Church of God News Blog; March 2020 to 2021

4 Jun:  UCG-  Kerby Burton was ordained near Lexington, Kentucky.  Otherwise falling income has remained above budget due to a large estate inheritance.  There are currently 7,159 people registered for the Feast.


3 Jun: Donald Trump’s chances of reelection seem to be collapsing which will force him to pursue his agenda of Middle East war and subsequent peace with vigor.  

The big three COG organizations know and say all the right words to their congregations; they pay lip service to God and to the Word of God. Very sadly this is only lip service since in practical terms they consider their organizational traditions to be the Word of God and have no zeal or even desire to examine the scriptures honestly and diligently seek the truth of God’s Word.  This is proven beyond and doubt in today’s post.


1 Jun:  LCG- The Feast site in Navarre Florida has been cancelled by the owners who are shutting down for this year.   

This year’s Israel trip has been canceled. Gerald Weston offers this excellent advise, it is important that all of us approach this year as a time when we will “stay local.”  The Festival Office offers this excellent advice “As we look to God for guidance and get zeroed in on the purpose of the Feast—to worship Him and learn to fear Him always (Deuteronomy 14:23).” 

The Missouri State Parks Department has canceled all group camps this summer at the Lake of the Ozarks State Park. As a result, a decision has been made to cancel the Missouri Preteen camp this year.

The summer camp in Belgium has been canceled.


31 May:  A Blessed Sabbath and Feast of First Fruits for all God’s Faithful!  Special Music: 

Praise the Word for the new day- Morning Has Broken 

On this Feast Day in the very near future God will pour out his Holy Spirit on all flesh (Joel 2:28) then after Messiah the Christ builds the Ezekiel Temple all humanity will go up to worship the Father at the Ezekiel Temple-  Come Let Us Go Up

I have updated the two articles on the messages to he seven churches in Revelation and stickied them to the COG News Blog page.  In addition TheShiningLight will feature a Pentecost article  on each of those days.  Of course God sent his Holy Spirit on Pentecost but there is vastly more meaning to this incredible High Holy Day, come and see some of what so many have been missing!

Our Passover service has now been downloaded 1,412 times, download your edition here.  This is the true biblical service complete with Psalms and not the standard inaccurate COG service.  Also Download our book proving the existence and power of God by studying the history From Abram to Jesus with a special focus on the many already fulfilled prophecies.


29 May:  Tomorrow will be the seventh Sabbath after the Wave Offering and the following day is the Feast of First Fruits also called Pentecost.


26 May:  UCG has cancelled its Dutch feast site in Zandvoort.


25 May:  LCG to limit Feast sites to 200 persons and expand the number of sites to provide more local venues. 

Our New Covenant Passover Sacraments and Service booklet has now been downloaded 1,355 times. Free Download of the New Covenant Passover guide. This is the true biblical service complete with Psalms and not the standard inaccurate COG service.  Also  download our book proving the existence and power of God by studying the history “From Abram to Jesus” with a special focus on the many already fulfilled prophecies.  


24 May: As expected there are NO reports of anyone sighting the new moon in Jerusalem or Judea last evening.  Because this is now the 30th day and no month can be longer than 30 days Monday will be the first day of the third Biblical Month.

COGWA has postponed the opening of their new Greece site until at least 2021.  “Based on several factors and the information currently available to us, we believe it is prudent to postpone having a Feast site in Greece until 2021.”   Deposits can be used to rebook next year but will not be refunded.

UCG “Feast registration continues to be strong with about 6,885 people registered. All U.S. Feast sites still have room for more attendees. Osoyoos Lake, British Columbia, is now full.”   

Note:  Trump is keeping America’s borders with Canada and Mexico closed to noncommercial traffic until at least the end of June.

Due to the present instability and a very strong indication that a new and much more severe round of disease is coming next winter with even greater economic hardship, I strongly recommend that brethren stay as close to home as possible for the Fall Festival.  Stay close to home especially avoid international trips, and focus on drawing close to God, not on touristy pursuits.

Most of the UCG brethren [like other organizations] seem to love their church organization and social life far more than they love and desire to live by every Word of God.  This ought not to be so.

An absolute bombshell is scheduled for this site on 3 June, an expose with links to literally dozens of source documents from which material has been presented out of context and misrepresented as meaning something entirely different than the expert authors had intended.  Practically every quote provided by COG folks in their Doctrinal Calendar Papers is a complete fraud.

In fairness I sent a copy of this document to Aaron Dean of UCG, and to COGWA and LCG a few weeks ago. I will be posting Aaron’s response in my article, the others ignored the massage.

This is not a discussion of the calendar issue itself, this is an expose of the lies used by the the authors of such fraudulent paper to try to support their false claims. 

It is very important that every person download the document and study it to see if what it contains is true, certainly no COG leader can dispute the facts it contains, yet they still want to cling to comfortable lies rather than seek the truth. 

After spending so much effort and expense on outreach programs I am mystified as to why they want to stand on a collection of obvious lies that makes them the laughingstock of every Jew and all informed persons everywhere. 

Dear brethren, every one of you will be judged by God as to whether they choose to cleave to a compilation of lies [Satan is the father of lies] and follow false teachers who do so, or hunger and thirst after the truth [God is Truth]. 

The now imminent casting out into the severe correction of great tribulation, of all those who reject the truth and prefer lies and the false traditions of idols of men in place of godliness by God the Father and Jesus Christ, makes this a very serious issue.

