Bob Thiel Lies to Distract From His Failed Prophecies

This article is posted in response to Bob Thiel’s September 4th lying attack on me.

Bob Thiel LIES again!  Bob has posted an article claiming that I am setting wrong dates again! Bob KNOWS that I have NEVER posted any definite dates, which makes him a willfully [and consistently over a period of years] false witness!  

I said “The 2300 Day Prophecy [see the 2300 Day Prophecy] indicates that the great hour of trial could begin as early as late 2018 or within a few years after that.  Presently the trends indicate that late 2018 is possible.”

What is it about that statement that Bob does not understand?    Why absolutely nothing!  

Bob knows full well that I have NEVER posted any firm dates and that I am merely reporting the flow and ebb of world events and how they might fit, yet he has consitently LIED about me over the years.  

Bob along with the other major COG Groups has repeatedly predicted that the Islamic Extremists would win and take over Egypt and the Islamic World to become the king of the south, which firm prophecy of Thiel has failed miserably; the ISIS is now in a state of collapse and the regional war I have been warning about for over nine years is now looming.

In this article Bob says nothing about his own failed prophecy, nor does he say anything about my many year’s long consistent position that organized Islamic Extremism would be defeated.  

Bob only admits in this article that he now agrees with me that the Islamic countries [Bob now apparently thinks that they will not be taken over by the Islamic Extremists after all, a massive change in his position] will be allied with the king of the north; a radical change from his prophecy that they would be the king of the South, which the scriptures say will be at war with the king of the north.  

Notice no admission of his completely failed prophecy [repeated many times over the years] that Islamic Extremism would take over the Muslim countries and become the king of the south, or the clear fulfillment of my warnings; he brushes all that aside and deceitfully changes his teachings, not acknowledging his error; while still attacking me when I was the one who was correct!  

WHY?  Because Bob Thiel is NO prophet of God, he is a false teacher who is willing to use deceit, outright lies and verbal distraction to try to hide his own failed prophecies and to attack those who are correct, in order to maintain the illusion that he is a true prophet for his followers.  

Besides having his prophecies fail, Bob also  teaches the evangelical gross error that after a peace deal there will still be 3 1/2 years BEFORE the tribulation begins.  The bible teaches that the first 3 1/2 years have already been fulfilled in the first century and that when peace is declared and the man of sin goes to the Temple Mount  (1 Thess 5:3, Mat 24:15)  the tribulation will begin immediately.  

Bob takes great pains to repeatedly claim that he is a prophet of God.  Would a true prophet of God LIE and DECEIVE or make failed predictions?  I have never claimed to be a prophet yet I have been correct and Bob has been wrong, I speak the truth and Bob lies! 

Will we believe false prophets, or will we believe Holy Scripture?  Will we believe these COG people and organizations [Thiel, UCG, LCG and COGWA to name a few] who have been proven wrong by events, or will we take the truth seriously, and begin to study not just prophecy but the Sound Doctrine of the Word of God?

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  1. So the WCG cult continues with blasphemous lies about being “called”. Bilking the poor and ignorant continues with each split regardless of who runs the moneymaking operation.

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