2017 UCG GCE and CoE Conference Report

Secretary Gerald Seelig announced the GCE ballot results, which follow:

Approve the 2017/2018 Strategic Plan: Yes 241; No 16 Passed

Approve the 2017/2018 Operation Plan: Yes 235; No 21 Passed

Approve the 2017/2018 Budget: Yes 235; No 21 Passed

Approve the proposed amendment to Constitution Section 5.1.1(1)—amendment to the governing documents: 140 Yes; 115 No— Failed

This amendment did not even come close to the 225 votes needed to pass and was an exercise in sleight of hand or distraction, from the fact that they have been, are and will continue to change doctrine through clarifications, interpretations and spin of the official beliefs, while deceiving people who are relying on that list into thinking that nothing is changing. See the previous post on “Grace” in UCG [which features sermons from UCG].

Approve the Proposed Revisions to the Rules of Association: 221 Yes; 23 No— Passed

Council of Elders Seats


Rainer Salomaa (international)

Aaron Dean

Don Ward

New Member

Dan Dowd  replaces Bill Bradford

Scott Ashley is currently doing well in UCG, presently teaching the Epistles of Paul at ABC and is now on the CoE Education Committee, as well as gaining power and influence on the CoE .  

Dave Dowd who has worked with Scott for years in UCG publishing, is in line to succeed Scott as UCG Publishing Director if the need should arise.  


Council of Elders Meeting Report – May 9 – 11, 2017

United Church of God, an International Association

Council of Elders Quarterly Meeting Report

Milford, Ohio

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Chairman Don Ward called the morning session to order at 9:05 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time, and the meeting was opened with prayer. All twelve Council of Elders (Council) members were present.

Dr. Ward welcomed everyone. The last Council meeting minutes were approved from the February/March meetings. The agenda for this week’s meeting was also approved.

Review Input on the 2017 General Conference of Elder’s Meeting

Chairman Ward led discussions on input from this past week’s GCE meetings. Many positive remarks were made about the meetings and also ways for improvement. Also an online questionnaire was sent out to the elders to get input to help with the planning for next year. Charles Melear and his wife, Jacque, were thanked along with all the home office employees that do so much to prepare, organize and serve throughout the weekend.

There was discussion about the location for next year’s GCE meeting between the Marriott at the Cincinnati airport and the Holiday Inn Eastgate. After discussion, the Council decided that the convenience and restaurant options that the Holiday Inn Eastgate offers would be the best option for next year.

The dates for the 2018 GCE meeting are May 6-7.

The Council went into scheduled executive session at 10:30 a.m.

The Council went into open session at 6:10 p.m.

Honoring outgoing Council Members

Mementoes of appreciation were presented to the two outgoing members of the Council and their wives.

Bill and Jenny Bradford

Robin and Susan Webber

Chairman Ward expressed the Council’s appreciation for the services they had rendered, which was followed by personal comments by each of those receiving the honors.

The Council adjourned at 6:26 p.m.

The Council had a retreat on May 10 and May 11.


Thursday May 11, 2017

The 2016-2017 Council adjourned at 11a.m.

The newly seated Council for 2017-2018 convened on Thursday at 11a.m.

Chairman Ward led the discussion going through populating the committees of the Council and selecting their respective chairs.

The following are the updated committees and their chairmen:

  • Doctrine Committee: Jorge de Campos, Dan Dowd, John Elliott (chair), Mark Mickelson and Mario Seiglie.
  • Education Committee: Scott Ashley, Aaron Dean (chair), Mark Mickelson, Rainer Salomaa and Tony Wasilkoff.
  • Ethics Committee: Bob Dick, John Elliott, Mark Mickelson, Mario Seiglie (chair) and Tony Wasilkoff.
  • Executive Committee: Scott Ashley, Aaron Dean, John Elliott and Don Ward (chair).
  • Media and Communications Committee: Scott Ashley (chair), Jorge de Campos, Rex Sexton and Tony Wasilkoff.
  • Roles and Rules Committee: Jorge de Campos, Dan Dowd, Rainer Salomaa (chair) and Rex Sexton.
  • Strategic Planning and Finance Committee: Aaron Dean, Bob Dick (chair), Dan Dowd and Rex Sexton.


