Church of God News Blog: 2017, 1 Aug – 31 Oct

29 Oct:    Two LCG elders have died this month,  Roland Glenn Travis, age 78, of the Rolla, Missouri, congregation, and Jove Jean-Pierre, age 72, of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. 


26 Oct:   UCG News:   Victor Kubik writes: This week we conducted a Camp Team Conference here at the home office for camp directors and their wives. Three of the camp directors are also regional pastors and some are festival coordinators.  Reports indicate that UCG will be placing more emphasis on youth camps and youth in future.

Rex Sexton and Victor Kubik visited in the Portland, Salem and Eugene areas in Oregon. Rex accompanied Victor on his visits to local elders and others.  

Victor announced that: “We deeply appreciate elder Ben Light stepping up to oversee the Salem, Eugene and Roseburg congregations. In services, I announced that Ben would be interim pastor for the three congregations.”

We will hold the North Central Regional Ministerial Conference in Southern Minnesota from Sunday through Tuesday and a Leadership Workshop on Sunday. Also coming will be the rest of Ministerial Education Team, consisting of Darris McNeely, Steve Myers and Chris Rowland.

A week from Monday we will be holding the third annual Pastoral Development Program (PDP) for almost two weeks at the home office.

The dates for Winter Family Weekend are December 22-26, and members may begin reserving rooms at Great Wolf Lodge using promo code 1712ucgw. Full information is available at:, under the Winter Family Weekend tab.  This year’s theme will be “In The World, But Not Of It.” 

It is an absolute disgrace that they refuse to keep the Feast of Unleavened Bread for its full seven days like Tabernacles and yet they will get as close to observing Christmas as they can while still denying that they are keeping Christmas.

Also announced:  “For 2018 the British Isles Feast site will return to the coastal town of Llandudno in North Wales. This was announced in the June 2017 British Isles member newsletter. Feast sites for 2019 and beyond are undetermined.  There will be no Feast sites in Scotland and Ireland in 2018 because most of the local members live in the south-east of England.” 


25 Oct:   Three completely different sources (John Ritenbaugh/CGG, Harold Smith/CGFNW, and someone in a small independent group) now teach that BOTH of the goats on the Day of Atonement represented Christ.  Harold Smith talked about it in his Atonement sermon this year. John Ritenbaugh’s magazine “The Forerunner” had it as it’s lead article.

For articles on General Festival information which is the introduction to all of our Festival articles.  Next is our Spring Festival articles.  Here is our complete series on the Fall Festivals which has several articles on or closely related to Atonement. 

I understand that many small groups are in regular contact and many of these folks are old AC chums and keep in contact.  Logically they have been discussing this among themselves and have decided to agree on the point.  They are quite wrong. 

It is interesting that on the calendar issue they claim that HWA decided and they must obey him, yet they reject the HWA teaching on Atonement.  


22 Oct:   LCG is keeping its Feast attendance a closely guarded secret for now, saying only that “Reports from Feast sites around the world indicate that God has blessed and protected His people during the 2017 Festival season, in spite of a few hurdles that Satan tried to put in the way.”   LCG Feast attendance is thought to have fallen this year and this statement is a tacit admission that they are having problems. 

COGWA:  Jim Franks estimates that the attendance at the COGWA Feast sites was about 9,600 or some 400 more than last year.  This increase appears to be mostly people from UCG and especially LCG, as brethren check them out due to dissatisfaction with their parent organizations.

Christian Educational Ministries update.  Certain CEM leaders met with Wes White of the Ron Dart Evangelistic Association during the Feast.  They informed him that they own all copyrights to Dart’s material and warned White not to use any Ron Dart material or face a lawsuit.   This puts White in the awkward situation of inheriting the Dart estate with the provisio that the funds be used to promote the Dart legacy, yet not being in a position to do so.  See the 16 Oct news.  


20 Oct:   70 people including children attended Bob Thiel’s Feast sites outside of Africa. About 40 contributors are helping Bob subsidize about 3,000 impoverished people in Africa.  Bob’s attempts to appear successful by paying people to be on his membership list is not going to work.


19 Oct:   UCG:   Allan and Joey Levitt (ordained into the ministry this past April) from the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, congregation, were killed in a car accident on their way to the Feast of Tabernacles in Cochrane, Alberta, on Wednesday morning, October 4.

John Cafourek, 70, died after emergency heart surgery in Salem Oregon on October 12. 


16 Oct:   An inordinately large number of brethren throughout the COG organizations have fallen ill with flu like symptoms during the Feast this year.   

