God is Shaking and Sifting the Brethren

LCG’s new YouTube live program Tomorrow’s World Now is not getting anywhere with weekly visits reaching a peak on week three with the Weston announcement and then steadily declining:  Week 1. 1166;  2. 1092;  3. 2078;  4. 1973;  5. 1452;  6. 1263;  7. 1179;  8. 1167.  

A variety of circumstances are bringing UCG brethren to visit and check out COGWA and the post Rod Meredith LCG.  

  1. The apostasy of many elders in UCG is becoming more and more obvious in many UCG congregations,  
  2. At the same time, Roderick C Meredith is no longer running LCG and is on his death bed.  Rod was disliked by most elders and brethren outside of LCG and now that he is no longer in control, many who were put off by him are now open to checking that organization out.  
  3. Beyond that many folks unhappy with UCG are also checking out COGWA as well, due to friend and family connections. 

These three circumstances are bringing large numbers of people especially from UCG to visit the LCG public seminars to check out LCG.  Many of these folks are also checking out COGWA and investigating their options as they wait for events in UCG to mature.  

Gerald Weston wrote on March 30:  “Mr. Stuart Wachowicz conducted a TWP on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, with 52 visitors, raising the possibility of starting a new congregation in the area.”  The possibility of starting a congregation was due to the fact that most of these visitors were folks who had left UCG.  

Many in UCG are getting literature from LCG and are being sent invitations to the LCG Seminars through that contact point.  When sending out the invites LCG does not necessarily know that these folks are from UCG until they arrive and say so.

On May 4 Gerald Weston wrote:  “There were four Tomorrow’s World Presentations last weekend. In addition to our members, we had 20 guests in Nashville, Tennessee; 10 in Beaumont, Texas; 42 in Calgary, Alberta; and 30 in Cambridge, Ontario.   

This Sunday we have another one scheduled for Manhattan, New York where we have invited over 5,000 guests. So far this year we have held 18 TWPs and we have a good number on the schedule for the coming months.”  

GW later posted that the LCG New York seminar was a bust, Gerald Weston too embarrassed to even mention the numbers; saying this in trying to excuse the lack of interest.  “Last weekend Jonathan McNair and I gave a Tomorrow’s World Presentation in Manhattan, New York. The attendance was short of what we expected.  . The attendance was short of what we expected as there was a bike tour going on that cut off easy access to the hotel for many, including some members. Nevertheless, the afternoon session, which we billed to be for those who wanted to get further involved in this Work, went very well and we believe some will do exactly that.  

We are preparing for Living University graduation and Council of Elders meetings this coming week. Mr. Lambert Greer, Mideast United States Regional Director, is scheduled to give the sermon in Charlotte this week. Dr. Meredith continues to grow weaker and your prayers for him and for his family are appreciated at this trying time. Please remember to pray for God’s guidance upon the Council meetings coming up and for His protection for all those traveling for them.—Gerald Weston”  

When folks visit COGWA, UCG or LCG what do they find?  

First it is important to understand that a very large number of “members” in all of these organizations are unconverted tares.  In addition we are told that the love of many to live by the Word of God would grow cold in these latter days and that the spiritually lukewarm – being hot for organizations and cold for godliness – would be sternly corrected in great tribulation while those who are faithful and zealous to exalt the Eternal above all else would be separated out and spared (Mat 24, 2 Thess 2:3, 2 Ti 4:3,Mal 3:16-17, Ezek 9).

COGWA is relatively financially healthy but desperately ill spiritually.  They cloak themselves as being godly, but see God and a zeal for godliness as competition for their supposed  authority,  actively persecuting anyone showing any sign of being zealous for godliness in most of their congregations.  Yet there are still a few good elders and brethren in a few COGWA congregations.   Their pride and spiritual sickness causes them to equate their financial success as evidence of pleasing God; which of course it is not.

The situation is very similar in LCG except that LCG is much less financially secure than COGWA and is riven by internal divisions between the love love Evangelicals and the traditional Armstrong people.  Now with Rod Meredith no longer in control and holding LCG together, many LCG folks are themselves looking for another place to be and checking out COGWA.

The LCG broadcasts are less than lukewarm, they do not call on the public to repent like Ezekiel,  and they – like  COGWA and UCG – refuse to repent and turn to a zeal for God themselves.   Download “The Biblical Sabbath and Calendar” book on the Home page for the sound doctrine of the Sovereignty of God which is denied by these organizations with their “We Decide” false teaching..

Because LCG, COGWA and UCG are NOT passionate to live by every Word of God in Christ-like zeal, but reject any zeal for the Word of God and replace such godly zeal with organizational zeal to idolize men, they have offended Jesus Christ and God the Father (Rev 3:14-22).


God is Shaking and Sifting the Brethren  

If present trends continue over the coming years, UCG will completely die spiritually  like the former WCG [now Grace Communion International], while COGWA continues as clearly Laodicea and LCG will remain a mix of the two if they do not split.  

Meanwhile, as people search out all of the present major COG Groups and find them sadly lacking in any zeal for godliness, and as world events unfold; hundreds or more will turn to God and a passion to live enthusiastically by every Word of God; which is what this work and TheShiningLight School of Biblical Studies is all about, encouraging a passion to live in Christ-like zeal for every Word of God.  

When the time comes such precious jewels will respond to God’s two servants and will be delivered for their Christ-like zeal for godliness, while the remainder of the truly called out will wake up in the tribulation and many also turn to God in their hour of affliction. 


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  1. Revelation 11 God is measuring the temple . The leaders
    The altar = the ministry
    Those that worship there
    The next sentance the two witnesses
    These 23 years of sorting God knows what he is doing

    The bible speaks of the scattering in the old T

    There is more that none of the ministers want to get into

    Yes, burry your head in the sand

    You would be interested in our Rev 11 post at the Bible School. This article will be updated in a few months with more information, but it is accurate now. https://theshininglight.info/revelation-11-the-two-witnesses/
    Most Sincerely James

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