This is a test: Anyone or any organization which prefers lies to truth and idols of men to godliness will soon be severely corrected. 


23 May:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!  This is the sixth Sabbath after the Wave Offering, the Feast of Pentecost will be a week from tomorrow on 31 May. The new moon beginning the third biblical is expected to be visible on Sunday evening.  People will be out looking Sabbath evening just in case.


22 May:  A decisive new Middle East war which will reset regional realities and bring a genuine peace agreement is now rapidly approaching. That peace will be sabotaged by Jewish Extremists when a Pontiff from the Vatican visits the Temple Mount soon after it is agreed, triggering a 42 month period of extreme suffering for the Jewish and Anglo American peoples.

Hamas has announced that with the Palestinian Authority’s end of security ties to Israel, they are resuming West Bank operations and a new uprising is coming soon.  Major anti annexation demonstrations are now planned for June 6 on the anniversary of the Six Day War of June 5 to 10 when Jerusalem and the West Bank fell to Israel in 1967.  Netanyahu and company are just waiting for an excuse to launch a Gaza blitzkrieg and the Palestinian Authority is playing into Israel’s hands.
It is to the PA’s advantage to see the Hamas Military Wing destroyed so that they can resume control of Gaza and it now looks like the situation could begin to deteriorate in June.  Since it is very probable that any Israeli operation will quickly escalate to include Hezbollah, Syria and Iran, various nations across the region including US forces in the Middle East are increasing their alert level.
Keep up with the fast developing events at our News and Prophecy Blogs and prepare by studying the extensive study commentary through every word of Holy Scripture at that site.

19 May: UCG-  The CoE Conference Report has been updated with the new makeup of the various Committees. 


18 May:  LCG to reduce the size of its Feast sites and add a few smaller more local sites.  A very good plan which I recommended weeks ago.

All COG organizations should follow their example and in addition should also cancel their Winter Family Weekend because of the horrible example of meeting at Christmas. Instead they should do more to try and keep the Feast of Unleavened Bread for the full week as a pilgrim Feast with small local sites [like Tabernacles] as God has commanded.     

Doug Winnail posted a short piece on respect for authority but says nothing about the fact that the ONLY religious and moral authority is the truth and the Word of God.  Secular powers may have some administrative authority outside of any religious and moral authority, but all those claiming religious and moral authority including the leaders and elders of the Spiritual Ekklesia instantly forfeit all moral authority the minute that they depart from the truth or from any part of the Word of God.  If they make an honest mistake and correct it that is one thing, but if they resolutely cleave to error and reject proven truth they have lost all moral authority and have become false teachers.    


17 May: At TheShiningLight I have been answering questions by a man from an Evangelical church in South Africa with 30 congregations in Africa who has never been exposed to this way before.  I think that his last two might be of most interest to the brethren so I am reproducing them here. 

Hello again James. Thank you for your answer to my previous questions. I have been reading thought some of your other articles which I have found very interesting. I have the following questions:
1. Your church claims to be the “voice of one crying in the wilderness” and to be “preparing the way” for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ, as per Isaiah 40:3. My question is who appointed or ordained you into this position and are you claiming to be a prophet?
2. Your church solicits donations from the public to support itself and/or yourself. If our Lord Jesus Christ instructed His disciples to preach for free as they had received freely from Him, why do you contradict this command? Even the apostle Paul emphasized that he worked with his own hands so as not to be a burden upon anyone. Tithing was to support the Levitical priesthood during the temple period and as there is no temple at this time the there is thus no need for tithes to be paid. No scripture indicates that tithes or any money need to be paid to anyone in the new covenant congregation. It therefore stands to reason that anyone who demands any funding to support their so called “work” for God is not of God and a thief.
Rodney – Universal church of God, South Africa

Thank you Rodney
Jesus wrote that a man of God is known by his fruits (Mat 7) and Moses wrote that a man of God is known by his fidelity to godliness (Deu 13, 17). I find that some today make claims of being prophets, apostles etc only to impress people to follow themselves, saying in so many words “I am a prophet, so follow me.”

I have not been ordained by any man; I am a simple teacher of godliness sent because so many men ordained by other men have gone astray. I have restored much that has been lost over time, revealed or further explained much that is new, told the truth to all, openly rebuked sin and called all people to embrace and love God enough to live by every Word of God.

However, I loath the deceit of those who make grand personal claims to impressive titles to collect personal followings and I do not want anyone to follow me, I want people to follow and embrace God and his Word. Therefore I have never claimed to be a prophet or any such thing.

I am a student of the scripture continually learning and growing in knowledge and understanding. I do share what I learn and I do not hesitate to rebuke sin so I would agree that I am a teacher of godliness, I would also admit to watching and reporting on the ebb and flow of events and in that sense I am a watchman; but I will not misuse titles to deceive people as so many do.

As for financial support, everything that I say is provided freely and all of our literature is also provided for free download here, any support that I receive is given voluntarily, and believe me it is not nearly enough and expenses are usually higher than contributions, eroding my life’s savings. This is a work of love not a money making enterprise.

This effort involves many thousands of hours of hard work to which I have devoted myself full time for years and it is written that the laborer is worthy of his hire; even Paul sponsored certain Nazarites in their vow to dedicate themselves to godliness (Acts 21:23-26), setting an example that we might do likewise and support those who have dedicated themselves in service to God.