TheShiningLight:  Despite the fact that many of our visitors attend other Feast sites and cannot visit due to lack of WIFI or laptops and hectic schedules, TheShiningLight had an excess of 850 daily unique adult visits during the Feast.

Before her death Allison Dart fired Larry Watkins from the CEM and set up the Ronald L Dart Evangelistic Association headed by Wes White which was to support the Christian Educational Ministries as long as they adhered to Ron Dart’s teachings. 

Now the Christian Educational Ministries board has rehired Larry Watkins.  Watkins quickly announced that he has talked to Charles Groce and Vance Stinson of CGI and that the CEM and CGI will now work closely together. 

Larry also said that he had held talks with Guy Swenson of Common Ground Christian Ministries and Jim O’Brien of the Church of God Cincinnati, two of the sponsors of CGI’s Common Faith Network, about working more closely with them and other pastors of independent churches and ministries around the country.

Larry Watkins appears to be bringing Ron Dart’s CEM into the CGI fold.

Dave Pack has deleted his prophecy timeline and his 80 plus sermon series on pr28 Sep:   UCG ordinations:    On September 21, 2017, Tim Seelig was ordained into the [UCG] ministry. He and his wife, Terry, serve in the Austin, Texas, congregation.

On September 21, 2017, Rob Slocum was ordained into the [UCG] ministry. He and his wife, Tina, serve in the Portland, Oregon, congregation.


21 Sep:  Feast of Trumpets:   The first visible light of the new moon of the seventh month has just been seen from Jerusalem.  May all God’s faithful be blessed with a Joyous and Inspired Feast of the Blasting of Trumpets all day until sunset ending Sep 22nd!  

Middle East:  See how the trends are converging in the Middle East.


20 Sep:  Because the Feast of Trumpets is a New Moon, the article on HWA and the history of RCG/WCG new moon observation has been updated.  I suggest that this is a must read for the brethren in organizations with roots from those organizations.


19 Sep:  Category five Hurricane Maria to hit Puerto Rico late Wednesday, track unclear but may strike US east coast next week.


13 Sep:   My response to Bob Thiel’s lying attack on me as he tries to distract people from his own failed prophecies.


11 Sep:  LCG is having problems with people asking questions which they cannot answer after hundreds of brethren have download our book on the Sovereignty of God titled “The Biblical Sabbath and Calendar”.  Doug Winnail has once again posted a warning to the LCG brethren not to think but to blindly obey.   Under the title “Beware of Misguided Ideas” he misuses the scriptures yet again to insist that all of the brethren blindly and without question follow the church leaders and do whatever the LCG leadership tells them; whether it is right or wrong.  The fact is, we are to be faithful to every Word of God (Mat 4:4).  

The first century example of brethren going to true faithful leaders in no way justifies going to false teachers today, or any person who departs from God like Diotrophes did.  Read Deuteronomy 13, and beware these folks taking one point out of context while ignoring the rest of what Almighty God has to say.  Remember that Korah rebelled against the mediator of the Mosaic Covenant and to follow men contrary to the Mediator of the New Covenant is to commit the sin of Korah’s rebellion and will bring destruction on us.  

LCG and all of the other major groups are in trouble because they reject the truth and are desperately tying to get the brethren to follow them in place of following God.  If only these groups would accept the truth and turn to a true passionate zeal to live by every Word of God.

When the book was first published, copies were sent to Doug and to Michael Germano and others.  A free electronic download is available here.   

On September 8th a video by Rod McNair, ‘Peter and the Key-Man Principle’, was uploaded onto both the and Facebook websites pushing the idea that LCG leaders have the right to decide for themselves and must be obeyed regardless of whether they are consistent with God’s Word or not.

As far as Rod Meredith being the so called “Peter” heir of Herbert,  HWA had this to say: Herbert Armstrong wrote to Roderick Meredith (later in 1980), rejecting him as a possible successor:   “Rod, in frankest candor, JESUS CHRIST will NEVER put any one at the head of His Work on earth who is competitive, covetous of power and status, and self-righteous. In brutal frankness, you lack the charisma to lead God’s work. You do not attract – as I said before, you REPEL people. You are a harsh taskmaster over those under you. THAT IS YOUR RECORD!”  

How then can the ‘Peter Principle’ – which is a LIE anyway – provide Gerald Weston with the title and the keys’ – giving him the power to bind and loosen biblical doctrine?

