Exciting New Projects for 2018

Announcing the publication of our first four totally new, New Testament books.  For details please visit this article at our Bible Studies site

Brethren, the recent studies through the Spring Festivals have revealed a need to write new editions of the Biblical Festivals books and the Sabbath/Calendar book.  To aid in this I have posted the Jeremiah study which was already done, but I have delayed the Minor Prophets studies to focus on the Epistles.  I am presently working very hard on updating the Epistles now and posting will begin with a new series on Romans about 4/5 May. 

The Epistles studies needed to be redone anyway but I moved them up on my schedule because they are full of instructions on salvation and godliness.  Once the Epistles studies are completed I am planning to focus on a four volume series on “God’s Plan of Salvation”. 

The first two volumes will replace the present Sabbath/Calendar book which is downloadable on the Home page at this site. 

  • Volume 1 of the new series will be about Salvation on a personal basis covering Calling, Belief and Faith, Repentance, Commitment, Baptism, Justification, Reconciliation and more.  This volume will also cover “The Primacy of Peter,” Binding and Loosing, Ministerial Authority and much more. 
  • Volume 2 will be an introduction and overview of the Festivals and God’s General  Plan for the Salvation of Humanity as a whole, a study on the Biblical Sabbath and Calendar  and much more. 
  • Volume 3 will cover and update the Spring Festivals. 
  • Volume 4 will cover and update the Fall Festivals and on into eternity. 

This four volume series is meant to fully update and replace the present Sabbath and Festivals books with an accent on Salvation at the personal and the overall level for humanity. 

Right now Netanyahu has given his coalition partners until 30 April to resolve their differences on the bill restricting the High Court and he will then push the issue when the Knesset come back from their Spring break.  If no deal can be forged they will go to elections probably in the August time frame. 

At the same time events are building towards a regional war and IF that happens there is a high probability that the man of sin will be set up in the Vatican this October with the tribulation coming within 75 days later.  

It is the plan to publish this four volume series on “Salvation” this summer, while also updating all of the Epistles at the Bible Studies site.  After the Epistles are finished I plan to begin posting the prophets with Ezekiel and then Daniel/Revelation followed by the Minor Prophets into September. 

I hope that when this war breaks out people will be motivated to come and study the sound doctrine of the Epistles capped off by the prophets so that the brethren will be well prepared. 

I very much need your financial help and most of all your support in prayer to complete the task of warning and preparing the brethren.   

As you see these things come to pass please pray fervently that the LORD of the Harvest will inspire multitudes to turn to God the Father with an enthusiastic zeal to live by every Word of God!

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