UCG Conference of Elders Report; Feb 2020

Mario Seiglie’s Doctrinal Committee confirms that UCG will continue to pollute the Sabbath.  This guarantees God’s correction in the tribulation for UCG, along with COGWA and LCG and all those who likewise pollute God’s Holy Sabbath Day.  See the Sabbath and Calendar category.   Council of Elders Meeting Report – February 24-26, 2020 United Church of […]

Moses is Sent to Pharaoh

Download the complete Exodus book for free! Jethro [Ruel] was a priest of God before Israel was called out of Egypt and before  the Levitical priesthood was made at Sinai, and he obviously believed in the Eternal (Ex 18).  How could Jethro be the priest of a strange god if he worshiped God with Moses […]

Israel and Moses in Egypt

Israel in Egypt Download the complete Exodus book for free! The account of the exodus begins with the final climax of affliction in the book of Exodus, which covers the history of Israel leaving Egypt and then the journey to Mount Sinai and their marriage to the God who later gave up his God-hood to […]

Prophecies of the Exodus

An explanation of the main prophecies of the Exodus and how they were precisely fulfilled by the Eternal. Biblical Chronology From Creation to the Exodus Adam became the father of Seth at 130. (Genesis 5:3)  0 + 130 = 130 Seth became the father of Enosh at 105. (Genesis 5:6)   130 + 105 = 235 […]

The Death of Three Shepherds

The prophecy of Zechariah 11 concerning “Beauty” and the death of three shepherds explained. Beauty The Mosaic Marriage Covenant between Israel and Messiah the Christ is here called Beauty; the death of the Husband of Israel broke the Mosaic Marriage Covenant [Beauty] between him and Israel/Judah. Zechariah 11:7 And I will feed the flock of […]

UCG Calendar Chaos and Fraudulent Calendar Papers

Sitting United Church of God Council Members Are Actively Teaching Against Official Doctrine The United Church of God, an International Association (UCG) has very specific doctrinal teachings that may be found at the website ucg.org/members/study-papers. This web page contains thirty-eight official study papers concerning doctrines, ranging in dates from 1996 to May 2019—now including the […]

UCG Conference of Elders Report; Dec 2019

United Church of God, an International Association Council of Elders Quarterly Meeting Report Milford, Ohio Monday, December 9, 2019 Chairman Don Ward called the morning session to order at 9:00 a.m. Eastern, and the meeting was opened with prayer. Eleven Council of Elders (Council) members were present. Mario Seiglie joined about 30 minutes later because […]

Personal: 8 December 2019

A MediaFire file sharing system with huge standard storage and download capacity has been set up to save future Program files and since the capacity is much larger than needed I will be adding the literature download files to that system as well.  Because of this cloud storage, a change in file sharing is being […]

Personal, Converging Trends for 2020

The latest polls in the UK show that a population sick of the Brexit chaos will support the Johnson Conservatives on December 12.  If the Conservatives do form a stable government Brexit will take place and the UK will then turn to the United States. In Israel the main political parties have failed to form […]

Preparing the Bride and the Tribulation

Dear Brethren and Friends I have been very busy updating and polishing the studies through the scriptures, and while all of these studies will not be posted in the daily studies by then, I expect to be very close to completing the editing work by Pentecost. Very soon now, highly likely in just over a […]

2019 Fall Festivals Message

The Biblical Fall Festivals season is set to begin with the Memorial of Trumpets in just a few days. At TheShiningLight I have posted through the book of Psalms and a study through Job is now in progress. The Job study will be paused for the Trumpets presentations on Sep 24 and completed a few […]