18 July, 2017: Personal

Dear Brethren  

I am not personally computer savvy and so never visit the back end of the web server but recently I received a notice that the disk space was full.  

It seems that the  ashininglight.info site – our smallest site by far – had used up five times as much disk space as all of the other sites combined.  I asked the host to look into the matter and it turns out that someone had gotten into the email server associated with the site.  

I never use site email but somehow someone found a way to access it and began a spam attack, filling our disk space with hundreds of thousands of porn spam emails.  The host cleaned out over 21 Gigabytes of this garbage and blocked further incoming messages.  This spam surge was the reason that the sites crashed three times in the past six weeks do to high disk usage.  

All site and back end issues have now been fixed and cleaned up and I am working hard to prepare the content as events develop in the Assemblies and in the world.  


Health Update  

My cataracts have been successfully removed but the high hopes have been let down.  It seems that cataracts hid other issues, which are now observable after the cataracts were removed.  With cataracts my vision was about 10-15% and after their removal my vision is about 40% so there is a real improvement, but macular swelling and retinal problems prevent the restoration of full eyesight.  

This is fine with me.  How can I say that?  Because in my youth I was extremely wicked and God’s grace [forgiveness] is enough for me.  I KNOW how much I have been forgiven, I KNOW what a fool and loser I have been; I KNOW that I deserve whatever comes my way and I KNOW that I do not deserve God’s mercy.  

If anything I have said is true it is not my saying it which makes it true, it is true only because it is consistent with the Word of God.    The same goes for the words of any other man.

Just ask; who forgave us?  Who called us? Who gives us understanding of His Word?  Who provides the means to share that understanding?  Who brought the people to see and hear? Who increases knowledge and understanding?  Who gave us LIFE itself?    

Jesus said that even he could do nothing without God the Father and we can do nothing without him. 

John 5:30 I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me.

John 15:5  I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.  

Brethren, look to God alone as your moral authority and judge my words by God’s Word proving every Word of every man by the Word of God.


Unfolding Prophecy

In the parliamentary system of government a party which wins the most seats in parliament in an election forms the government.  If the party with the most seats lacks a majority of seats in parliament it is usual to negotiate an agreement with another party to establish such a majority so that bills can be passed.  

In Israel today,  Yair Lapid of the Yesh Atid party and Avi Gabbay of the Labor party are now negotiating a deal in advance of any election.  Yesh Atid is forming an alliance with Labor and is negotiating the policies of any new government that the two party’s could form after an election.  

The idea is that after agreeing on policies and a coalition to fight the elections and form a new government Yesh Atid will leave the present coalition bringing down the present government and forcing elections. Then if either Labor or Yesh Atid or both together win a majority of seats they will be in a position to form an instant new government – having already agreed on policies including a peace deal – and will hit the ground running after an Israeli election.  

There are many policies and issues to agree on so these talks could take a few weeks before such an alliance is formed and new elections are called.  

Very definitely new elections are coming soon in Israel and a new peace making government coalition is being set up as I write this.


Bible Studies

The existing Revelation and Daniel studies are two or three years old and I recently began reviewing the Revelation and Daniel studies in preparation for next summer’s planned prophecy series.   Almost immediately new understanding began to light up and the new studies will be much improved.  

This Friday the new  “Messages to the Seven Churches: Part 2” is scheduled.  

Coming soon as they are completed, select studies from Revelation and Daniel containing the key updates will be posted here.  Already in process are articles on the 144,000, the Two Prophets, the  70 Weeks and the 2300 Days.  

This is a preview to give the brethren time to read, consider and offer input before the whole book studies are posted next summer.     

One reason for posting the select articles here first, is to present the new explanations of certain things to the brethren, so everyone will be fully up to date much sooner than waiting until next summer.  The new material is more thorough, explains things more clearly and clears up some details.  

Brethren, one reason why we should study through the entire bible every three years and then repeat our studies, is because after a three year break from the first beginning study, and after studying all of the other books; when we come around to the beginning again we will have a much increased knowledge base and will see things from a new perspective built up by the first three year study through the entire bible.  

When we have studied through the entire bible once, we will begin again with a much increased knowledge base, and will therefore understand much more the second time around, and even more the third time etc.  

In this way, through continual study book by book – not just reading favorite passages repeatedly, nor following someone’s trail of out of context scriptures – we internalize the entire Word of God.  

From the very beginning I elected to study through all the scriptures to provide a firm foundation for later doctrinal studies.  Being well studied through ALL of the books of the bible is an essential foundation for a serious study of the various doctrines.  

Events are now moving quickly and the plan is:

  1. To complete the Epistles studies and the Fall Festivals by the end of October,  
  2. To focus on doctrinal studies and perhaps review a few foundational books and do a study through Job through Passover,  
  3. To focus on prophecy next summer,
  4. To build up a body of posts concerned with making the bride ready and acceptable to our Husband at his coming.  

I expect that as new elections take place in Israel and the regional war I have warned of for so long finally climaxes and resets regional realities, more of the brethren will be seeking – and needing – a place to find serious studies through every Word of God.  

Then as peace talks advance and a deal is made and ratified interest will increase further, and finally when the miracle worker is set up, more brethren will become interested, until finally God’s two are set up and interest will reach a high peak.

However, very many will still feel safest in belonging to their traditional organizations which are very zealous for their idols of men and past false traditions, and which  reject any real zeal for the Word of God.  

Then the faithful will obey God’s two while the remainder remain, and when suddenly Jerusalem and Judea are occupied many of those who remained will realize their grave error and turn to God in sincere repentance; which is when the main body of the Ekklesia will wake up.  Most of them will die for the faith, but God will also be calling others during this time.

America will collapse over a period of 3 1/2 years which is why many who are far from God will be taken by surprise even by Christ’s coming; many, even among those calling themselves God’s people, just will not believe that the tribulation has begun and is in progress.  

My friends, I know what is happening and I understand the importance of this work, which is why I am working just as hard as I can stand.  This is not the time to be slack or lazy, it is the time to double down and double down again in preparing for what is now knocking at the door.  

Long time visitors know how much this work has grown in quality of content, format and presentation.  

It is now time to complete the job so as to be ready to present the truth of the whole Word of God to all who come: through studies covering the entire bible, and the coming advanced doctrinal and prophecy studies.  

The tribulation could start as soon as late 2018 and we will certainly be keeping a close watch on world events and the apostasy in the Ekklesia; remember, nothing can be called for certain until the miracle working abomination is set up and schedules a trip to the Holy Place some time within 75 days of his setting up.  

Right now I am struggling to persevere through my handicaps and do the Father’s will.  I cannot do it without God’s help.  I need your prayers and your financial help.  

May God abundantly bless his faithful who follow the Lamb to live by every Word of God!

Numbers 6:22 And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying,

6:23 Speak unto Aaron and unto his sons, saying, On this wise ye shall bless the children of Israel, saying unto them,

6:24 The Lord bless thee, and keep thee:  6:25 The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:  6:26 The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.


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  1. Dear James
    I pray for you every single day and for this great work that you are doing. I know God is working through you and in doing so teaching many people just like me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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