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17 Aug:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!


16 Aug: COGWA- COGWA is to hold an International Leadership Program in the UK in a facility at Cranfield University, from the evening of Friday 23 Aug to Sunday 25 Aug.

Attending COGWA leaders include:

Jim (and Sharron) Franks, COGWA President
Leon (and Reba) Walker, COGWA International Coordinator
Doug (and Tanya) Horchak, COGWA Ministerial Services Operations Manager
Clyde (and Dee) Kilough, COGWA Media Operations Manager
Britt (and Donna) Taylor, COGWA Financial Operation Manager
Joel Meeker, Chairman, Ministerial Board of Directors, & French Language Director
Bernard Hongerloot, Translator & Administration for French Language Areas

This will be the last of ten initial regional leadership seminars, the most recent being held in Runaway Bay, Jamaica.  The purpose of these seminars is to groom potential ministry for the COGWA in areas outside of the US.  They have a list of some 400 men and women, but the attendees at the UK seminar would only include the folks on the list from Europe.

Jim Franks wrote on 8 Aug:  “We have collected the names of over 400 men and women for an international leadership database. There are three requirements for participants to complete this first phase of the new program: (1) be invited to and attend the weekend seminar in their region, (2) view the seven follow-up classes from the leadership website, and (3) view the 24 Foundation Institute classes on the Fundamental Beliefs.”

With all those American leadership personalities attending it seems reasonable to assume that the European COGWA leaders and elders will be attending the seminar as well as potential new elders.

UCG- Elders are arriving for next week’s CoE conference.  First informal discussions at the Sunday retreat, followed by the formal conference 19 to 22 Aug. 

Victor Kubik of UCG writes:

I’d also like to mention that the online radio station for United Church of God is streaming 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You can listen to booklet and magazine readings, Bible readings, Bible Q&As, sermons, Bible class lectures, podcasts, the BT Daily series, music and more! A radio schedule in PDF can now be downloaded which will show you upcoming programs. You can reach it easily on your computer at 


15 Aug 02:30 PDT:  The PHP has been updated on our server.  If you are having trouble accessing any of our sites please delete your computer and search engine browsing history.


11 Aug: LCG-  Doug Winnail misidentifies the LCG ministry with the authority of the Word of God, and in pushing people to obey LC G without question says that people who are willing to put God first and not the LCG ministry or their erroneous traditions are motivated by Satan. 

Doug very subtly exalts the “authority” of the LCG ministry above the Word of God.  See the “Binding and Loosing” and the “Legitimate Ministerial Authority” articles, or download the “Ecclesiastical Authority” book.  

Satan’s Subtle DevicesWhat motivates our thoughts and actions? Principles from God’s word or ideas from the world? Most people today, whether in the Church or in the world, either tend to forget or do not realize that Satan is the god of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4) and that he is the one who strives to influence the thoughts and actions of unsuspecting individuals (Ephesians 2:1–3). Unfortunately, even after spending years in the Church, we can still be snared by Satan’s devices (2 Corinthians 2:11Ephesians 6:11) without even realizing what is happening. Satan—who is the accuser of the brethren (Revelation 12:10) and the source of doubts, divisions, and rebellion against authority—can beam thoughts into our minds that stir us to question, complain, or criticize ideas and actions of those around us or over us in the Body of Christ. When we see that Satan tempted Jesus Christ  (Matthew 4:1–10) and also stirred Peter to sharply rebuke Jesus (Matthew 16:22–23), we should realize that we are not immune to Satan’s devices. If we forget the warning that “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death” (Proverbs 14:12), we will be an easy target for Satan to manipulate. This is why we are urged to stay alert and vigilant—because we have an enemy who wants to use us for his purposes and eventually destroy us (1 Peter 5:6–9). Let’s strive to promote peace and harmony and not be an instrument that Satan can use to sow division or discord in the Church of God.


10 Aug:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful!


7 Aug:  Both Norbert Link of the Church of the Eternal God and Gerald Fury of PCG are insisting that Donald Trump will be reelected US president.  This prediction is based on their personal opinion that Trump is doing God’s will, however it assumes that God cannot use any other.  In fact Trump could still win or he could be replaced, after all politics is primarily a theatrical spectacle for the public since the Establishment owns all the important horses in the race.


5 Aug: TheShiningLight-   A new study through the Psalms has begun. Please note that the NEW free download of the Psalms will not be ready for a few weeks yet.