In fact the true priesthood is the spirit High Priesthood of Melchizedek [Jesus Christ] and the Levitical priesthood was replaced by Jesus Christ when the spirit High Priesthood of Melchizedek was restored after Christ’s resurrection. See our article on Tithing 

True there is no physical temple at this time, however there is a spiritual temple which must be served 1 Corinthians 3:16 Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? Those who serve in the temple whether in the physical or the spiritual temple have a right to a modest living by their service. 1 Corinthians 9:13 Do ye not know that they which minister about holy things live of the things of the temple? and they which wait at the altar are partakers with the altar?


16 May:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!  Today is the fifth Sabbath after the Wave Offering, Pentecost is on 31 May. 

Special Music The Lord is My Rock:  Why oh why, can the COG organizations not do this kind of thing?  See comments section.


14 May:  Please DO NOT go to the Lulu bookstore to purchase any of our books at this time.  They are trying to set up a new website in the middle of the epidemic and have completely botched the job, everything including prices has gone crazy.  Perhaps some people are sick, anyway it could take them weeks to get it right.  I will announce it when the problems are fixed.  To freely download the most recently available of all our literature, please go to our Literature page


13 May:  Keep up with the fast developing events at our News and Prophecy Blogs.

Please comfort yourselves by downloading and reading our manuscript detailing some of the many already fulfilled prophecies proving the existence, the power and the constancy of our God!

In the Bible there are three different prophecies which date the beginning of the tribulation.  A good understanding of these prophecies has now been revealed and all three of them indicate that the tribulation will begin at some point in the current biblical year, that is between now and March 15 2021.

The fact that three separate prophecies indicate the very same thing, along with the present situation in the Middle East and a very probably much worse second epidemic is likely next winter; are very strong indicators that the tribulation will indeed begin at some point next winter.

This should be a huge, bright red flag; that we need to be alert and vigilant to watch the unfolding of events!

In wise preparation we should be doing everything possible to be zealous to seek out the truth, reject any errors and sins and to learn and live by every Word of God.

Only by turning to a zealous wholehearted dedicated learning and living by every Word of God can we be accounted worthy to escape the terrible correction coming upon our brethren who are lax in these things, preferring to follow idols of men and false traditions. 

Only by a zealous wholehearted dedicated learning and living by every Word of God can we be accounted worthy to stand in the resurrection to eternal life and have a part in the collective bride of Christ.

Please see our new must read article on Prophecies Dating the Tribulation.” 


10 May: UCG-  Some thoughts on the recent UCG GCE Conference

I believe that an international representative should be an international representative not an American ringer.  I therefore find the clever manipulation of CoE membership by sending John Elliot to help in Canada and then selecting this American as Canada’s international representative on the CoE is inappropriate.  John is probably the most permissive man to be found anywhere in any COG organization and they worked hard to keep him on the CoE, there must be a reason.

TheShiningLight-  The Isaiah series is scheduled for completion on Tuesday, the new fully updated complete Isaiah study is now ready for downloading

On Wednesday there will be a very important must read article about the Biblical Prophecies Dating the Tribulation.  A series through the prophet Jeremiah is scheduled to begin this Thursday. 

I have now received the completed analysis of the COG Calendar Papers from the author. Copies have just been sent to UCG, LCG and COGWA as a courtesy and I will publish this document here in the next few weeks.


9 May:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!  This is the fourth Sabbath after the Wave Offering, the Feast of Pentecost will be on 31 May. 

This comment came in at TheShiningLight today and I think that it is so important that it should be re-posted here.

Comment: I have no objection to your Passover service. However, I do wonder how you know that the first Passover service was conducted in such a way when the Bible is silent concerning what Psalms were read or sung, etc.

My Response:  Because these God inspired Psalms were written by David to be sung in Solomon’s Temple where they were sung as the Passover lambs were being killed.

Later this Passover service was reinstated by Ezra in his great Christ inspired revival and restoration of true religion.

The specific Psalms are not mentioned in the Gospels because everyone sang these Psalms during the three pilgrim feasts including the Passover and the Hallel Psalms were common knowledge.

All Jews and even mainstream theology recognizes this as historical fact.


7 May;  The GCE report has been added to yesterday’s  UCG CoE Report.


6 May: UCG has cancelled their Feast site in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for 2020.  

UCG CoE Report.


4 May:  LCG Reports- “We have just received word that Mr. Louis Bouwer, one of our senior pastors in South Africa, died yesterday after some months of declining health. Mr. Bouwer has been serving as the Area Pastor for congregations in Johannesburg and Pretoria.”


2 May:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!  This is the third Sabbath after the Wave Offering! 


30 April:  UCG- President Kubik has delivered a pep talk letter on being faithful to the scriptures.  Of course by that he really means to be faithful to the UCG interpretation. While speaking of faithfulness to the scriptures he peppers the letter with statements like “We must again yield ourselves to God and renew our choice to “think differently,” to repent, to be zealous and on fire for the truth of God. It is time to renew and re-energize ourselves.  This letter is a masterful con job, obviously saying that they need to repent of getting things wrong in the past and preparing the brethren to be loyal to UCG as they begin to reinterpret some of their beliefs. If only they would repent and turn to God with a whole heart, instead they are planning to depart further from sound doctrine.