In an interview with Jeff Booth in 1980, Herbert Armstrong declared: The title, and the keys, passed from chief apostle to chief apostle, from Peter to Peter. Each chief apostle was the new Peter.  He said, ‘Now I am the chief apostle, and I am the Peter’.” “Whatever I bind is bound in heaven, and whatever I loose is loosed in heaven.”   In saying that, HWA exalted himself above the Word of God making himself sovereign and God subject to himself, he totally apostatized and fell away from  from God the Father and Jesus Christ.  

Actually HWA had fully apostatized well before 1968; stopping New Moon Bible Studies, stopped fasting on Atonement [as told by HWA’s faithful evangelist Colin Adair], watered down the Sabbath, stopped keeping the Feast of Unleavened Bread for the full seven days like Tabernacles, etc and etc.  Is  it any wonder that his main daughter organizations continue in his folly? 


10 Sep:  Death of Lois Chapman

From Church of God News
Her son, Richard Armstrong, writes:
“In Loving memory, Lois Chapman (Lois Lee Lemon Armstrong Chapman) 7/11/1936 – 9/7/2017: Our mother, Lois Chapman, passed away peacefully today, with her family present in her beloved cottage here in Tyler, Texas. We were able to read her all your comments, and we passed on your prayers and best wishes from people here on Facebook and friends who are not on social media. Our family wants to thank everyone for their wonderful messages, support, prayers and for
reaching out to comfort and encourage our mom and our family. I will try to make Mom’s Facebook page a memorial over the next few days.” 

Michael Armstrong (grandson of Garner Ted Armstrong) writes:
“All who knew her can attest to what a tremendous lady she was and she will certainly be dearly missed. Her example of steadfast faith and courage, especially as she suffered serious and often dire health problems during these last couple years, is not one we will soon forget. Her family has expressed their gratitude for all the support and comfort they received and all the prayers on Lois’s behalf.


“Lois married Richard Armstrong (GTA’s elder brother) in June 1957. Their son Richard was born in May 1958, but two months later her husband died from injuries sustained in a car crash. She was then ‘adopted’ by Herbert and Loma Armstrong, and in April 1961 married Ben Chapman, who was ordained by Herbert Armstrong in May 1963.

Reminiscing with Bill Watson in 2013 on 50 years in the ministry, Lois recalled that, “… we left Bricket Wood in July 1963 and lived in Texas from 1963 to 1973. From there we moved back to California and remained there until we were terminated from the employ of the WWCG in 1979.”

This resulted from a lawsuit [backed by GTA in an attempt to stop Stan Rader’s pillaging of the church; see comments for more] calling ‘for an accounting of all funds and financial transactions, especially of Herbert Armstrong and Stanley Rader’.   [Rader had been bilking Armstrong out of millions. If Richard Armstrong had lived he never would have let his father and Rader destroy the church both financially and doctrinally.]

One of the plaintiffs, John Tuit, wrote: “Ben Chapman … was able to verify and authenticate financial statements that were included as part of the court filing. As a result of his verification of those documents, he was considered to be a traitor.”


6 Sep:  Florida Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency in all 67 counties to give local governments “ample time, resources and flexibility” to prepare for the storm. President Donald Trump also approved a federal emergency declaration for the state ahead of the storm, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  

The hurricane could track up the east Florida coast and hit Georgia and the Carolina’s.


5 Sep:  The largest recorded storm in Atlantic history Category Five Hurricane Irma is continuing to gain strength as it approaches Puerto Rico.   The storm may make landfall in Florida on Saturday after continuing to grow in strength.  Residents of South Florida should be preparing now for possible evacuation later this week.


03 Sep:  LCG magazine circulation plunges from 417,000 to 293,000


31 Aug:  David Pack is to have heart surgery in the coming days.  All heart surgery is dangerous and even if successful Dave will be out of circulation for weeks in recovery mode.

UCG CoE Conference Report Aug 21-24, 2017 here.

30 Aug:  Hurricane Harvey Report:  One of our dear sisters in the faith returned home from evacuation to find a freezer full of food lost due to power outage and other relatively small issues.  

Yesterday another dear sister in the faith was forced to evacuate by boat at 3 pm local time when water began lapping at the base of her home and water on the street out of the area reached 10 feet deep. She will have to be away for some days, and as the water is continuing to rise she may find considerable damage when she returns.  

Please remember the brethren in your prayers.  


29 Aug:  Self proclaimed COG prophet William Dankenbring  died today from congestive heart failure and renal failure, he had been living in Omak, Washington.

