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Gospel Outreach International
560-A NE F Street, PMB 212  
Grants Pass, OR 97526

Important Notice

The people behind the Gospel Outreach International fundraiser

are retiring and shutting down the GOI in December.

To be processed, all contributions to GOI must be mailed by 3 November 2017.

All contributions sent to the Gospel Outreach International on or before 3 Nov, 2017 will be sent annual receipts after the final paperwork is completed. 

As per 4 November 2017, please send all contributions directly to James Malm at the address below, or use the PayPal on the sidebar.


Please send all contributions directly to TheShiningLight PayPal on the sidebar or to Canada by surface mail to:

James Malm
20800 Lougheed Hwy
Maple Ridge, BC, Canada
V2X 7G2

All cheques and money orders sent to the Canadian address should be made out to:  James Malm and care should be taken to insure that purchased money orders are redeemable in Canada.  Personal cheques from the United States are accepted in Canada.

This effort is totally dependent on the generosity of those who love the Word of God and are moved to support the preaching of the Gospel.   Please help with your prayers and contributions.


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