Exciting New Projects for 2018

Announcement 24 Apr:   Our new book  “Bible Studies Galatians to Philemon” is now available here.  The writings of Paul have been twisted for generations because they are vital to personal salvation.  These studies will be posted serially at the Bible Studies site:  Nevertheless having the complete series in one volume without waiting for day by day postings would be a great advantage. 

Brethren, the recent studies through the Spring Festivals have revealed a need to write new editions of the Biblical Festivals books and the Sabbath/Calendar book.  To aid in this I have posted the Jeremiah study which was already done and then I plan to focus on the Epistles.  I am presently working very hard on updating the Epistles now and posting will begin with a new series on Romans about 4/5 May. 

The Epistles studies needed to be redone anyway but I moved them up on my schedule because they are full of instructions on salvation and godliness.  Once the Epistles studies are completed I am planning to focus on a series on “God’s Plan of Salvation”. 

  • Volume 1 of the new series will be about Salvation on a personal basis covering Calling, Belief and Faith, Repentance, Commitment, Baptism, Justification, Reconciliation and more.  This volume will also cover “The Primacy of Peter,” Binding and Loosing, Ministerial Authority and much more. 
  • Volume 2 will cover and update the Spring Festivals. 
  • Volume 3 will cover and update the Fall Festivals and on into eternity. 

This series is meant to fully update and replace the present Sabbath and Festivals books with an accent on Salvation at the personal and the overall level for humanity. 

It is the plan to publish this series on “Salvation” this summer, while also updating all of the Epistles at the Bible Studies site.  After the Epistles are finished I plan to post Ezekiel followed by some Psalms and then Feast material. 

I very much need your financial help and most of all your support in prayer to complete the task of warning and preparing the brethren.   

As you see these things come to pass please pray fervently that the LORD of the Harvest will inspire multitudes to turn to God the Father with an enthusiastic zeal to live by every Word of God!

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  1. James–

    This is all fascinating to contemplate and an exhausting workload for you to anticipate! Since you will be busy, busy, busy, it may seem like overkill to suggest yet another project, but I will do it anyway. That would be a study through the book of Deuteronomy (which book you have, as yet, steadfastly refused to revise and update in your survey of Biblical books.)

    As you know, Deuteronomy has 34 chapters and the Feast of Tabernacles and the 8th Day would give you approximately four chapters a day to cover. So what better study to cover as both a warning and preparation of the brethren during the Feast of Tabernacles and 8th Day that just may be the last one before the onset of great tribulation? (see Deut 34:9-12) And even if that turns out to not be the case, it is something profitable you have not covered in quite a while. Okay, that’s my nickle’s worth.

    Tim McCaulley
    Jacksonville FL

    Be patient I will get there! The Epistles and Prophets will take up until just before the Fall Feast with enough time left to do some posts on the Fall Feasts themselves; and for the Feast I have planned to do Deuteronomy and follow through with Joshua after the Feast. Somewhat like I posted on the Spring Festivals early and then posted on Salvation during the Spring Feast this year. James

    PS I have not refused, it is a question of timing! I planned this year to be a big push to prepare the brethren.

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