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The Radio Church of God Observed the New Moons!

Although I get my religion from the Bible and not from Herbert Armstrong, I know that many do follow Herbert Armstrong to this day.

This article is to confirm that HWA did indeed keep the new moons with monthly worship and Bible Studies up until he began to apostatize in the sixties.

Dan Dowd gave a recent calendar audio presentation in Oshkosh, WI after he became a member of the UCG CoE. This calendar presentation may have been some “rite of passage” or proof of loyalty after being voted in — who knows?  Dan gave this presentation to both Milwaukee and Oshkosh congregations and basically followed the text of Jorge de Campos.

Jorge knows that his positions are wrong and that the information he presents is false, as do the leaders of the various COG Groups; but they fall back on the Nicolaitane Primacy of Peter “We have Decided” exalting themselves above the Word of God.  

See the articles at the Biblical Calendar category for much more.  I know these people are well aware of the truth because I have been sending this information to Jorge and many other leaders for years.  

Wayne Bedwell remembers how the RCG observed new moons in this 2012 sermon transcript. He mentions Worldwide Church of God, then Radio Church of God (RCG) back in the ’50s and before that.

Disclaimer:  This link is to establish that HWA did observe the new moons and did teach the Biblical Calendar before he began to apostatize, watering down the seven day Feast of Unleavened Bread, the Sabbath, stopping new moon bible studies and much else.  Posting this link in no way means or implies that I agree with or endorse any other sermon or article by Wayne, or that he endorses my articles.

The last paragraph on the page states:

“”I think we have justified the observance of the New Moon; an observation which includes extra prayer, extra Bible Study, meditation and a commemorative meal [in memory of the new moon sacrifices] . If possible it should also be observed with a short [congregational] worship service.

In the early days of the Worldwide Church of God, the New Moon festival was kept in Pasadena. Sometime in the ’50s, the observance was dropped and a Friday night Bible Study was substituted. The new changed position on New Moon observance was that it was optional. I have no idea what their position is today. They have made so many doctrinal changes. But I hope I have convinced you the day should be observed on the first day of every month as determined by the new moon date in Jerusalem.” 

New moon observation in the Radio COG has been confirmed in a question by a member of Dan’s congregation at the end of Dan Dowd’s recent calendar presentation. Dan gave a two-part sermon on the calendar issue [Part 1] and had a Q & A session at the very end of part two. (At 34:45 of part two .)

Until the late 1950’s  a group in Jerusalem would call Oregon or later Pasadena and let them know when the first visible crescent new moon was sighted by observers.  HWA always thought the Biblical new moon was the first visible crescent new moon (from all of his articles).

Back in RCG and WCG Herbert plainly taught that the first visible light of the New Moon observed at Jerusalem was the Biblical New Moon, and there was no argument about which new moon was the Biblical New Moon. 

Contrary to Herbert and to scripture Dan Dowd argues against the first visible crescent new moon, claiming that the astronomical new moon (conjunction) is the new moon used in God’s calendar, which of course is scriptural nonsense!

In fact UCG does NOT define the term “new moon” as the first visible crescent OR the conjunction. The UCG officially defines the new moon according the the Rabbinic Calednar finalized in 1178 A.D. as “the first day of the month as determined by the molad” (Should Christians Observe the New Moons? — Doctrinal Paper). The molad is NOT the conjunction, nor is it the first visible crescent new moon, nor is it a real lunar event, it is the average time between conjunctions.  

Even when he stopped observing the new moons with worship studies Herbert allowed that it was optional and could continue of brethren wanted to do so.  

Of course the key issue is setting the High Days  

Herbert mistakenly thought that today’s Rabbinic Calendar went by the first visible light of the new moon at Jerusalem when it does not.

When this was discovered in very recent times [after Herbert had died]:   COG leaders opted to reject God’s Word and Herbert’s new moon teachings; and follow the Rabbins!  

Even lying to justify their departure from the scriptures [and Herbert’s teachings] by falsely claiming that today’s Rabbinic Calendar – which was finalized with the addition of postponements in 1178 A.D. –  was in use in the first century!  See the articles at the Biblical Calendar category for much more


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