GCE Sabbath – May 2

“As a reminder, congregations in the appropriate time zones should not be conducting local services on May 2, but directed to connect to the United Church of God website and go to the Webcast tab at 2:30 p.m. EDT. The President and the Chairman will be providing split sermons for the entire Church.”  I suggest that these sermons might be worth hearing for clues about the future plans for UCG. 

“The link to the broadcast for all congregations and individual members.  From this location, please choose the webcast for May 2, 2020.

Schedule of Events for the GCE Annual Meeting

The link for the schedule of the 2020 meeting,”  this link only contains the schedule for the first day of the GCE covering routine events and not for the second day.

The Fresno County Health Department has canceled all summer camps for this year, therefore we must cancel Camp Hye Sierra for the 2020 season.


29 April:  Daniel was told by the angel Gabriel in the 2300 Day prophecy of Daniel 8 that Messiah would come to cleanse the temple mount and build the Ezekiel temple 2,300 years after the empire of Alexander was divided into four parts.  This clearly sets the coming of Christ in 2024 A.D. which means that the tribulation would begin late this year. 

Of course that date depends on an accurate starting date which was always a problem to find.  God also told Daniel by the angel that an understanding of the prophets was sealed until the very last minute (Dan 12:9) and that at the very last moment knowledge would be increased as the prophets were unsealed (Dan 12:10). Over the past few years God has revealed more and more and now has provided a way to confirm that date with a better understanding of other prophecies which also date the onset of the tribulation. 

This is now being worked on and a post covering the prophecies telling us when the tribulation will begin is coming on May 13. 


28 April:  Change of link color:  I have just  changed the link color to green which will turn to blue when hovered over.  This is to remove any confusion with the scripture texts which I have in red.


27 April: LCG- “It had been planned and was earlier announced that Feast of Tabernacles registration would open on May 17. However, because of uncertainties due to the Coronavirus pandemic, registration will not open on that date. Stay tuned for more information as the situation progresses.”

COGWA- Jim Franks is at it again as he works to convince the brethren to cast aside the birthright of their calling and follow his pied piper act down the road to destruction. Jim writes: The decision to eat in a restaurant on the Sabbath is a matter of how to keep the Sabbath, not whether to keep it. There is no disagreement about the Sabbath being holy. 

This is an example of the incredible subtlety to deceive of Satan; true at first glance one must dig deep to find that the matter is NOT a simple personal disagreement between people but is a matter of whether to KEEP the Sabbath holy as God has commanded or not. 

You see, there is a world of difference between acknowledging that the Sabbath is holy, and KEEPING IT HOLY!  Just because all agree that the Sabbath IS holy it does not follow that people have the right to flaunt God’s instructions on HOW to keep it holy!

Quite the contrary by calling the Sabbath holy and then breaking God’s commandments about how to keep it holy, Jim is condemning himself with his own mouth and leading the brethren to destruction. COGWA on the Sabbath.  Those who refuse to obey God’s instructions on how to keep the Sabbath holy are going to be cast into great tribulation in the immediate future. For the plain truth about the Sabbath visit the Sabbath category on the side bar.

Remember this is from the man who repeatedly lied about orchestrating the COGWA split from UCG and who filled the Calendar paper with lie after lie until the whole paper became a catalogs of lies through misrepresenting scholars and hiding that misrepresentation by context omission. How Jim accomplished the split to form his own group hiding behind the Armstrong name. A full  expose of the Franks Calendar Paper is coming in June.


26 April:  UCG to hold its annual GCE Conference by video on May 3-4 followed by a CoE Conference.  Billed as a celebration  and launch of the next 25 years of a new reinvented UCG the occasion has been dampened by Covid.


25 April:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful! Today is the second Sabbath after the Wave Offering and the first day of the second biblical month.  Our Passover service has now been downloaded 1,007 times, download your edition here.  This is the true biblical service complete with Psalms and not the standard inaccurate COG service.  Download our book proving the existence and power of God by studying the history From Abram to Jesus with a special focus on the many already fulfilled prophecies. This comment just came in “I finished your book and went over some parts a couple of times. VERY informative! I’ve never seen so many prophecies laid out and proven in one article/book. This is a great resource that I expect to revisit many times. This is great.”  Download and see for yourself.


24 April:  Tonight the new moon will be difficult to see due to cloud cover, however since this has been a 30 day month and no month can be longer than 30 days tomorrow will be the first day of the second biblical month. Coming soon, an exhaustive study into the massive deceit of today’s COG’s in their Calendar papers. From beginning to end those papers most compiled by Jim Franks are a mass of falsehood by the deliberate twisting and misrepresentation of quotes taken out of context to deceive.


20 April:  TheShiningLight- 11:00 PDT: Breaking-  The Likud and Blue and White have just announced the signing of an agreement to establish a “national emergency government.”

After polishing the first 8 chapters of Isaiah it is clear that there will be more work involved than first thought and the talks have been suspended for this updating of the prophets.  

The priority for the talks was to do studies from Abram to Jesus to untangle the complex history and focus on the many already fulfilled prophecies ahead of Purim and Passover because of their relevance for our time and the importance of building faith ahead of this year’s trials.

Now my focus will be on polishing and republishing the prophets through the next five months into September ahead of the 2020 Feast of Tabernacles. 

