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Personal, Encouragement in the Present Distress

Dear Brethren and Friends I wanted to share a few things before Passover.  They are not specifically about Passover but I hope that you will be encouraged during the present trouble. I have just posted a special talk presenting the scientific facts concerning reproduction to prove the existence of God beyond any question while resolving […]

Personal March 26 2020 New Year Message

Update Breaking News 15:30 PDT: Negotiators are meeting tomorrow to finish a deal allowing Netanyahu to head a limited time emergency government after which he and Likud will be replaced by Gantz and his coalition. The deal will also see Gantz back away from a proposed law prohibiting persons being tried in the courts from […]

Personal: 8 December 2019

A MediaFire file sharing system with huge standard storage and download capacity has been set up to save future Program files and since the capacity is much larger than needed I will be adding the literature download files to that system as well.  Because of this cloud storage, a change in file sharing is being […]

Personal, Converging Trends for 2020

The latest polls in the UK show that a population sick of the Brexit chaos will support the Johnson Conservatives on December 12.  If the Conservatives do form a stable government Brexit will take place and the UK will then turn to the United States. In Israel the main political parties have failed to form […]

Preparing the Bride and the Tribulation

Dear Brethren and Friends I have been very busy updating and polishing the studies through the scriptures, and while all of these studies will not be posted in the daily studies by then, I expect to be very close to completing the editing work by Pentecost. Very soon now, highly likely in just over a […]

2019 Fall Festivals Message

The Biblical Fall Festivals season is set to begin with the Memorial of Trumpets in just a few days. At TheShiningLight I have posted through the book of Psalms and a study through Job is now in progress. The Job study will be paused for the Trumpets presentations on Sep 24 and completed a few […]

Twelfth Anniversary Message

Personal From the Editor  On 8 July 2007 the first issue of TheShiningLight was published with an article explaining that a Middle East peace deal must be achieved just before the onset of the tribulation (1 Thess 5:3).   The article then explained that a regional war would be necessary to reset regional realities in order […]

Personal, 2019 New Year’s Message

Explanation of this New Year’s moon sighting The new moon was seen by only one person and that outside Jerusalem after sunset ending 6 April, however it was calculated to be easily visible and was seen by numerous witnesses east of Jerusalem. See the third rule at our “Principles for the Biblical Calendar” article. The […]

2018 Feast Personal

Dear Brethren and Friends  The Fall Festival season opens with the new moon of the seventh month which is the  Feast of Rejoicing with Trumpets.  Next Monday evening watchers will be out looking for the first visible light of the new moon in Jerusalem and nearby.  If the new moon light is seen, 11 Sep […]

Passover Personal

Passover Did you know that the sacrificial animals had to be perfect and without blemish because they represented the perfect Lamb of God?   Then why use white flour matzoth, devoid of its bran, germ and many of its nutrients and  trace elements to represent the perfect Lamb of God during Passover and the Feast?   Unleavened […]

This Work and Preparing the Bride

Today I want to explain this work and how it will progress up to the coming of Christ.  As most of you know I have been diligently doing studies through all of the books of the Bible for nearly ten years now, which studies have never been done by the Armstrong based corporate church groups.  […]

Personal Message; Pentecost 2017

Sabbath 3 June, 2017 is the seventh Sabbath after Wave Offering Sunday, making Sunday 4 June, 2017 the Feast of Shavuot called First Fruits or Pentecost.   For the latest on Pentecost and the Spring Festivals please see our Doctrinal Studies at this link.   For additional older studies on Pentecost and the Spring Festivals […]