Catastrophic Storm Alert for US Southeast

9 Sep 19:45 PDT:   Irma has veered west and will make a direct hit on Tampa in the morning, before moving up the west of Florida and dissipating in Tennessee.   Jose is moving north and may dissipate in the Atlantic.  Katla has hit Veracruz area of Mexico and has been downgraded to a tropical storm, there is heavy local flooding.  



8 Sep:  Update:  Irma scrapes Cuba coast headed to Miami.  Millions are evacuating from Florida.  The US Navy has been called in for post storm disaster relief.

Hurricane Irma focused for direct hit on Miami.


7 Sep:  St Martin devastated by Irmasee pictures and story –  roads out of Florida lowlands clogged.  Telecommunications towers snapped off at their base in Barbuda.


6 Sep:  A State of emergency has been declared in Carolina as a second and third hurricane are named.  Hurricane Jose and Hurricane Katia are following Irma by a few days.  

Irma is much stronger than the recent Hurricane Harvey and  expected to hit Florida late Saturday and then track up the Florida Atlantic coast hitting Georgia and the Carolina’s a few days later.  Hurricane Jose is tracking for a direct hit on the Carolina’s  while Katia is too young to call.  

Irma has sustained winds of 85 MPH with gusts of over 200 MPH and will also bring heavy rains is now pushing a 20 foot deep tidal storm surge. If these storms track as expected the damage will be truly catastrophic transcending even Harvey in Texas.

This is extremely serious.  Be prepared to evacuate on very short notice!

Florida Governor Rick Scott has now ordered the evacuation of the Keys and all low lying areas in the state and declared a state of emergency in all 67 counties to give local governments “ample time, resources and flexibility” to prepare for the storm. President Donald Trump also approved a federal emergency declaration for the state ahead of the storm, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  

Feast of Tabernacles Warning; Those planning to transfer into the Southeast US from other regions for the Feast, should be watching closely and already considering alternate arrangements.  If these storms track as predicted, local conditions will be terrible for many weeks if not months after the storms pass.


5 Sep:  The largest recorded storm in Atlantic history Category Five Hurricane Irma is continuing to gain strength as it approaches Puerto Rico.   The storm may make landfall in Florida on Saturday after continuing to grow in strength.  Residents of South Florida should be preparing now for possible evacuation.  

In a worst case scenario the hurricane could skip up the east coast of Florida and strike Georgia and the Carolina’s.

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