From mid September the focus will be on Fall Festival material and trying to ignite a blazing Ezra style revival of  zeal for godliness so as to be ready for the setting up of the miracle working abomination in Rome if this should be the year.  If we have one more year that revival effort will continue. 


19 April: IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Do to the epidemic, mail delivery is subject to lengthy delays of a month or more.  Please visit the Donate page for more information. Thousands of US postal workers are in quarantine delaying the mails for a month or more, while Trump attacks the service. Update:  US Canada border to remain closed until at least May 21st.

Our New Covenant Passover Sacraments and Service booklet has now been downloaded 926 times. Free Download of the New Covenant Passover guide. Our in depth study of the Biblical Exodus has  now been downloaded 845 times.

A new book is also available titled  “From Abram to Jesus,”  which is a  general history focusing on the many fulfilled prophecies up to the ministry of Jesus Christ, and also includes an edited transcript of the latest talk “When Does Life Begin?”  This is a short very powerful book proving the existence and power of God to fulfill his will beyond question.

Are people morally obligated to tithe on an assistance cheque? 

No, this is a compassionate gift designed to help those falling into trouble, like a welfare, disability or old age payment, or a gift from family or friends. It is not earned income in fact it is more of a loan, because be assured the government will take it back in taxes when people return to work.

For an organization to demand a tithe of such compassionate assistance is a disgraceful abuse of the poor and needy, it is selfish and greedy, it is shameful not demonstrating godly love and it is offensive to Almighty God.

These organizations are offending God and setting a terrible example; it would be far better if such organizations were to cut costs than try to burden the brethren in this way. If you are associating with such a greedy merciless organization, perhaps it is time to reconsider sending them any support at all.


18 April:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!  This is the first Sabbath after the Wave Offering.


16 April:  UCG- Ordinations “On April 9, 2020, Michael Fike was ordained into the ministry. He and his wife, Nancy, serve in the Tampa, Florida, congregation.

UCG is planning to hold its Feast  of Tabernacles in the usual manner. “Charles Melear reported that feast registration is open and 3,583 people had registered as of Monday. There might be some great deals right now, but be sure you understand the cancellation policy. If an airline provides cancellation insurance, make sure of the allowable parameters to receive a refund. Coronavirus might not be included.”

A fast which should have been called pre Passover has been called for April 25 or 26, just ahead of the following week’s GCE and CoE video conferences. These conferences had been set up as the launch of a new reinvested UCG in preparation for the next 25 years.  It will be interesting to see where this relaunch of UCG is headed especially since they feel it necessary to prepare the brethren with fasting. 

Benny Gantz and Benjamin Netanyahu have failed to form a governing coalition and the mandate to find a new Prime Minister and government has passed to the Knesset

Download the biblical calendar Holy Day date list here


15 April:  May All God’s Faithful be Greatly Blessed as we observe this High Holy Day in celebration of the general resurrection of first fruits, total victory over Satan and sin and the millennial Sabbath of rest. See our Festival posts at TheShiningLight.


14 April:  Why use electronic meeting systems instead of holding congregational services?  Because it takes only one carrier who may have been exposed at work or in a store or by a relative, to infect hundreds of others at such meetings. Then the hundreds go home to infect their families and contacts who then infect others. Is attending such meetings really practicing godly love for others at this time when there are several fine alternatives?


12 April: Important prophetic articles on the Middle East and the Abomination are scheduled for this Thursday and Friday, \With a high probability that the tribulation could begin late this year, on Sabbath I plan to begin studies through all of the prophets from Isaiah to Malachi  over the summer.  While I did update these books late last year I intend to update them once again with a final polish as I publish the studies at TheShiningLight.  Over the summer all of the presently existing prophecy book downloads will be replaced.


11 April:  A Blessed Sabbath and a Meaningful Wave Offering Sunday for All God’s Faithful!  Keep up with the news and our Spring Festivals presentations at TheShiningLight


09 April:  Listen to our latest YouTube talk which uses the well demonstrated and clearly proven scientific facts concerning reproduction to prove the existence of God beyond any question while disproving evolution and resolving the abortion issue.


08 April: UCG-  UCG reports that Ossie McKay in the Ballymena, Northern Ireland, congregation died of COVID-19. He was hospitalized on Thursday, March 26, and died Friday, April 3. He was on a ventilator. No one was allowed to visit him, including his wife Elizabeth, son Richard and daughter Lorraine.

May all of God’s Faithful have a Blessed Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread, rich in increased knowledge, understanding and a closer relationship with God the Father and Jesus Christ!  Keep up with the news and our Spring Festivals presentations at TheShiningLight.


07 April: WARNING!  Vacuum manufacturers are warning people not to use their filter to build face masks.  The filters contain asbestos and fiberglass fibers which can do considerable lung damage if breathed through.


05 April: Today’s special talk presents the scientific facts concerning reproduction to prove the existence of God beyond any question while resolving the abortion issue.

If you click this link and scroll down the landing page you will find a country by country detailed list of Covid-19 stats for the entire world.

Some persons like Mark Armstrong and Norbert Link are going ballistic over government epidemic guidelines while David Pack is rejecting obedience to the best advice of authorities and insisting on holding face to face congregational Sabbath services. To  do this is misguided selfish foolishness which disdains the health of the brethren and tempts God. Today there are plenty of electronic options for meeting with others on God’s Sabbath. LCG, UCG and COGWA are taking the right approach in this case and using electronic means to carry on. It is NOT godly to tempt God by deliberately risking the heath of the brethren.