False prophet William Dankenbring had numerous prophetic failures and many obviously false doctrines, which were as unscriptural and as utterly fantastic as Dave Pack’s or Ron Weinland’s.   He left the WCG to form Triumph Ministries, establishing himself as a sacred names enthusiast.   Most COG folks saw through him but he did have a small following.

LCG’s Gerald Weston reports:   We held a Council of Elders electronic conference and welcomed Mr. Jonathan McNair to the Council.

More than 60 men traveled from across the United States to meet in New Hope, Pennsylvania, for the Northeast Region annual Men’s Leadership Weekend. The theme this year was “Followership,” which Mr. Jonathan McNair introduced Friday evening.
We looked at some troubling facts about men in today’s world and the direction families are headed as a result. On Sabbath morning, we had Church services, with the sermonette given by guest speaker Michael DeSimone from North Carolina, followed by the sermon by Mr. Rick Stafford from Texas. The men then broke into four separate groups which rotated through four different discussion groups, each covering a different topic. Mr. McNair covered the importance of being a good follower, Mr. Rick Stafford covered the Work being done in the Caribbean, Mr. Michael DeSimone looked at the fundamental outline for writing a sermonette, and Mr. Michael Aviles looked at different methods for generating ideas for sermonette messages. Saturday evening, all four groups came together and combined the elements they had learned in the discussion groups to create a sermonette on the topic of “Followership.” The men reconvened Sunday morning for the final lecture on being a supporter and good follower of God and the leaders He has placed within His Church.  

The purpose of these seminars is to further reinforce loyalty and blind obedience to  the corporate organization and to try and single out potential elder candidates – based on organizational loyalty; NOT zeal to live by every Word of God –  to replace the presently aging local elders. 


28 Aug:  The Feast of Trumpets: Sunset ending 21 September: Sunset 18:37  –  Moonset 19:36 Moon Illumination 1.8%.  

The new moon day of the seventh biblical month – the Feast of Trumpets – CANNOT come before sunset ending 21 Sep.  

It is 100% likely that barring heavy cloud cover, the first visible light of the new moon will be seen from Jerusalem right after sunset ending 21 Sep. making Friday 22 September the first day of the seventh biblical month and the Feast of Trumpets.  

If the new moon is not seen from Jerusalem after sunset ending 21 Sep because of cloud, then the Feast of Trumpets will be on the Sabbath of 23 Sep.  

Please see the Calendar category on the sidebar for much more information.  

Legacy Institute which does a work in Burma has cancelled this year’s Feast of Tabernacles venue in Chang Mai Thailand, and will henceforth hold the Feast only for locals in Burma.  Legacy Institute while giving the appearance of being independent is actually very closely associated with LifeNets.  Leon Sexton writes that LCG is taking over the area:  

Gloria and I will be keeping the feast in Myanmar [Burma].
In 2018 Legacy is planning to offer a Feast of Tabernacles in Taungoo, which is near the Church of God compound in the mountains to the east.”

Legacy Institute has been organizing a festival site in Chiang Mai for many years, but the Living Church of God, which has far more manpower and resources, has been increasing its membership in the area, and this year is sponsoring a festival site in Chiang Mai.  


24 Aug:  New Corporation the Ronald L Dart Evangelistic Association.

Since separating our COG News to its own site last spring and setting up an exclusive Biblical Studies site, it is now possible to get a handle on the numbers visiting to study the scriptures and those desiring only COG News.  

Over the summer holiday month of August there has been an average of 277 daily unique visits to the COG News site and an average of 754 daily unique visits to the Biblical Studies site to study the scriptures.  

These numbers represent IP addresses and I know that many of these addresses have several persons studying the site so I can say that we have a minimum of 754 Biblical Studies students.  This figure is also low because of summer disruptions and  I expect the number of unique visitors to increase after the Fall Festivals.

UCG News:  Some CoE meeting videos now posted including one on UCG and LifeNets.  It should be noted that last year it took three ballots to get Kubik elected president and then he was chosen only because of a deal whereby Kubik took over most of the expenses of international travel and the UCG’s international work, which is now financed by Lifenets.  

This reduction in expenses is how UCG can present a balanced budget in spite of declining revenue and now that UCG has become dependent on LifeNets it gives LifeNets [Kubik] control of the international area of UCG. and substantial clout in UCG.

Victor Kubik writes:  The ABC class of 2018 has 24 students starting this autumn, which is the same number as last year. There are a few more ladies than men, and we expect our two new ministerial trainees to be in class most of the time.

