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US Ready to Attack Syria Within Days, Launching Regional Mideast War

The Pentagon has drafted active contingency plans to take out Syria’s chemical and biological weapons,

One senior U.S. official told Fox News it would take the Syrians using the weapons, those weapons falling into the wrong hands, or a collapse of security surrounding those weapons for the plan to be implemented.

Sources say the Pentagon plans are in place in case Syrian President Bashar Assad takes this step or the security of Syrian WMD is regarded as inadequate.

Fox News confirms the plans would involve using Special Operations teams and air strikes to secure and disable Syria’s chemical and biological weapons.

US forces in Europe and the region are on standby to implement the plans, as the US is expected to declare the security of Syrian WMD no longer effective within days.

To protect such forces it would first be necessary to destroy Syrian air defenses and communications, and as in Libya they would not stop with that and would also declare “Safe Havens” for the insurgents they sponsor, and destroy the Syrian Army’s heavy weapons.

France has now come on board publicly in favour of creating “Safe Havens” for the insurgents.

Administration officials have sent stern warnings to Syria, as the insurgent offensive escalates along with the death toll in Syria

After Obama said Tuesday that he’s drawing a “red line,” his top military official told Fox News that the Pentagon is prepared to act.
Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the military has a “very professional and a very trained and ready force in the Gulf region … and it’s in a deterrent preparedness posture, but at some point if we’re asked to use it, it’ll be ready.”

This is a somewhat incongruous Freudian slip on the part of Dempsey, as Syria is far from the Persian Gulf where US forces are arrayed to attack Iran, as part of the coming attack on Syria. In fact US and allied forces are arrayed in Turkey and Jordan as well as on Action Alert in Europe for a strike on Syria. 

The coming war using WMD as a casus beli is as genuine as the same excuse for the war on Iraq. Russia has guaranteed the security of Syrian WMD and the Non Aligned Nations Conference in Iran next week, prepares to announce a peace plan including negotiations by the sides.

The US must now move swiftly in the planned surprise attack on Syria.

The Iranian Islamic Republic’s three-year tenure as head of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), which starts on Sunday, is a chance for Tehran to elevate its international standing with a realistic Syrian plan; as the United States seeks to cripple its economy and isolate it diplomatically over its disputed nuclear programme.

The coming attack on Syria is designed to escalate into a war with Iran,  so as  to change the regimes in both countries.

This conflict is also be expected to expand into an Israeli war with Gaza and  Hezbollah.

Updated: August 24, 2012 — 20:24
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