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Meredith Salyer History

GLOBAL / LCG, COGWA and UCG History,  or the Salyer / Meredith Relationship This article is about the background of Rod Meredith and Larry Salyer, and the COGWA and LCG organizations and where they are heading.  It should clarify why I wrote what I did. The first leader of UCG, the evangelical Tkachite David Hulme, left UCG in […]

Herbert Armstrong Ministry 1930 – 1986

Sources Sources  Richard Nichols History of COG7,   Another Richard Nichols work on The History of HWA,    Sources also include John Kiesz, Hernan  Hoeh, multiple personal contacts in the 70’s with old timers in Eugene and in the Pasadena ministry including up to the present  and the divorce affidavits.  The information is correct, accurate and well known by older ministry  […]

Tkach WCG History and UCG Today

UCG to Re-Educate its Brethren and Ministry Just as UCG president, Victor Kubik has been assigned the task of re-educating all the elders in UCG: The process of the Tkach WCG changes took a carefully planned path.  These same men who managed the Tkach transition and later left WCG to infiltrate the forming UCG, have now taken […]


Posted Aug 2014; edited June 2016 How the UCG Split Was Organized Continually throughout the year and especially before Passover we are to examine ourselves and remove the blemishes of sin. For decades we have been idolizing men and corporate organizations; obeying them as if they were gods, like good Roman Catholics. This is a […]