This year’s class is even more internationally diverse than last year’s. We will have two from India, one of them completing the study he began here in the last Spring semester. There will be distance learners from Germany, Brazil, Mexico and another originally from the Philippines. Of the Americans in this year’s class, most come from the Midwest or Northeast.

Changes to the job description for our regional pastors were approved, making it a line function within Ministerial and Member Services. [This means that the position of Regional Directors has been restored.  James] We will be holding a conference for our regional pastors in Omaha, Nebraska, the week after Labor Day to discuss some of their new responsibilities.


17 Aug:  LCG News:   Living University classes began this past week with approximately 170 online students and eight on-campus students.

UCG News:   Ambassador Bible College students are arriving for the new academic year. We plan for a class of 24 that includes five international students. 

Update:  John Cafourek, pastor of Salem, Eugene and Roseburg, Oregon, suffered a major heart attack last Sunday morning. On Monday morning he had double bypass surgery. There was more damage than preliminary tests showed and recovery will take some time.  

Both UCG and COGWA are in the process of seeking building permits for their respective projects.


14 Aug:  The UCG Canada National Council held its meeting on June 8th and 9th with Donald Ward present to watch over things.  The next UCG Canada board conference is scheduled for September.

The UCG Canada is generally more forthcoming with relevant information than the United CoE in the United States.  Included in the discussions:

  1. The retirement of the baby boomers and the affect that might have on the income of the church. The source of our donations is: 70% from members; 20% from donors and 10% from coworkers. Income is going to drop substantially in UCG Canada and the US in the coming years.  It was suggested it would be a good idea to give sermons as to the importance of giving tithes and offerings and what the scriptural basis for doing so is.
  2. This past year responses to the Beyond Today broadcast have dropped about 1/3 from the previous year.  
  3. Low registrations for the Feast this year.  Note: UCG membership in Canada is in decline.
  4. A new system for on line balloting.  

The American UCG CoE is now focused on its scheduled August 21 to 24 Conference. Many will also take part in the August 20 retreat where the real work is done before the actual meeting.  They will likely focus on similar issues and the upcoming Fall Festivals.


13 Aug:  UCG News:  Mr John Cafourek, “Pastor of the Salem, Oregon Congregation, suffered a major heart attack early Sunday morning (August 13). He is in the hospital and there are indications that he has heart damage. The family is requesting prayers on his behalf. More details will be posted in the Prayer List pages of the [Salem] web site [controlled access] when available.”

John has been Pastoring the UCG Salem, OR; the Eugene, OR; and Roseburg, OR (as a circuit w/Salem) congregations. Previously: Pastored UCG Tacoma & Olympia; and many other WCG and UCG congregations in his career


9 Aug:

Announcing the passing of Allison Dart

She passed away this morning at 8:52, 9 August 2017

She went peacefully with Sammie, her aide by her side.Monday,


Funeral, August 14 at 10 am at Stewart Family Funeral Home in Tyler

with Mr. Wesley White officiating.

Visitation will be 30 minutes prior to the service

Burial will follow at Whitehouse Memorial Cemetery.
Monday, August 14 at 10 am at Stewart Family Funeral Home in Tyler withMr. Wesley White officiating.

Visitation will be 30 minutes prior to the service. Burial will follow at Whitehouse Memorial Cemetery. 


4 Aug: LCG reports:  Ron McGowen, Associate Pastor serving in the Houston area, died of cancer on July 31. Mr. McGowen was 79.  

COG Big Sandy:  “President Ron Avey reported that Clay Forrestier has resigned from the board and that Stan West (the next person in line following the election in June) is the new board member. Mr. West will assume the remaining two years of Mr. Forrestier’s term.”  

There is trouble brewing in COGBS over finances.  The resignation of Clay Forrestier from the COGBS board comes at a very difficult time for COGBS.  

The COGBS and the CEM have the same “emotional love love, trumps God’s law”;  [when God’s law defines God’s love] error held by so many others.  

The false teaching of an emotional love trumping the true godly law of love in these movements, has a very strong appeal in today’s COG Groups whose brethren have been exhausted by the false Nicolaitane bully boy approach of so many leaders.  

Both of these ways are wrong and we need to understand that godly love is to live by every Word of God; which is neither Nicolaitane bullying nor is it an “emotional feel good trumping law” position, replacing God’s law and agape love with human emotions.  

Art Mockarow who resigned when Stan Rader managed to convince Herbert to resist the State of California’s investigation – contrary to HWA’s own teachings to submit to government – into Rader’s misappropriation of millions of dollars of WCG funds has died.

