Category: 101: Sabbath and Calendar

UCG Calendar Chaos and Fraudulent Calendar Papers

Sitting United Church of God Council Members Are Actively Teaching Against Official Doctrine The United Church of God, an International Association (UCG) has very specific doctrinal teachings that may be found at the website This web page contains thirty-eight official study papers concerning doctrines, ranging in dates from 1996 to May 2019—now including the […]

114 Determining the New Year

God set the new year in Egypt at the Passover month in which Israel came out from Egypt.  Since then the biblical new year begins with the same month [in the same season of the year] that God established in Egypt. Later the command regarding the Wave Offering once they began to cultivate the promised land came into play, and gave […]

COGWA Response to Calendar Paper

CHURCH of GOD A WORLDWIDE ASSOCIATION, INC. P.O. Box  1009 Allen, TX 75013-0017 November 12, 2014 Dear Mr. Henderson Your paper is based on a flawed premise and incorrect interpretation of Scripture (Genesis 1:14; Psalm 104:19).  Genesis 1:14 states that the “lights” (sun and moon) are to be used as “signs for seasons, and for […]

105: The Primacy of Peter

Since the most ancient of times,  great empires and even small kingdoms  had the problem of controlling their people, at the same time every kind of people followed their own gods.  Rulers quickly learned that it was a big help to have oneself also declared a god; which would be accepted by most people because after all […]