Jesus said; do not tempt and try the patience of God.

4:5 Then the devil taketh him up into the holy city, and setteth him on a pinnacle of the temple, 4:6 And saith unto him, If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down: for it is written, He shall give his angels charge concerning thee: and in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone, [quoting Psalm 91] 4:7 Jesus said unto him, It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.


04 April:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!  Special Music Messiah


03 April:  UCG members survey indicates that the organization has descended into a social club organization with a high focus on socializing and very little sound doctrine.

See this very informative scientific article on the two latest research studies about the Covid-19 virus and how to deal with it.

Today’s talk is a serious study into the commission of Elijah, John Baptist and God’s Two Witnesses. Monday’s talk was “From Nehemiah to John Baptist.”  Inter-testament biblical history with a focus on the development of the Pharisees and the competition between the Hellenic and Mosaic Pharisees; the struggle with Antiochus Epiphanes, the Hasmonean’s [Maccabees] and the absorption of the province of Judea by Rome. The April 3 talk, the last in this series, will be a serious look at the commission of Elijah, John Baptist and the final Two Witnesses.


02 April: Free Download of our New Covenant Passover Service.   The New Covenant Passover Sacraments and Service is also available for purchase as a  coil bound book for ease of use in a Passover service, it features red easy to read large print scripture text. 

FEMA orders 100,000 body bags to be delivered as soon as possible, as fears grow of a huge spike in Covid-19 deaths in the US.

Even if this epidemic eases by July, if restrictions are loosened over the summer the public will throw caution to the winds and congregate in great crowds in celebration of the supposed end of the plague and to satiate a Christmas shopping frenzy in December.  Millions will be exposed to the disease and a few weeks later – especially if the tribulation is beginning, which seems very possible – there could be an exponential explosion of sickness with tens of millions sick and potentially many millions dying. 


01 April: As LCG prepares to fast and Passover approaches; see The Fast That God Accepts article.


31 Mar:  Today’s talk is “From Nehemiah to John Baptist.”  Inter-testament biblical history with a focus on the development of the Pharisees and the competition between the Hellenic and Mosaic Pharisees; the struggle with Antiochus Epiphanes, the Hasmonean’s [Maccabees] and the absorption of the province of Judea by Rome. The April 3 talk, the last in this series, will be a serious look at the commission of Elijah, John Baptist and the final Two Witnesses.


30 Mar: Keep up to date with the news and our Spring Festivals presentations at this link. We read the last teachings and instructions of Christ every Passover, how long has it been since you heard these instructions explained and expounded? Tomorrow’s post at this site will expound the last teachings of Christ in the flesh.

LCG- LCG is fasting this Sabbath. Doug Winnail writes this excellent advise.  Well said Doug,  if only LCG would turn in sincere repentance to a genuine respect for God, the Sanctity of the Sabbath and to learn and to live by every Word of God instead of equating their false traditions as being the same as holy scripture.

“Conditions for Mercy: The fear and anxiety generated by the spread of the coronavirus is causing many people to look to God for mercy and deliverance from this invisible plague. While the Scriptures tell us that God is “abundant in mercy” (Numbers 14:18), many today overlook the fact that there are actually conditions for obtaining God’s mercy. David wrote in the Psalms that while mercy is one of God’s benefits, God will grant His mercy “toward those who fear Him… and to those who remember His commandments to do them” (Palm 103:1–2, 11, 18). David also wrote that God’s “salvation [deliverance] is near to those who fear Him” (Psalm 85:9), and the New Testament records that God’s “mercy is on those who fear Him” (Luke 1:50). The prophet Jeremiah warned the backsliding house of Israel, “Your own wickedness will correct you… [because]…you have forsaken the Lord your God, and the fear of Me is not in you” (Jeremiah 2:19). When Daniel entreated God on behalf of his people, he noted that God “keeps His covenant and mercy with those who love Him, and… keep His commandments” (Daniel 9:4). When we seek God’s mercy, we must also strive to meet His requirements as revealed in the Scriptures (Deuteronomy 10:12–13; Micah 6:8). During the Passover season, we need to examine ourselves in this regard… and hopefully anyone today who is seeking God’s mercy will do the same.

Have a profitable Sabbath,

Douglas S. Winnail”


29 Mar:  With increased testing the numbers of US positives for Covid-19 have risen past 100,000.  The number of cases is likely to continue a sharp rise for the next three to six weeks before leveling off.  Most of the brethren instead of turning to obedience to God are predictably seeking comfort from their families, friends in the church and their church social circle.  This epidemic should begin to stabilize in late May and then taper off by July.  That does not mean that the problem has gone away since the virus has spread widely throughout the nation and is highly likely to reassert itself during the next winter: The next time making scores of millions of American’s ill and killing large numbers. Because of this epidemic the looming Mideast war may be delayed until summer.

I have heard that some people have fought over bathroom tissue in stores. Brethren remember what your wife does when the baby is soiled; she takes a designated face cloth wets it and washes her child. That is exactly what people did for their own personal hygiene for thousands of years until tissue came in vogue in the early 20th century. Toilet tissue is unnecessary and most certainly not worth fighting over, all we need do is wash.

Important Notice- The date of 561 B.C. at the beginning of the Nehemiah talk has been corrected to 461 B.C. Those who have downloaded copies before today should update their downloads


28 Mar:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!


26 Mar: Today’s talk features Nehemiah being sent to help Ezra by building the city walls and assisting with the great revival restoration of true religion.