Rader is alleged to have run most of the WCG activities through his own companies at exorbitant prices fleecing the WCG out of vast sums.  Among other things, in clear conflicts of interests;  all WCG traveling was run through the Rader owned travel agency while the auditorium construction and the AICF were both Rader boondoggles.  

Those who demonstrated against the receivership were acting contrary to Scripture in support of the financial raping of the organization they had been deceived into thinking they were defending.

An updated article on “The 70 Week’s Prophecy” has been posted.   The article covers the 70th Week of the prophecy revealing that the first half of the week [3 1/2 years] was fulfilled in the first century and that the tribulation will begin as Jesus said (Mat 24:15), as soon as the man of sin goes to the Temple Mount.  The article also explains how the Daily Sacrifice was stopped in 70 A.D. by the Roman Prince Titus and is not to be renewed until Jesus Christ comes to build the Ezekiel Temple.  

An article on the 1335 days of Daniel 12 and the latter day Daily Sacrifice is coming soon.  If the two prophecies sound contradictory, please wait and read the coming article before jumping to conclusions!


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  1. Art Mockarow was one of the first WCG ministers to push the church into an acceptance of psychology (both “Pop” and traditional). He championed the “pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps” approach while traveling widely in church circuits. In later years, He regularly ran large ads in “The Journal”.

    The “receivership” of the WCG was contrary to the United States Constitution which is the highest law of the nation per the First Amendment. Though government may legally look for malfeisance and illegal activity, the remedy and actions of the State of California which were imposed upon the church were excessive, out of bounds and outside of legitimate governmental authority. The church was within its right to defend itself, and, subsequently, no major abuses were found, no one was arrested and convicted or imprisoned. This is not written in defense of Stanley Rader (whose surname is appropriate for his activities).

    You are correct that in most things we are to be subject to authority, unless they violate scripture and (in WCG’s case) the U.S. Constitution, which determines the extent of governmental authority. The Apostles resisted and disobeyed the Sanhedrin multiple times and they were the high civil authority in Judea. The church in the 2nd, 3rd and subsequent centuries often disobeyed decries which disallowed Sabbath keeping, assembly etc. The whole history of the Church of God from its founding is a continual lesson of faithfulness to God against the illicit overreaching (even direct persecution) decries of government and the world’s religions, even today in the 21st century.

    The receivership was an investigation of criminal wrongdoing by Stan Rader and had nothing to do with interfering in doctrine or church teachings, it was quite legal and constitutional. It was Rader who tried to turn this into a constitutional matter which it was not, in order to save his own skin after bilking WCG of millions.

    Just think, if it was unconstitutional it would have been easily thrown out of court, instead Rader had NO constitutional case at court at all, and had to rally others and lobby to have the California government pass A NEW LAW!

    Remember that Herbert ordered C Wayne Cole TO COOPERATE FULLY WITH THE STATE and only when Rader flew to Tucson and used his blackmail material on Herbert – threatening to reveal certain matters – was HWA forced to fire Cole for his faithful obedience to Herbert, in a horrendous and cruel injustice; relent and change his mind to fight on behalf of Rader. HWA then got rid of Rader as soon as he could.

    Rader forced HWA to go along and then they deceived the majority in the WCG as to what was taking place.

    As for Art I would certainly not agree with his teachings.

    I would add that your comments about the disciples resisting the Sanhedrin are not true. Yes they did insist on putting God first, however they accepted whatever the Sanhedrin handed out and did not resist even being put in jail. There is a difference between keeping God’s commandments contrary to the law of man, and resisting the consequences of that action.

    And again the state of California in no way interfered in doctrinal matters [like the Sanhedrin and the emperors did], they were investigating criminal activity [which activity also broke the law of God], and people were unwittingly deceived into defending Rader’s sins against them. James

  2. The church DID go into receivership for a while, did it not? If Stanley Rader was bilking the church out of millions, wouldn’t the state have discovered that? I am definitely NOT a fan of Stanley Rader’s, but I don’t remember him being found guilty of anything. I would appreciate you elaborating on that because the details are escaping me. Thanks!

    Rader and WCG filed one lawsuit after another staying the investigation each time, while they pushed for a new state law stopping the investigation entirely. For the reasons of the lawsuits and delaying tactics, the investigation never properly got off the ground.

