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109: God’s Biblical Sabbath or Sunday

The Eternal Almighty God created mankind and then he created the weekly Sabbath to be observed forever for all of humanity. Later when God called Israel out of Egypt God reminded Israel concerning the Sabbath as one of the Ten Commandments.  Mankind is commanded to forgo our own activities and devote the seventh day – Friday sunset to Saturday sunset […]

105: The Primacy of Peter

Since the most ancient of times,  great empires and even small kingdoms  had the problem of controlling their people, at the same time every kind of people followed their own gods.  Rulers quickly learned that it was a big help to have oneself also declared a god; which would be accepted by most people because after all […]

104: Discerning Good From Evil

In this confusing world, how are we to know who is a true servant of the Living God and who is not? The answer to this question is given to us in Matthew 7,  Deuteronomy 13 and Deuteronomy 18:20-22. While the term prophets is used, this instruction is equally applicable to anyone who claims to be […]

103: Law and Grace

The Covenants and Commandments are all about our personal relationship with Almighty God; and our Personal Responsibility to Him! Our eternal salvation depends on our relationship with Almighty God; and NOT on being a part of any Group or Church. Following any man will separate us from God therefore we are to test all things […]

102: The Law and the Covenants

The Law Pre-existed the Covenants and Was Not a Part of the Mosaic Covenant When we marry, the bride commits to obey her husband and the husband commits to care for, provide for and love his wife; that is the marriage covenant. There is no list of the husband’s wishes in the Marriage Covenant, exactly […]

101: The Ultimate Moral Authority

This is the first post in a series featuring our book “The Biblical Festivals Volume 1: The Biblical Sabbath and Festival Calendar”.   Introduction Everything written in the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation was written as examples of right and wrong, good and evil, for our instruction. The WHOLE Word of God is full of […]

COGWA Response to Calendar Paper

CHURCH of GOD A WORLDWIDE ASSOCIATION, INC. P.O. Box  1009 Allen, TX 75013-0017 November 12, 2014 Dear Mr. Henderson Your paper is based on a flawed premise and incorrect interpretation of Scripture (Genesis 1:14; Psalm 104:19).  Genesis 1:14 states that the “lights” (sun and moon) are to be used as “signs for seasons, and for […]

A Case for the Biblical Calendar

This paper was presented to COGWA in 2014, resulting in the disfellowshipment of the author for daring to submit such a paper for study by their Doctrinal Committee. Paper: A Case For The Biblical Calendar Andrew J. Henderson March 2014 To the reader: This paper is divided into 3 distinct parts. Section I-V covers the […]

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