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Church of God News Blog: 2017, 25 May –

24 Jun: LCG News:  The sermon in Charlotte today by Rod McNair was titled “Peter and the Key Man Principle”  and touted the Primacy of Peter principle of Nicolaitane leadership which has been followed by LCG since its inception.   See what the bible really says on this subject in our lessons 101 to 106 on […]

Victor Kubic UCG Pentecost Sermon

COG NEWS:  John Jewell , associate of Warren Zehrung, died on 29th June, aged 83.  In That Day is at Hand, Warren Zehrung explained how “John Jewell and I came to work together.  UCG News:  eNews from Ministerial and Member Services Issue 237         July 14, 2016  “America: The Time Is Now!” seminars held in Chicago and […]

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