    Rader used his own professional legal accounting practice, and also incorporated new companies in order to conduct profitable business enterprises with the Worldwide Church of God. The companies largely owned and controlled by Rader included:
    Rader, Helge & Gerson, which provided legal representation for the church.
    Rader, Cornwall, Kessler and Palazzo, which provided accounting services for the church.
    Worldwide Advertising, Inc., which booked The World Tomorrow on radio and television stations.
    Mid-Atlantic Leasing, which leased light aircraft and a Gulfstream II,
    Wilshire Travel, which made the travel bookings for Rader and Armstrong.
    Gateway Publishing, which printed the literature used by the church.

    Rader also conspired to have the low bidder for the Auditorium construction bow out so that he could handle the construction himself at a considerably higher fee. Incidentally he also convinced Armstrong to actually pay bonus to workers who were willing to work on the Sabbath to speed construction. The manager who handled the construction for Rader had a son who is now an LCG elder in southern California.

    Besides the glaring conflict of interest, all of these companies owned by Rader charged exorbitant fees – much higher than the going rate at the time – for their services lining Rader’s pockets. In addition HWA gave Rader a huge interest free loan for Rader to buy and refurbish houses for later resale at huge profits.

    Rader convinced Herbert that the state was investigating him and advised him to fight, and Herbert was named in the documents but the real person the complaints by church members was directed against Rader not Herbert. Despite Herbert’s extravagance it was Rader who really bilked the organization.

    It must be said that GTA was in the background of the lawsuit since GTA had lost a power struggle with Rader and had been disfellowshipped by his father. Ted knew where all the Rader skeletons were hiding and opened up to the plaintiffs.

    It also must be said that Rader lieutenant Joe Tkach was supporting the lawsuit behind the scenes against his mentor Rader. T^kach did not support Ted but wanted to take over from Rader himself, which he did; winning the overall power struggle.

    Since Garner Ted Armstrong’s expulsion from the WCG, many members of the church had become increasingly concerned over the rapid liquidation of church and college properties at a time when the WCG has claimed record-high income. Many deeply committed members of the church have been heartbroken to see college properties and church festival sites put up for sale while millions of tithe dollars are diverted to the costly world tours of Herbert Armstrong, the secular Everest House Publishing Company, Quest magazine which supported witchcraft and homosexuality, and other Ambassador International Cultural Foundation projects.

    In late 1978 a handful of concerned WCG members obtained legal counsel about the matter and were put in contact with Hillel Chodos, a distinguished Beverly Hills attorney noted for his expertise in litigating major corporate fraud cases. A legal brief was prepared and presented to the attorney general of California. (Coincidentally, Ambassador Report, completely unaware that any of this was occurring, also contacted the attorney general’s office expressing concern over the same matters.)

    The attorney general, working in close cooperation with Mr. Chodos, took immediate action. A civil suit was prepared listing the following plaintiffs: Earl and Shirley Timmons of Altadena, California, John and Paula Tuit of New Jersey, Ronald Quinlan of Staten Island, New York, and David Morgan of Pasadena, California. Also listed as a plaintiff are the People of California because monies contributed to nonprofit corporations are, by statute, deemed monies held in public trust and therefore subject to monitoring by the attorney general on behalf of the people.

    Listed as defendants are: the Worldwide Church of God Inc., Ambassador College Inc., the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation Inc., Herbert W. Armstrong, Stanley Rader, Ralph Helge, Henry Cornwall, Robert Kuhn, Ray Wright, Osamu Gotoh, plus five firms with ties to Rader: Worldwide Advertising Inc., Wilshire Travel Inc., Gateway Publishing Inc., Environmental Plastics Inc., of Dallas, Texas, and the accounting firm of Rader, Cornwall, and Kessler.

    Among the charges of the suit are the following: (1) that Herbert Armstrong and Stanley Rader have siphoned off (“pilfered”) millions of dollars of church funds annually for their personal use, (2) that there has been a failure to provide an adequate accounting of the church’s financial position as required by state laws governing charitable institutions, (3) that there has been a refusal to hold regular meetings of the corporations or to allow voting on matters affecting the governance of the organizations, (4) that there has been improper co-mingling of funds among the church, college, and foundation, (5) that there has been a liquidation of church-owned properties “on a massive scale,” including about 50 parcels in Southern California, (6) that written records of financial dealings have been removed from the church’s Pasadena office, shredded, and destroyed.

    The suit had noting to do with the church’s teachings and did not ask for any monetary damages for the plaintiffs but called for an accounting of all funds and financial transactions, especially of Herbert Armstrong and Stanley Rader. The suit also calls for the replacement of the trustees of the nonprofit corporations.

