Church of God News Blog; March 2020 to 2021

09 April:  Listen to our latest YouTube talk which uses the well demonstrated and clearly proven scientific facts concerning reproduction to prove the existence of God beyond any question while disproving evolution and resolving the abortion issue. Our New Covenant Passover Sacraments and Service booklet was downloaded 763 times in the weeks before Passover. Free […]

Personal, Encouragement in the Present Distress

Dear Brethren and Friends I wanted to share a few things before Passover.  They are not specifically about Passover but I hope that you will be encouraged during the present trouble. I have just posted a special talk presenting the scientific facts concerning reproduction to prove the existence of God beyond any question while resolving […]

The Egyptian Passover

Exodus 11 We now come to the last plague which is the destruction of the firstborn of man and beast in Egypt; with the destroyer passing over the called out of Egypt at midnight on the fourteenth day of the first month. Exodus 11:1 And the LORD said unto Moses, Yet will I bring one […]

Personal March 26 2020 New Year Message

Update Breaking News 15:30 PDT: Negotiators are meeting tomorrow to finish a deal allowing Netanyahu to head a limited time emergency government after which he and Likud will be replaced by Gantz and his coalition. The deal will also see Gantz back away from a proposed law prohibiting persons being tried in the courts from […]

Three Days and Three Nights

In this paper, I will be primarily going back and removing the fog that has been used to obscure; the unambiguous, clear overall truth on the Friday/Sunday subject, while making clear some of the lesser details.   The Friday Crucifixion / Sunday Resurrection Issue Some teach that the three days and nights that Jesus declared […]

The Egyptian Plagues

Moses and Aaron visited the elders of Israel and told them of their mission, and then they went to pharaoh who refused to let the people go and increased their burdens.  Israel then complained to Moses and God told Moses to stand fast in his mission and go before pharaoh again. The Egyptians had a […]

UCG Conference of Elders Report; Feb 2020

Mario Seiglie’s Doctrinal Committee confirms that UCG will continue to pollute the Sabbath.  This guarantees God’s correction in the tribulation for UCG, along with COGWA and LCG and all those who likewise pollute God’s Holy Sabbath Day.  See the Sabbath and Calendar category.   Council of Elders Meeting Report – February 24-26, 2020 United Church of […]

Moses is Sent to Pharaoh

Download the complete Exodus book for free! Jethro [Ruel] was a priest of God before Israel was called out of Egypt and before  the Levitical priesthood was made at Sinai, and he obviously believed in the Eternal (Ex 18).  How could Jethro be the priest of a strange god if he worshiped God with Moses […]

Israel and Moses in Egypt

Israel in Egypt Download the complete Exodus book for free! The account of the exodus begins with the final climax of affliction in the book of Exodus, which covers the history of Israel leaving Egypt and then the journey to Mount Sinai and their marriage to the God who later gave up his God-hood to […]

Prophecies of the Exodus

An explanation of the main prophecies of the Exodus and how they were precisely fulfilled by the Eternal. Biblical Chronology From Creation to the Exodus Adam became the father of Seth at 130. (Genesis 5:3)  0 + 130 = 130 Seth became the father of Enosh at 105. (Genesis 5:6)   130 + 105 = 235 […]