25 Mar: 12:15:  Tonight’s New Moon has now been confirmed by sightings from Jerusalem by Karen Andrews at 6:32 pm (local time), followed by David McKnew, Gil Ashendorf, and Devorah Gordon.
* From Beer Sheva by Yochanan Zaqantov at 6:28pm (local time).

The first visible light of the new moon has been observed by multiple observers at Jerusalem confirming that 26 March is the first day of the first biblical month of the new year. Passover day is 8 April with the Feast of Unleavened Bread 9-15 April and Pentecost is on 31 May.

12:00 PDT:  A New Moon sighting has been reported with pics by Gadi Eidelheit of the Israel New Moon Society.  I am awaiting confirmation sightings.

This is a new COG News Blog which replaces the August 2019 to March 2020 COG News Blog.  A personal New Year message will be posted at this site as soon as the sun and moon set tonight and the first light of the first New Moon of the year can be confirmed. This year the normally erroneous Rabbinic Calendar places the High Days on the correct dates because of a double postponement in their system.

The New Moon is to be observed with congregational bible studies, or personal bible studies if it is not possible to meet with a like minded congregation.  I recommend that visitors go to the “Sabbath and Calendar” category and review these things this New Moon Day.  The New Moons were observed in the Armstrong Radio Church of God with congregational bible studies.  Also see this article fully explaining the new moon.

God’s Word tells us to begin the new month with the first visible light of the new moon as seen from Jerusalem.  The new moon day is an Appointed Time like Passover and is not a High Day, it is to be observed with Bible Studies and the Shofar.    

When Christ comes and the Ezekiel Temple is built, special new moon sacrifices will be offered and in addition to the Shofar being sounded in every town, the two silver trumpets will be sounded over the sacrifices in the Temple at Jerusalem. 

Remember that when Christ comes he will require all humanity to observe the New Moons.  Isaiah 66:23 And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the Lord.

For more see the Calendar category


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  1. James, regarding your 30 March 2020 post, LCG is fasting this Sabbath, you wrote:

    “Well said Doug, if only LCG would turn in sincere repentance to a genuine respect for God, the Sanctity of the Sabbath and to learn and to live by every Word of God instead of equating their false traditions as being the same as holy scripture.”

    Doug Winnail, like most xcog leaders, were taught (e.g. via correspondence course) since the days of the former WCG that ancient physical Israel could/would not repent b/c most were not led by God’s Spirit and could/would not change, as though all they could really do was to “choose death;” and they all died.

    Perhaps Doug Winnail, unless led by God’s Spirit, cannot repent and must live contrary to scripture, as you pointed out. If that is true, then perhaps Doug Winnail is putting a huge burden on the living group. If that is true, could you be asking too much of Doug Winnail? Doug has been writing virtually the same message near the time of Passover for years. You’d think those of the living group would have “gotten the point” by now, without them being bugged over and over again year after year about meeting various conditions, requirements, prerequisites.

    Acts 5 says the following about ancient physical Israel’s inability to repent:
    :29 Then Peter and the [other] apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men.
    :30 The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye slew and hanged on a tree.
    :31 Him hath God exalted with his right hand [to be] a Prince and a Saviour, for to give repentance to Israel, and forgiveness of sins.

    It appears that a Saviour had to first be provided before repentance (and forgiveness of sins) would be given to ancient physical Israel, and that Peter/Apostles knew that those who were led by God’s Spirit in their day could/would be repentant: i.e., obey God rather than men. Peter/Apostles, as ambassadors, set the example by what they said and did for all those God would call to repentance. Obviously, the world cannot follow the example of Peter/Apostles, but it appears true Christians could do it.


    No, calling the people to fast is not out of line although fasts should not be called on the Sabbath Feast Day. Calling fasts now, teaches the people what they should do when they are truly ready to sincerely turn and seek God.

    Whether or not most cannot or can repent now is not important, it is up to me to do my job and it is up to elders to do their jobs which are: to call everyone to repentance and to teach godliness (2 Ti 4:2).

    First because God does call some out of each generation, second as a witness to them so that in due time they will remember and will then repent and third as serious on the job training for our possible future roles [if we make it as first fruits].

    These calls must be made continually because more people are constantly dying and others being born, for the further development of the teachers and people; and because a merciful God will give us many warnings.

    Doug and these others are trying hard within the understanding that they have, and in due time God will open their eyes and the eyes of the brethren with further understanding.

    Their hearts have been, as it were, hardened for a short time just like Pharaoh’s, to teach them powerful lessons. In fact almost no one is really being lost forever, this whole falling away of Israel/Judah and today’s Assemblies is so that they will experience the bitter end of disloyalty and sin; and thereby learn lessons of loyalty and godliness which will last for all eternity. James

  2. Re: 4 Apr – At least one UCG congregation now plays highlights from Handel’s Messiah as background music on Passover night, before and after the service.

    It’s quite a change from the absolute silence most congregations have done for decades. But the music seems appropriate for the occasion.

  3. To Mr COG member,

    Is this music being played as members arrive perhaps? Surely it is not being played
    during the quiet time of individual bible reading.

