intimidate people out of their faith.  

Such people prey on people of faith by trying to brainwash them; often using lying threats, holding people against their will and subjecting them to mental torture and psychological tricks; subjecting them to this “therapy of coercion” to get people to give up their beliefs outside their will, for big money of course.  

Such brainwashing mind control techniques as deprivation, hypnosis, the technique of having several persons take turns bullying and intimidating a person while giving the victim no rest until they collapse, and threats of violence and severe intimidation are used. 

The way to deal with such vile evil is to:

  1. Remember The Seven Pillars of Wisdom and ground yourself fully in every Word of God, so you can resist the attacks of the devil,
  2. Go immediately to God for deliverance,  
  3. Remember that God is vastly wiser and more powerful than these wicked men,
  4. If you receive invitations to counseling by people who are hostile to your faith, respond by saying that you have as much right to worship God according to your conscience as anyone else does, and reject their invitation clearly, unambiguously and firmly,
  5. Then keep copies of the correspondence or make copies of emails and store them with your lawyer or in a similar safe place,
  6. Inform them that you have made copies of their correspondence and that you will seek a court order of protection if they continue to bother you, and that you will file criminal charges if you are kidnapped or if any further impingement on your constitutional rights occurs.  

These wicked men often prey on the vulnerable; young, old, weak, emotional, ill or borderline converted, in order to claim successes so as to make more money.  

They are in the business of making money and when one stands up to them they will most often back down; if they persist then seek a remedy, first on your knees before God and then at court.  

Brethren, this vicious kind of attack has been practiced on many people of many different faiths even in our “land of the free”, and when the tribulation comes this will be happening on a much wider scale as the legal protections evaporate.

James Malm

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