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TheShiningLight family of sites began on 7 July 2008, and since then has been  growing continually.  This is our Church of God news site; in addition our World News and Prophecy site features daily news and explanations of the prophetic meaning of that news.   

Our School of Biblical Studies site features daily verse by verse studies through the entire bible, and doctrinal studies based on the Bible book studies.  These studies are intense and designed for those who are truly hungering and thirsting for the Word of God. 


International News

The establishment wants a Middle East peace deal to be closed just before the 2018 November mid term elections so Republicans can ride a wave of euphoria to a big victory.  

To accomplish this, Russia and the US are imposing a solution on Syria, to enable a substantial Russian withdrawal from the country, thereby allowing Israel to make war on Hezbollah and Iran [with US help against Iran]. 

US Vice President Pence is touring the Middle East in December ending up in Jerusalem about 18 Dec.  He is finalizing the Trump Middle East Peace Plan, the foundation of which is a secret alliance of Israel, Egypt, the Sunni States and the American Coalition against Iran. 

Israel will be allowed to handle Hamas and Hezbollah,  but the other nations will back up Israel by destroying the Shia Militias in Syria / Iraq and demolishing the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to effect a regime change in Iran. 

Once Hezbollah and the Shia Militias in Syria are defeated, it will be time for the American / Sunni backed rebels to oust Assad and take over Syria, and then sign on to a peace agreement with Israel. 

Billions in financial aid and the actual Middle East Peace Deal are to be agreed by all sides with Pence, before the whole project including the regional war can go forward. 

Netanyahu knows that he cannot get the deal through his cabinet, therefore he will personally agree to the deal and then call elections, hoping that his mandate will increase [because of the victory over Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran] so that he can then pass the peace plan.

The Palestinians and Sunni States also know that if Netanyahu should lose the elections, the opposition parties most likely to win will have also agreed to the peace deal and will be able to push it through. 

In reality, the war will be very costly and bloody and shocking to many Israeli’s, as missiles rain down on major cities for the first time.   Netanyahu sees himself as a latter day king David who will destroy all of Israel’s enemies, but he is likely to lose the coming elections.

After the conflict and the Israeli elections, a Peace Summit will be called to endorse the already crafted peace deal. 

By already crafted, I am referring to a deal on security [peace], borders and settlements, Jerusalem and refugees; not to a full deal including every detail of future dealings between Palestine and Israel. 

I have warned of these things since 2008 and I have been consistently repeating the same warnings since then, while reporting on the flow and ebb of events building up to the final fulfillment. 

Remember that Trump needs a big victory and a Mideast Peace Deal before the Nov 2018 midterm elections, and that God promised Judah that after forty years she would be sent into severe correction one last time (Ezekiel 4 – 5).   Remember that Egypt and Israel signed their Peace Accord on 17 September 1978; forty years before the Autumn of 2018.

It now appears that these things are finally coming in 2018,  and when “peace and safety” are declared and the man of sin is set up, bringing a New Federal Europe together and then goes to the Temple Mount; sudden [by surprise] destruction will come on Judah (1 Thess 5:3, Mat 24:15).   

I am not setting a firm date of end 2018 for the onset of the tribulation, I am only reporting the flow of events not the precise dates; it is only when the Abomination is set up doing miracles in the Vatican (2 Thess), and God sends his Two Servants a few weeks later, that we will know the sure timing of the tribulation. 

That said:  WATCH all these things and then you will know that I have been telling you the truth all these years.  You can keep up with prophetically relevant news at our News and Prophecy site

Please do prepare for what is now almost at hand, by studying our doctrinal articles and Bible book studies. 


Church News 

A UCG Council of Elders conference is scheduled for Monday 4 through 7 December.  Most do arrive on the previous Friday and hold consultations over the preconference  weekend. 

The following CoE conference is scheduled for Feb. 26-March 1, 2018, at Big Sandy, Texas; an unusual and  most interesting choice of venue. 

The next General Conference of Elders is planned for May 5-7, 2018 and several long time members are due to be replaced. 

UCG has been rewriting its booklet on Grace, which may not be approved until the new CoE is set up.


News of Our Sites 

I have worked very hard over the years writing and  posting verse by verse Bible studies, and then doing them over again adding more material.  Long time visitors are well aware of the improvements in appearance, format and content over the years.  Now I am working on doctrinal studies based on our studies through the entire Bible. 

I expect to complete the doctrinal studies which are presently planned, plus the book of Job by early January. 

In January I plan to redo the books of Isaiah and Genesis up until Passover.  Genesis because it is the background of Exodus and the Passover, and Isaiah because of its many prophecies of Christ.   

After Passover because of the rush of world events I want to revisit all of the other prophecy books including Daniel and Revelation, Jeremiah and Ezekiel and all of the Minor Prophets.   Some of the material in these books will be expanded upon or further explained, which is why I recently removed the free downloads of these books. 

After these prophecy books are completed I plan to serialize my “Bible Prophecy” book and upgrade that book with additional material. 

The presentations for the 2018 Feast of Tabernacles is the book of the law called Deuteronomy, which will be followed by Ecclesiastes and Joshua.  

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  1. In the 15th paragraph, under the International News subheading, you say, “I am not setting a firm date of end 2018 for the onset of the tribulation, I am only reporting the flow of events not the precise dates; it is only when the abomination is set up doing miracles in the vatican (2 Thess), and God sends his two servants a few weeks later, that we will know the sure timing of the tribulation.”

    Are you saying the Vatican is “the Holy Place”?

    No, I am saying that a Roman Pontiff will be set up in the Vatican doing miracles and then around 75 days later he will visit the Holy Place which is the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. During that period he will call on the nations to come together in the New Europe and God’s two will begin their work. That system will be at the ready but it will be his influence which causes the nations to join and approve the plan. Then when he does go to Jerusalem the tribulation will begin.

    This is about the 1290 and 1335 days of Daniel 12 and the 1260 day tribulation. The Daniel 12 article will help explain this.
    I will be going over this again in detail this summer. My plan is to focus on the prophetic books during the summer. James

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