  4. The music was played during the arrival time. Before and after – not during the service.

    Of course, UCG and other groups are doing “Passover at home” this coming week. The only exceptions may be the groups that still insist on meeting – such as (reportedly) Restored and Philadelphia.

    Thank you for clarifying. James

  5. Comment of 26 April 2002 said: “UCG to hold its annual GCE Conference by video on May 3-4 followed by a CoE Conference. Billed as a celebration and launch of the next 25 years of a new reinvented UCG the occasion has been dampened by Covid.”

    What will that new reinvented UCG really look like? Will it contain any major eye-opening changes?

    I had the opportunity to attend the first ministerial conference held in Indianapolis May 1995, when the United Association was established. About 1 1/2 years later, David Hulme sent a letter, dated November 8, 1996, to “Dear Colleagues in the Ministry” and in the last paragraph wrote: “…The United Church of God, an International Association, has grown and developed a great deal since May 1995…”

    Imagine that! Grown a great deal? Developed a great deal? The Association took off in another direction from what was professed at that Indianapolis Conference, and has strived to become as successful and similar to the former WCG. What did we witness?

    Lots of fractions and factions developed. Even David Hulme, who was searching for his “home,” learned that he would depart from United and continue on with his search.

    In my opinion, there had not been any great real growth in grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ in that 1 1/2 years, nor even to today. We’re told that God’s Church would grow in grace and knowledge, and for that to continue to happen, there would have to be changes that demonstrate the true of it.

    If David Hulme believed that United has grown and developed a great deal in 1 1/2 years, and if David were asked: it would be interesting to hear/read what he thinks today in 2020 of the United Ass.

    Perhaps United has some big surprise coming with their professed new reinvention of itself. It won’t be long now before we know.


    I would prefer to wait and see what happens but this is likely to be only a beginning full of fine rhetoric and little substance. David was in Vancouver for a few months in the 80’s and he came across as an evangelical type even then. Now that the Franks clan has departed, UCG is liable to go even further in the evangelical direction that Hulme and these others wanted at the start.

  6. Comment of 30 April 2002 said: “UCG- President Kubik has delivered a pep talk letter…”

    I took the time to read that letter that strives to encourage his association, actually as a fellowship (a word emphasized 10 times in his letter) to be looking Forward—Doing God’s Will, but as James pointed out there was a lot of emphasis on his fellowship repenting, be refreshed, be re-energized, be renewed, etc.

    Actually the members of virtually all xcogs emphasized such things prior to Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread to help ensure all members are doing things in a worthy manner. It is almost as if Victor Kubik thought his fellowship this past Passover just hasn’t done enough and just needs to do more.

    Additionally, Victor cited the New Living Translation to emphasize God’s will: “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect”.

    I don’t think we have the choice to let God do anything. Victor says to let God transform you, but when it comes to God’s Church God just does His will, and as far as every member of God’s Church is concerned we are told that God will provide the following:

    “For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of [his] good pleasure.” Phil 2:13

    In other words, God who is working out salvation (Psalm 74:12) will work within each member of God’s Church both the “to will” and the “to do” of His good pleasure.

    Victor also wrote: “When we follow God and put Him first, we grow together in unity.”

    James stressed God’s Word needs to be adhered to. With that in mind, unity is not where the growth should be focused on. Why not? It is because we’re told this: “But grow in grace, and [in] the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him [be] glory both now and for ever…” 2 Peter 3:18

    Oh, and “Amen!”


    I would have to disagree. We do have free moral agency and freedom to choose whether to live by God’s Word or not. If anyone does choose not to at this time, they will surely be rejected and severely corrected in great tribulation until they learn their lesson and sincerely repent.

    UCG as an organization [along with LCG and COGWA] practices this present freedom of choice by refusing to live by the Word of God and to instead live by their own false ideas abut God’s Word; for example utterly refusing to keep God’s Sabbath holy even though they acknowledge that the day is holy time.

    They will shortly be rejected by Jesus Christ and cast into the severe correction of great tribulation (Rev 3:14-22).

    As for corporate unity, seeking unity with fallible men is the path to damnation. The ONLY way to true unity is to seek full reconciliation and unity with GOD through sincere repentance and a wholehearted commitment to live by every Word of God. Then every person who is united with God will be united with all other like minded persons. Unity with God is the foundation of godly unity between people! James

  7. Re: music of 16 May – COG’s actually do that sort of thing. Children’s choirs often sing songs like that on “Youth Day” during the Feast of Tabernacles. Other congregations have enough children to present that on other Sabbaths or Holy Days.

    Yes, in the privacy of their congregations, but I am asking why not make public recordings of children and adult music a part of their outreach. This can be a powerful tool to preach the word by attracting visitors.

    In the past Herbert spent millions putting on pagan operas and variety shows, today PCG has its Irish dancers; why not put together a full musical program [even if some professional help cost’s a little] for the Festivals and High Days and publish it for the public to appreciate? What a great introduction to the faith.

  8. LCG seem to be going about their Feast of Tabernacle plans wisely. I think limiting the sites to 200 is a practical and wise idea. Have lots of smaller sites, limiting travel and limiting potential spread of Covid 19 if a second wave hits puts LCG in a much stronger position to be able to keep the feast.

    Yes they are acting responsibly now. It is highly probable that another epidemic will arise after the Feast as any new mutated version will be very widely spread by the Christmas shopping frenzy. If these organizations proceed with their WFW in December they will bring any new disease back to many of their congregations. James

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