3 Aug:  A Blessed Sabbath for All God’s Faithful! 

Special Music: One of the best voices to come out of the modern Jewish State; Bat-Sheva Ofra Haza sings from the Song of Solomon. The song begins at about the 1:27 mark.  About Ofra Haza: Ofra died of aids in 2000 after contracting the disease from a blood transfusion following a miscarriage.


2 Aug:  The Holy Day Festival Calendar chart has been updated to add a potential early new year and Festivals for 2024. 

The new moon was seen from Jerusalem this evening making 3 August the first day of the fifth biblical month.

The New Moon is to be observed with congregational bible studies, or personal bible studies if it is not possible to meet with a like minded congregation.  I recommend that visitors go to the “Sabbath and Calendar” category and review these things this New Moon Day.  The New Moons were observed in the Armstrong Radio Church of God with congregational bible studies.  

God’s Word tells us to begin the new month with the first visible light of the new moon as seen from Jerusalem.  The new moon day is an Appointed Time like Passover and is not a High Day, it is to be observed with Bible Studies and the Shofar.    

When Christ comes and the Ezekiel Temple is built, special new moon sacrifices will be offered and in addition to the Shofar being sounded in every town, the two silver trumpets will be sounded over the sacrifices in the Temple at Jerusalem. 

Remember that when Christ comes he will require all humanity to observe the New Moons.  Isaiah 66:23 And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the Lord.


1 Aug: UCG- Does size matter?  UCG affiliated Worldwide Church of God Angola may be about to lose its official corporate status.

New Moon-  Observers will be out looking for the new moon in Jerusalem after sunset ending 2 August.  I will announce the first day of the fifth biblical month when a sighting is confirmed.

TheShiningLight- The Epistles series is scheduled to complete with Jude on 2 Aug.  There is a post scheduled for 3 Aug on Leadership which is mainly about family and child rearing as a follow up to the marriage articles which can be found in the General Doctrines category.  A series through the book of Psalms is planned to begin on 4 Aug and will last up until the fall Feast material begins. 

A superficial reading of Psalms gives the impression that they are about David’s sins and prayers for deliverance and praises to God. In fact there is an enormous amount of very deep meaning in the Psalms, which are an instructional allegory using physical struggles to teach us about the spiritual struggle against Satan and sin and the way of eternal salvation.  


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  1. Comment was made 7 Aug 2019 saying: “Both Norbert Link of the Church of the Eternal God and Gerald Fury of PCG are insisting that Donald Trump will be reelected US president. This prediction is based on their personal opinion that Trump is doing God’s will, however it assumes that God cannot use any other. In fact Trump could still win or he could be replaced, after all politics is primarily a theatrical spectacle for the public since the Establishment owns all the important horses in the race.”

    Some used to say something like beware of the “‘man’ behind the curtain!” How would Link or Flurry speculate to know “that Trump is doing God’s will?” Is it possible that Trump may be doing Satan’s will? Satan, god of this present evil world, has a will:

    “And [that] they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.” 2 Tim 2:26

    Jesus Christ, when He walked this earth, addressed the false leaders of his day as follows:

    “Ye are of [your] father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

    Are Link and Flurry listening to lies?

    Satan operates in a stealth mode, wants to remain hidden, does not want to be exposed and oftentimes seems to be very much like a “‘man’ behind the curtain!”

    In any event, all the world is deceived, and regardless of whether God allows Satan to keep/put Trump into office or any other man/woman for that matter, nothing will thwart God’s will and His perfect plan of salvation for humanity.


    You assessed this well in your last para, Satan has his own will but he is limited by God’s will and what God will allow.

    Trump is Jesuit controlled and his core support is Catholic and Evangelical, it seems that Norbert and Gerald have bought into their propaganda that Trump is God’s agent. However he is not the only person who has Jesuit support. James

  2. Regardless of who the next President will be, God’s overall will is of paramount importance. The Greater COGs have a very long list of failed prophecies, predictions and trying to second guess God and His timetable for bringing about the end of man’s rule on this earth and restoring His kingdom and government. As always, time will tell.

  3. I’ve heard Trump say more than once he might pull our troops from Europe. Imagine Europe with no US or Great Britain presence. How long would it take for the Beast to rise?

    The New Federal Europe is ready for approval as soon as the conditions are right. British refusal to accept the move to a federal Europe is the very reason that Europe and Britain are divorcing.

    Once Brexit is accomplished [probably at the end of October] some European political maneuvering will be necessary and then a final push in the form of a papal recommendation will result in ten nations coming together. As for the US and Nato or Europe, that situation could come before, during or right after the federal Europe rises. James

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