  3. NwChristian – I agree, but with one alteration. The Receivership was contrary to the 14th amendment, because the appointment of the Receiver violated due process. No hearing had been held prior to the appointment, which is supposed to be standard practice in such proceedings. Mr. Armstrong & WCG were on the right side of that battle, for lots of reasons.

    FYI Due process was followed and the WCG law offices were informed. Robert Kuhn began informing church executives and Rader began shredding documents. Then on On Tuesday, January 2, Judge Jerry Pacht of the Superior Court of Los Angeles issued a temporary restraining order placing the assets and financial records of the church and related corporations under the control of a receiver, retired Judge Steven Weisman. This was done (on an ex parte motion) to prevent further shredding of church financial records before a full hearing could be held.

    After the documents were secured Rader filed numerous motions and hearings were properly held with the investigation being stayed during the proceedings. Nothing unconstitutional, inappropriate, illegal or even unusual was done. Full hearings were held and extensively so with many appeals.

    Late that Friday afternoon a full hearing was held in the downtown Los Angeles County courthouse where the head of Rader’s legal defense team, Allan Browne, attempted to show that the receivership was causing the church irreparable harm and should be lifted. Hillel Chodos lawyer for the plaintiffs pleaded with presiding Judge Vernon Foster not to lift the receivership, saying it would take Rader only 20 minutes and a pack of matches to do away with crucial evidence. Chodos presented some of the evidence discovered in only two days of investigation: a shredding machine from Rader’s office and the executive payroll checkbook for the church (found at the Worldwide Advertising Agency’s offices in Century City). Checks drawn in just the last few days before “the raid” included one to Herbert Armstrong for $40,000; one to Natalie Rader for $1,144; one to Rader’s secretary, Virginia Kineston, for $2,500 (marked “bonus”); and checks to Rader for $2,400, $4,940, and one for $35,000 marked “bonus.” This is 1978 dollars.

    Although Judge Foster modified the receivership somewhat by ordering Weisman not to interfere in the normal day-to-day operation of the church. The receiver was NEVER allowed to interfere in doctrinal matters.

    This amounts to arresting someone before charging him at a later hearing and is standard practice.

  4. Are UCG bringing back their regional pastors because of the results from their 2017 member survey ? The young adults age range up to age 30 gave UCG a negative score which on the UCG member video sparked concern with the survey presenter. The last time a certain group had given UCG a negative score was the ordained in their personality 2010 survey.

    The reason for reestablishing area coordinators was because they are needed for effective administrative coordination of the ministry. The only reason the position was eliminated in the first place was because too many were going to leave with COGWA and were influencing the elders and were going to take their areas with them. Instead of firing them individually and creating a stir the position was eliminated.

    I can say that young adults usually refers to people under 25. This inclusion of up to 30 was a desperate attempt by UCG to try inflate the “young adult” numbers, which sparked the negative score.

    At issue is the lack of young adults and the aging of UCG members, which forewarns of a rapidly shrinking future for UCG [all of the various COG Groups have the same problem], hence the negative score concerning the future of UCG.

    Again the same issue and the same negative score applies to all of the larger COG Groups which are all getting smaller through retirement and attrition of aging members. They are trying to solve the problem by becoming more and more worldly in terms of actual practice – whatever their official beliefs may be – in an attempt to keep the young and to attract converts, and also by hoping for people to cross over from other organizations.

    Of course, in neither teaching nor enforcing the sound doctrine of God’s Word they are offending God and sealing their own organizational demise.

    If time should continue these organization will shrink to mere shadows of their present size within the next ten years.

    Today some are seeing the truth that they are to look to God and to live by every Word of God and a revival of godliness is beginning, based not on organizational policies but on personal repentance and zeal for godliness.

    Today these organizations are dying and God is raising up a people who will be faithful to him. Please see for further explanations of what is going on. James

  5. I politely disagree with your comments James. You need to see the full UCG survey video. The negative score is not from lack of youngish adults.

    The negative score is from several issues and I apologize if I was misleading. I drifted into pointing out my own take on the situation, which is that the most important long term issue is that all of the COG Groups are now aging rapidly.

    I am glad to see folks keeping a close eye on what I say, and so courteous about it! Thank you, keep up the good work! James

  6. Your article about the “new” CEM stated:

    “Before her death Allison Dart fired Larry Watkins from the CEM and set up the Ronald L Dart Evangelistic Association headed by Wes White which was to support the Christian Educational Ministries as long as they adhered to Ron Dart’s teachings.”

    What about the teachings of Jesus Christ? Why do so many brethren still want to follow the doctrines of men? When will they ever, ever LEARN?

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