The Council adjourned at 12:49 p.m.



Council Reporter

Shawn Cortelyou

© 2017 United Church of God, an International Association


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  1. Since 5.1.1 failed, and since President Kubik dropped a sea change in understanding on Sabbath by indicating the church will NOT go to a place of safety but will still be publishing when Jesus comes, I wonder if Mr. Kubik is long for his position.

    I cannot say how much longer Kubik will last but he owes his position to the CoE and not to the GCE, and the CoE is willing to lose up to half the brethren to bring in their agenda. It should be noted that while the amendment failed, a slight majority did vote for it with a strong minority against.

    It is also a fact that they are slipping in their heretical teachings without making any direct changes to the list of beliefs yet; see the “grace” issue posts.

    It will be fascinating to see how this will ultimately play out. Will they continue making changes in teachings and then try to amend the process for official changes again next year? Will they find another way by interpreting the list their own way? With almost half of the elders [and as many brethren] against them, once the changes they are making become obvious how many will leave?

    The UCG in Canada is now collapsing as many brethren are visiting COGWA and LCG looking for an alternative. James

  2. I hope this will finally stop the rumors that UCG is going to change doctrines. I was at the conference and the unity was quite evident. I applaud all the elders efforts to serve God’s children.


    Dear Kevin
    Sorry Kevin, UCG has been busy changing doctrine for years without changing the list of beliefs, you need only see the previous post on “Grace” in UCG https://godourlight.info/ucg-doctrinal-reevaluation-grace-part-2/ . If they were so united why did the vote on the amendment not pass? It goes to show the deep divisions in UCG when the CoE cannot get its pet project passed.

    FYI this vote on changing the rules for officially changing the list of beliefs never had a chance of passing. The vote is an exercise in sleight of hand or distraction to the fact that they have been, are and will continue to change doctrine through clarifications, interpretations and spin of the official beliefs, while deceiving people who are relying on that list into thinking that nothing is changing. Again see the previous post on “Grace” in UCG https://godourlight.info/ucg-doctrinal-reevaluation-grace-part-2/ which features two UCG sermons.

    I know that you are a fine and well meaning person, but like very many you have been conned by experts.

    God is allowing very many to experience this and learn this lesson so that for all eternity they will never again be led astray.

    I hasten to add that most of these elders are not following what I say, but are steadfast HWA followers. If another split comes to UCG, where will they go, to COGWA or LCG? Many brethren are now checking out both of those organizations.

  3. To clarify, the proposee change to the balloting of 1/3 of all elders to 1/3 of elders balloting has not passed ?

    They failed to get the 2/3rds needed to change the rules that 3/4ths of the elders voting could replace 3/4ths of the total elders to change the List of beliefs. Correct this has not passed. Nevertheless this is a distraction to get people to relax thinking the beliefs are safe when they are being changed anyway through clarifications, re-explanations ect. James

  4. Well you are correct there James, they carry on with their subtle changes regardless. Although I think this vote was important to them.
    I don’t know who Kevin Kenady is, nor what planet he has been residing on but to still deny the truth of what has been openly going on in United is bizarre. It is unwise to refuse to believe witnesses who repeatedly spoke out about the apostacy in United.

  5. Why work so long changing the rules needed to lower the bar necessary to change doctrine if no changes are planned?

    Besides the many obvious changes already made without changing the list, this is the question which gives them away. James

  6. I started attending UCG a few years ago. All they give are sermons on love. At first I didn’t think much of it. But then even when we have asked a minister for something else, they either say they will and never do it, or refer someone to a pamphlet. We’ve thought it was strange but have continued going. And now they are really pushing an advertising agenda it seems. And trying to get everyone involved. All this is very odd to me. I started reading your website and everything you said they’d do, they’ve been doing!

    They have drifted away from any zeal to live by every Word of God which is godly love, into a false emotional feel good about ourselves; with very few noticing. James

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