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Church of God News Blog; March 2020 to 2021

09 April:  Listen to our latest YouTube talk which uses the well demonstrated and clearly proven scientific facts concerning reproduction to prove the existence of God beyond any question while disproving evolution and resolving the abortion issue. Our New Covenant Passover Sacraments and Service booklet was downloaded 763 times in the weeks before Passover. Free […]

Three Days and Three Nights

In this paper, I will be primarily going back and removing the fog that has been used to obscure; the unambiguous, clear overall truth on the Friday/Sunday subject, while making clear some of the lesser details.   The Friday Crucifixion / Sunday Resurrection Issue Some teach that the three days and nights that Jesus declared […]

Doug Winnail and Corporate Unity

LCG-  Doug Winnail is reacting to our serialized weekly posts on “Personal Salvation” and “Ecclesiastical Authority”  by promoting organizational idolatry!  Because they cannot refute the facts and doctrines presented on this site and at TheShiningLight; they are demanding that the brethren just follow them in whatever they do or teach, and refrain from asking questions: thereby […]

UCG Moves Towards Protestantism

This is a follow up post on the recent UCG Conferences.  UCG is now rapidly becoming a Protestant Sabbatarian organization like those in this recent article “The Corporate COG Struggle with Law and Grace.” This article deals specifically with the UCG Doctrinal Statement claiming that God the Father was the God of the Old Testament […]