Festival Calendar

Holy Day Dates:   These dates are based on the Biblical system of observing the first light of the new moon at Jerusalem. 

Whenever possible these calculated dates should be confirmed by actual observation at Jerusalem.  We will announce New Moon sightings at this site.

For more information please see the Biblical Calendar posts.

All days begin at sunset the previous calendar day.

We are to use the day preceding the weekly Sabbaths and the annual High Holy Days to properly prepare, including cooking; because no work of any kind is to be done on any High Holy Day or Weekly Sabbath; including traveling or cooking and the buying of food and drink.  That means NO paying bills, going out to restaurants and traveling on the Feast of the Eighth Day either.

After the difficult 2018 moon sightings all sightings through 2027 are firm, unless there is heavy cloud cover.



20181 AprApr 2-8May 27Sep 12Sep 21Sep 26, to 2 OctOct 3
201920 AprApr 21-27Jun 9Sep 30Oct 9Oct 14-20Oct 21
20208 AprApr 9-15May 31Sep 19Sep 28Oct 3-9Oct 10
202128 Mar29 Mar to 4 Apr23 May9 Sep18 Sep23-29 Sep30 Sep 
2022 16 AprApr 17-23Jun 5Sep 28Oct 7Oct 12-18Oct 19
2023 5 AprApr 6-12May 28Sep 17Sep 26Oct 1-7Oct 8
202425 Mar


23 Apr

Mar 26 – Apr 1


Apr 24-30

May 19


Jun 16

Sep 5


Oct 5

Sep 14


Oct 14

Sep 19-25


Oct 19-25

Sep 26


Oct 26

2025 13 AprApr 14-20Jun 8Sep 24Oct 3Oct 8-14Oct 15
20263 AprApr 4-10May 24Sep 13Sep 22Sep 27- Oct 3Oct 4
202722 AprApr 23-29Jun 13Oct 2Oct 11Oct 16-Oct 22Oct 23

Link to Holy Day chart download.